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Best Price On Beef Tenderloin Near Me (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to finding the best price on beef tenderloin near me, there are several key points to consider. To ensure that you get the best value for your money, here are five key points to keep in mind.

First, it is important to know where to look. Look for local butcher shops, grocery stores, and specialty markets to find the best prices. You may also want to check online for sales and deals. Be sure to read reviews and compare prices to make sure you are getting the best value.

Second, research the types of beef tenderloin available. Different cuts of beef tenderloin can vary in price and quality. Consider what type of beef tenderloin you would like to purchase and research the prices and quality of the different options.

Third, consider the freshness of the beef tenderloin. Fresh beef tenderloin is more expensive than frozen, but it has a higher quality and more flavor. If you are looking for the best price, you may want to opt for frozen beef tenderloin instead.

Fourth, consider the grade of the beef tenderloin. The higher the grade, the more expensive the beef tenderloin will be. The grade of the beef tenderloin can affect the flavor and texture, so make sure to research the different grades before making a purchase.

Finally, compare prices. Even if you find a good deal at one store, it is important to check other stores to make sure that you are getting the best price. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts or special offers, as these can help you save even more money.

By following these five key points, you can ensure that you get the best price on beef tenderloin near you. With a little research and comparison shopping, you can find the perfect beef tenderloin for your needs at the best price possible.

10 Best Price On Beef Tenderloin Near Me

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2. 2 Beef Tenderloin Roasts For Chateaubriand, 2 Lb Each From Kansas City Steaks

For the ultimate steak experience, look no further than Kansas City Steaks' 2 Beef Tenderloin Roasts for Chateaubriand. Each roast is two pounds and is sure to make a memorable centerpiece to any meal. These roasts are created from Filet Mignon, aged up to 28 days for optimal flavor and tenderness.

Kansa City Steaks is committed to providing the highest quality products, and these Beef Tenderloin Roasts for Chateaubriand are no exception. These roasts have been carefully crafted for a superior steak experience, with superior flavor and tenderness. Each roast is perfectly suited for a Chateaubriand meal, and comes with a free Kansas City Steak Book, which includes expert cooking directions, tips, and recipes.

Let Kansas City Steaks provide the perfect steak experience for your next meal. With their 2 Beef Tenderloin Roasts for Chateaubriand, you'll be sure to impress your family, friends, or guests. Each roast has been aged to perfection, ensuring maximum flavor and tenderness. And with the included Kansas City Steak Book, you'll have access to expert cooking directions, tips, and recipes to make your Chateaubriand meal even more special.

3. 4 (20 Oz) Bone-In Ribeyes + Seasoning From The Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop

The Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop proudly offers its 4 (20 oz) Bone-in Ribeyes. These USDA Choice steaks are hand-cut and aged to perfection, ensuring a well-marbled and tender steak with extra flavor from the bone. Each steak is individually sealed and arrives in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice to keep the steaks as fresh as possible.

These steaks are perfect for a special occasion. Whether you’re having a family gathering or a romantic dinner for two, these ribeyes will make a delicious and memorable meal. The well-marbled texture and tenderness of the ribeye steak makes it one of the most sought-after cuts of beef. The bone adds extra flavor and juiciness, making the steak even more flavorful and succulent.

The Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop takes pride in providing their customers with the finest quality steaks. Each steak is hand-cut and aged to perfection to ensure its quality. The steaks arrive in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice to ensure that the steaks stay as fresh as possible.

These 4 (20 oz) Bone-in Ribeyes are the perfect way to enjoy a high-quality steak at home. No matter if it’s a special occasion or a regular weeknight dinner, these steaks will make a delicious and unforgettable meal. So don’t wait, get your hands on these steaks and enjoy a delicious meal with your family and friends.

4. 2 Lb Traditional Rub Beef Tenderloin Roast For Chateaubriand From Kansas City Steaks

This 2 lb Traditional Rub Beef Tenderloin Roast for Chateaubriand from Kansas City Steaks is the perfect centerpiece for any dinner party. This tenderloin roast is aged up to 28 days, giving it the optimal flavor and tenderness for your special occasion. The traditional rub, made with a zest of garlic, sweet onion, and thyme, will give your roast a deep, exquisite flavor.

This filet mignon, in its uncut roast form, will be sure to impress your dinner guests. The tenderloin roast is extremely versatile and can be served with a variety of side dishes and sauces. Enjoy the roast as is, or pair it with your favorite sauce for a delicious meal. The flavor of the traditional rub will be a memorable addition to your dinner table.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just want to treat yourself, this tenderloin roast is the perfect choice. The tenderloin is sure to be a hit among your dinner guests, and it is sure to be the centerpiece of your table. The unique flavor of the traditional rub is sure to stand out, and the tenderness of the roast will be sure to please.

This 2 lb Traditional Rub Beef Tenderloin Roast for Chateaubriand from Kansas City Steaks is sure to be the highlight of your dinner table. With its deep, exquisite flavor and tenderness, this roast is the perfect choice for any special occasion. Enjoy the traditional rub and treat your dinner guests to a memorable dining experience.

5. Beef Tendons (4-6 Inch, 6 Pack) – Supports Healthy Joints, Dental Health – All Dog Sizes

Natural Farm Pet offers a great treat for your furry friend—our Extra-Thick Beef Tendons! Perfect for all dog sizes, these tendons are a tasty way to protect your pup’s joint health. Our chews are rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, and are grain and hormone-free with absolutely no chemicals, additives, or artificial flavors. Not only are they a great way to keep your dog busy and away from your shoes, but they also help remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gums while reducing bad breath and stimulating natural K9 behaviors. Plus, they’re low-odor and oven-baked, making them a perfect treat for both indoor and outdoor dogs.

Each resealable bag contains six 4" to 6” tendon chews that can be used for crate training, reducing travel stress, or as rewards for good, positive behavior. Natural Farm Pet Tendon Dog Chews are a great way to give your pup a quality treat that you can trust. So, give your dog a treat that’s good for them and give yourself peace of mind knowing you’re providing them with a healthy snack!

6. Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules, Non-Gmo, 180 Capsules – Supports Energy, Detox, Digestion, Immunity, Wellness.

Ancestral Supplements has revolutionized the way we think about nourishing our bodies. Their Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules are a time-honored supplement grounded in traditional wisdom of ancient practices. Rich in nutrients essential for liver health and wellness, this freeze-dried supplement provides an abundance of Vitamins A, B12, CoQ10, Choline, Folate, Hyaluronic Acid, Heme Iron, Copper, Zinc and Chromium.

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Ancestral Supplements sources their supplements from 100% grass-fed cows found in New Zealand and Australia. These cows are pasture-raised without the use of hormones and are third-party tested for purity. Without the use of GMOs, fillers, or flow agents, Ancestral Supplements is dedicated to providing the highest possible quality organ consumption for all.

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7. Frontier Co-Op Herbes De Provence, 0.85 Ounce Bottle, Kosher, Non-Irradiated

Frontier Co-op offers high quality Herbes de Provence, a traditional French blend of aromatic herbs containing savory, thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon and lavender flowers. This blend is perfect for adding a splash of Mediterranean flavor to any dish. It is a great way to enhance the flavor of your favorite dishes, from dips and dressings to soups, salads and entrees.

Herbes de Provence is a flavorful French seasoning that blends savory and lavender flowers together with other traditional herbs to create an aromatic and distinctive flavor that is not overpowering. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used to add a Southern France flair to a variety of meats and vegetables.

Frontier Co-op's Herbes de Provence is sustainably grown and certified Kosher. No artificial additives or chemicals are used during the growing or manufacturing process. As a member-owned cooperative since 1976, Frontier Co-op is committed to the health and welfare of the environment and everyone involved in producing and consuming its botanical products.

For the best flavor enhancing spice blend, trust Frontier Co-op's Herbes de Provence. With its unique flavor and versatile use, it's the perfect addition to any dish. Experience the taste of the Mediterranean and add a splash of flavor to your meals with this flavorful blend.

8. Premium Grass-Fed Beef Tendon Chews For Dogs (10 Sticks)

Pawstruck’s 7-9” Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs are natural and highly digestible treats made from free-range, grass-fed cows or bulls. These odorless treats are free of artificial ingredients, colors and flavors and are slowly oven-roasted in their own juices to give dogs a delicious taste.

The Beef Tendons are low in odor and help to naturally remove harmful plaque and tartar, leading to improved dental health and fresher breath. They are even suitable for all breeds, sizes and life stages of dogs, making them an ideal snack or treat.

Quality and safety are of the utmost importance for Pawstruck. The beef chews are made in prime facilities that adhere to the strictest of quality assurance requirements and are up to 3rd party USA grade standards. Each bag is hand-packed, inspected, and rawhide free to ensure consistency and safety.

Pawstruck is a small business owned and operated in the USA. They source only the highest quality, gourmet ingredients to ensure a premium low-odor pet product that your canine will love. They never source any consumable product from China, so you can trust that their products are of the highest quality.

If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy treat for your pup, Pawstruck’s 7-9” Beef Tendon Chews for Dogs are a great option. Not only are they natural and highly digestible, but they are low in odor and help to improve dental health. Plus, when you buy from Pawstruck, you can trust that you’re getting a quality product that is safe for your pup.

9. Lions Mane Mushroom & Beef Brain Supplement, 180 Capsules

Optimal Carnivore's Lions Mane Mushroom Supplement & Beef Brain is a powerful nootropic brain support supplement that helps to improve memory, focus and overall mental wellbeing. Combining two ancestral superfoods, this supplement is a groundbreaking formula for cognitive health. Each serving contains 1500mg of organic Lions Mane mushroom extract and 1500mg of Beef Brain, both sourced from the highest quality regenerative farms.

Lions Mane mushroom has been used for centuries as a nootropic, and is known as a true "brain food". It promotes neurogenesis and supports neurological health, brain health, memory, focus, and cognition. Beef Brain is also an excellent supplement for the brain, helping to support energy, mood, cognition, and the growth of new neurons. These two powerful ingredients work together to unlock the brain's potential and supply specific brain nutrients with synergistic properties, making this supplement a great choice for those looking to improve their mental wellbeing.

Optimal Carnivore's Lions Mane Mushroom Supplement & Beef Brain is a convenient and easy way to get the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. With pre-packaged capsules, you can skip the taste, smell and hassle of cooking beef brain and take these brain pills instead. It is the ideal brain support supplement for those following Carnivore, Keto and Paleo Diets.

To begin enjoying better mood, memory, focus and longevity, simply take 6 capsules per day. This supplement is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can purchase with confidence. Unlock your brain's potential with Optimal Carnivore's Lions Mane Mushroom Supplement & Beef Brain today.

Best Price On Beef Tenderloin Near Me FAQs

How many people will a 5 lb tenderloin feed?

A five pound tenderloin will typically feed around 8-10 people. The tenderloin is a prime cut of beef, meaning it is extremely tender and juicy. When cooked properly, a five pound tenderloin can provide a delicious and satisfying meal for any occasion. To ensure the best results, it is important to cook the tenderloin slowly, using indirect heat and a low temperature. This will ensure that the meat is cooked evenly throughout and is extra juicy. Additionally, it is important to season the tenderloin with salt and pepper and allow it to rest after cooking for at least 10 minutes. This will allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, making it even more flavorful. With the proper preparation, a five pound tenderloin can provide a succulent and flavorful meal that everyone will enjoy.

How much is Costco tenderloin per pound?

The price of Costco tenderloin per pound will depend on the type of tenderloin, the size, and the specific location. Generally speaking, prices for top-quality tenderloin can range from $17.99 to $25.99 per pound. In some areas, the price of tenderloin may be higher if it is a more premium cut. Prices can also vary depending on the season and any special promotions. Additionally, tenderloin that is purchased in bulk packages may be discounted. To get the most up-to-date pricing information, it is best to check with your local Costco for details.

What is the average price for beef tenderloin per pound?

The average price of beef tenderloin per pound can vary significantly depending on the cut and quality of the beef. Generally, USDA Choice beef tenderloin will cost around $27 per pound, while USDA Prime tenderloin will cost around $37 per pound. Prices can also vary depending on where you purchase the beef. For example, supermarkets may offer lower prices than local butcher shops. Additionally, the time of year can also affect the price of beef tenderloin, with prices often increasing during holidays and special occasions. When shopping for beef tenderloin, it is important to consider the quality of the meat, as higher quality beef will usually be more expensive but may also offer better flavor and texture.

What's a good price for beef tenderloin?

The cost of beef tenderloin varies greatly depending on the source and quality. Generally, USDA Prime grade beef tenderloin can range from $20-50 per pound. Prices may be higher for grass-fed or organic, traditionally-raised beef tenderloin. Prices also vary depending on the cut and size of the meat. A whole tenderloin typically costs more than individual steaks or roasts. Additionally, prices may vary from market to market, so it’s best to shop around to get the best deal. On average, good quality beef tenderloin will cost about $25-35 per pound.

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