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Celebrate Spring with Paper Flower Crafts for Kids

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April 3, 2020

Spring brings showers, sunshine, and flowers in bloom. Bust out of your winter doldrums and celebrate spring by creating a garden of paper flowers. With a few colorful sheets of paper … or even newspaper … you can create a garden that will last from spring into summertime. Here are six easy paper flower crafts for kids to get you started. 

Construction Paper Flowers

Create a wonderful bouquet of flowers with just a few, colorful scraps of paper! This is perhaps the most simple construction paper flower craft, making it a good activity to do with little ones. It’s also a great way to use leftover scraps of paper, making this an eco-friendly craft, too. 

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Origami Tulips

Nothing says spring quite like a bouquet of colorful tulips! Teach your kids about the fascinating history of tulips (check out the video, Amsterdam’s Tulip Museum: An Animated History of the Tulip) then challenge them to test their origami skills with this simple, classic paper tulip craft. Perhaps the coolest part of this craft is the fact that you’ll have to blow into it to form the petals. You can also use a pencil as a stem!

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Newspaper Rose Bouquet

Forget red roses! Make a bouquet of roses the eco-friendly way … out of old newspapers! Start by tearing pages out from old books or the latest newspaper or magazine and then roll and transform into a delightful bouquet of paper roses. 

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Tissue Paper Sunflower

Celebrate spring with these bright and happy paper tissue sunflowers. All you need is yellow, green and brown tissue paper and a little patience. 

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Mexican Paper Flowers

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, these beautiful tissue flowers make for the perfect fiesta decor. Make a wreath of festive flowers and string them for a beautiful, spring-inspired garland. 

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