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Best Portable Pressure Washer With Water Tank (2024 Updated)

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If you're looking for a portable pressure washer with a water tank, then you've come to the right place! A portable pressure washer with a water tank is a great tool for cleaning your car, driveway, patio furniture, and other outdoor surfaces. It's a lot easier than using a traditional hose and nozzle, and it can save you time and energy. Here are five key points to consider when looking for a portable pressure washer with a water tank:

1. Pressure: The amount of pressure the washer can generate is one of the most important things to consider. Make sure you get a washer with enough pressure to do the job you need it to do.

2. Capacity: The size of the water tank will determine how much water you can use at once. Make sure you get a tank that is large enough to do the job you need it to do.

3. Durability: Look for a pressure washer that is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. This is especially important if you plan on using it outdoors or in harsh conditions.

4. Portability: Make sure the washer is easy to move around. Look for one that has wheels or a handle so that you can easily transport it to different areas.

5. Accessories: Look for a washer that comes with all the necessary accessories, such as hoses and detergent tanks, so that you don't have to purchase them separately.

A portable pressure washer with a water tank is an invaluable tool for cleaning your car, driveway, patio furniture, and other outdoor surfaces. It's easy to use and can save you time and energy. When looking for a portable pressure washer with a water tank, make sure to consider the pressure, capacity, durability, portability, and accessories. With the right washer, you can make your outdoor cleaning tasks a breeze.

10 Best Portable Pressure Washer With Water Tank

1. Greenworks 40v Cordless Pressure Washer 4ah Usb Battery Included (Pwma Certified)

This Greenworks 40V Cordless Pressure Washer is the ideal choice for tackling a variety of light-duty tasks. Whether you're cleaning your boat, ATV, RV, or any other item, this pressure washer is up to the job. With an 800 psi output, it has the power to tackle stubborn dirt and grime.

The pressure washer comes with a removable bucket with handle, perfect for gathering water from the closest source, such as a pond or lake. Alternatively, you can connect it to a standard garden hose for continuous use. The wand comes with a soap dispenser, as well as 25° and 40° nozzles, so you can adjust the pressure to suit the job.

In addition to its impressive performance, this pressure washer also features an innovative USB port in the battery, allowing you to charge all your portable electronic devices directly from the battery. This is perfect for keeping your phone or tablet powered when you're away from the house.

The Greenworks 40V Cordless Pressure Washer has been performance tested and rated in accordance with PWMA standards. As a result, you can be sure of a reliable and consistent performance each and every time. What's more, it also comes with a 3-year warranty on both the battery and the tool.

2. Portable Spray Washer W/ Rechargeable Battery, Home/car Plug & Wheels

This Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer is a powerful and versatile tool for areas that lack an adequate water supply. Equipped with a rechargeable 12V battery, car port, or home plug, the washer is powered by an impressive 60-watt diaphragm motor pump and a continuous trigger nozzle. Operating at a maximum pressure of 130.5 pounds per square inch, this washer is gentle on surfaces.

Measuring 14 inches by 9 inches by 21 inches and weighing in at under 17 pounds, this washer is easily transportable. The 19.6-foot flexible hose is built to last, and the 4.5-gallon water reservoir capacity allows for plenty of water to fulfill your needs. Additionally, it comes with an integrated roller wheel for easy maneuverability.

This Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer is designed with convenience and durability in mind. It is perfect for areas that lack a reliable water supply, and can easily be transported and used in various locations. Furthermore, it is backed by a 1 year limited warranty, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing.

If you are looking for a dependable and portable washer that is easy to use and operate, this Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer is the perfect choice. With its powerful motor pump, continuous trigger nozzle, and integrated roller wheels, this washer is sure to meet all of your needs.

3. Portable Spray Washer W/lithium Battery & Car Plug.

The Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer is the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs. With a built-in rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery, 12v car plug and 4.5 gallon rechargeable water tank, this spray washer allows you to shower or clean for up to 40 minutes continuously. The powerful 130.5 lbs per sq/in pump provides just the right amount of pressure to effectively clean dirt, yet still be gentle enough for showering.

The heavy-duty metal sprayer includes a nozzle trigger for extra control to target tough spots, and the 20-foot flexible hose allows for superior ease of movement. This spray washer also comes with a variety of bonus cleaning accessories, including a metal gun for cleaning, a multi-function plastic gun for light to heavy stream, a brush head for scrubbing pets and soft fabrics, and a personal shower head for outdoor bathing.

No matter where you need to use your Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer, it’s designed for maximum portability. The compact and lightweight unit includes a carry handle, adjustable shoulder strap, mesh accessory pocket and charger storage, allowing you to conveniently take it to the beach, campsite, boat dock, dog park and more.

Easily tackle any tough job with the Ivation Multipurpose Portable Spray Washer. It’s the perfect all-in-one solution for cleaning your car, deck, floors and more. Just flip the switch, aim and spray to wash away dust, dirt, oil and grime in no time.

4. Tg-Pw2c0360 Cordless Pressure Washer (536 Psi) W/ Battery & Accessories Kit.

This Tyger 20V Battery Powered Cordless Portable Power Cleaner Pressure Washer is the perfect solution for your cleaning and gardening needs. With a maximum pressure of 536 PSI, it is one of the most powerful and efficient portable pressure washers on the market. There's no need for a faucet connection, as it draws water directly from any depressurized source with the supplied intake hose. To make the job even easier, this pressure washer comes with a bonus 5 gallon foldable water bucket.

The 20V rechargeable battery provides up to 5 hours of operating time, so you can complete any task with ease. And if you need more power, you can purchase additional battery packs. You can also adjust the pressure and choose from three spray nozzle settings: 0°, 25° and shower-spread. This allows you to tackle various tasks with ease, including cleaning and gardening.

The Tyger 20V Battery Powered Cordless Portable Power Cleaner Pressure Washer also has a foam action setting. All you have to do is attach the provided soap bottle nozzle and you can achieve a soap foam spray. This makes it even easier to tackle difficult cleaning jobs, and it's environmentally friendly too!

The Tyger 20V Battery Powered Cordless Portable Power Cleaner Pressure Washer is a great choice for anyone who needs an efficient and powerful pressure washer. With its rechargeable battery and multi-spray nozzle, it can tackle any job with ease. And with the bonus foldable water bucket, you don't have to worry about finding a source of water.

5. Karcher K2 Follow Me 600 Psi Portable Electric Pressure Washer – Battery-Powered, 4-Wheeled, 1.0 Gpm

The Karcher K 2 Follow Me 600 PSI Cordless Electric Power Pressure Washer is a battery-powered and portable portable pressure washer with four wheels. It offers outstanding performance with its TruPressure technology, delivering 150-600 PSI of cleaning power, driven by a reliable universal motor and non-corrosive N-COR pump. The K 2 Follow Me is perfect for cleaning cars, bicycles, boats, docks, steps, patio furniture, and more, with a full charge lasting up to 30 minutes.

The K 2 Follow Me includes an Easy-Connect Trigger Gun and a Vario Power Spray Wand, allowing for quick adjustment between low and high pressure with a simple twist. It also includes a 20' kink-resistant hose and a quick-connect garden hose adapter for larger jobs, so you can use it even when there is no power or water hose connection or water supply.

The key to the K 2 Follow Me's convenience is its 36 V Li-Ion battery and detachable, collapsible 12L water tank. This allows you to use it anywhere, as well as its unique “Follow Me” design featuring four wheels that allows it to tag along with you as you work.

For your peace of mind, the K 2 Follow Me comes with a 2-year limited warranty and Karcher's industry-leading rapid exchange program, giving you high-powered performance and unparalleled ease of use. Whether you’re cleaning your car, boat, patio furniture, or more, the K 2 Follow Me is the perfect solution for a hassle-free and efficient clean.

6. Sun Joe Ion+ Cordless Portable Pressure Washer, 1196 Psi, 1 Gpm, 24v, 2×4.0ah Batteries & Charger.

The Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 is a powerful, cordless portable pressure washer kit that provides up to 1196 PSI of pressure and 1 GPM of water flow. Powered by a 48V, 600-watt motor, this pressure washer is equipped with exclusive EcoSharp technology for no fade power and maximum performance. For convenience, it also features a top-loading detachable 6.6 gallon bucket + base that can connect directly to the tap for continuous water flow. In addition, the kit includes an easy-glide wheel design for maximum maneuverability, plus an exclusive Pressure Select Technology that allows you to choose between 650 PSI and 800 PSI.

For efficient cleaning, the Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 comes with a 5-in-1 quick connect nozzle, allowing you to quickly switch between cleaning tasks. It also features a TSS (Total Stop System) that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, conserving energy and prolonging the life of the pump. The kit includes a trigger gun + spray wand (34" combined length), a 20-foot high pressure hose, a garden hose adapter and a needle clean-out tool for easy maintenance.

This Sun Joe 24V-X2-PW1200 pressure washer kit is powered by two 4.0 Ah lithium-ion batteries, giving you up to 20 minutes of rechargeable runtime. With its powerful motor and innovative features, this cordless portable pressure washer is the perfect tool for tackling a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks.

7. Electric High Pressure Washer Spx3000, 1.76 Gpm, 2030 Psi, 14.5 Amp.

The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer is a powerful and versatile solution to tackle a wide variety of cleaning tasks around the home and outdoors. This 14.5-Amp/1800-watt motor delivers up to 2030 PSI (at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) and 1.76 GPM (with nozzle open at minimum pressure) of water flow, making it a great choice for cleaning cars, fences, patios and more.

The SPX3000 comes with two 0.9 L onboard detergent tanks, making it possible to tackle different cleaning projects with different detergent solutions at the same time. The Total Stop System (TSS) also ensures energy savings and prolongs the life of the pump by automatically shutting off the pump when the trigger is not engaged.

For optimal performance, it is important to make sure that all hoses and cleaner connections are properly and securely fastened. The Sun Joe SPX3000 Electric High Pressure Washer is a great choice for those looking for a powerful and versatile cleaning solution for home and outdoor use.

8. Electric Pressure Washer, 2000 Psi, 1.76 Gpm, 30 Ft Hose, 5 Nozzles, Foam Cannon, Portable, Etl Listed.

The VEVOR Electric Pressure Washer is the perfect way to quickly and easily clean up any mess. Equipped with a powerful 1500 W motor, this pressure washer generates an impressive 2000 PSI of water pressure with a maximum flow rate of 1.76 GPM, making it ideal for removing old paint, oil, weeds, and other stubborn stains from patios, cars, fences, driveways, and more. It is ETL certified for ultimate security and consistent quality performance, and comes with an auto-shutoff feature that prevents it from exceeding a temperature of 105℃.

For added convenience and flexibility, this power washer comes with a 30 ft. long hose, complete with a sturdy metal water inlet and outlet to avoid any water leakage. It also has a built-in reel for easy storage and protection from kinks or snags. Plus, with its compact PP plastic construction, ergonomic handle, and 2 universal wheels, transporting and installing this pressure washer is a breeze.

The VEVOR Electric Pressure Washer also features a Total Stop System that automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, saving energy and prolonging the service life of the machine. Additionally, it has a press-type security lock to prevent the spray gun from being accidentally engaged. To best suit your cleaning tasks, this pressure washer comes with 5 quick-connect metal spray nozzles, as well as a 500 ml self-spraying detergent bottle, and a water inlet filter to ensure smooth water flow. With this machine, you can get your cleaning jobs done faster and easier with less strain and fatigue.

9. Greenworks 1500 Psi 1.2 Gpm Pressure Washer (Upright Hand-Carry) Pwma Certified

The Greenworks 1500 PSI 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer (Upright Hand-Carry) PWMA Certified is the perfect tool for any outdoor cleaning project. With a powerful 1500 PSI and 1.2 GPM, you can blast away dirt, grime, and other debris with ease. The pressure washer can be used vertically or horizontally for greater stability, and comes with a 20ft pressure hose for greater reach without sacrificing power. It also comes with a 35ft power cord with inline GFCI for use on all exterior outlets.

To ensure a thorough cleaning, you can use the included soap applicator to apply soap to any surface. The pressure washer also comes with two nozzle tips and an attachable detergent bottle to complete any job. And for added peace of mind, the Greenworks 1500 PSI Pressure Washer is PWMA certified and comes with a three year warranty.

Whether you’re cleaning your car, patio furniture, or outdoor grill, the Greenworks 1500 PSI 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer (Upright Hand-Carry) PWMA Certified is the perfect solution for getting the job done quickly and efficiently. With its powerful motor, reliable construction, and convenient accessories, you can trust that your outdoor cleaning project will be completed with ease.

Best Portable Pressure Washer With Water Tank FAQs

Can a pressure washer work with a tank of water?

Yes, a pressure washer can work with a tank of water. This type of setup is known as a "closed-loop" system and is an effective way to clean surfaces. The pressure washer is connected to the tank and draws water from the tank as needed. This means that the pressure washer does not have to be connected to an external water source, such as a garden hose, and can instead rely on the tank for its water supply. Additionally, the water in the tank can be pre-treated with a cleaning solution or other chemicals, so that the pressure washer can clean surfaces more effectively. This type of setup is ideal for situations where access to an external water source is not possible, or where pre-treating the water is desired.

Is there a pressure washer that doesn t need an outside tap?

Yes, there are pressure washers that do not need an outside tap. Cordless electric pressure washers are the most common types in this category. These pressure washers are powered by a battery and therefore don't need to be connected to an outside tap. They provide a great deal of portability, allowing you to take them to any area where you need to clean. The battery-powered pressure washers are usually less powerful than the ones that need to be connected to a tap, but they are still capable of tackling most cleaning tasks. They are also quieter and more eco-friendly than the traditional pressure washers.

Is there a pressure washer that doesn't need a hose?

Yes, there are a few models of pressure washers that don't require a hose. These are typically smaller, more portable models that are powered by a gasoline engine or battery. They are often referred to as "hoseless" or "cordless" pressure washers. These models are great for smaller cleaning tasks, such as cleaning driveways, decks, patios, and vehicles. The main benefit of these models is that they are much more portable and don't require an external water source. However, they typically don't offer the same amount of power as a standard pressure washer with a hose and may not be suitable for larger cleaning jobs.

What is the best portable pressure washer?

The best portable pressure washer depends on your needs, budget, and the type of job you need to accomplish. For general cleaning tasks, an electric pressure washer is an ideal option. They are lightweight, easily moveable and most models can be used both indoors and outdoors. For more specialized tasks, a gas-powered pressure washer may provide the most power and flexibility. Gas pressure washers are typically more expensive than electric models, but they offer more power and greater portability. When selecting a pressure washer, consider the water pressure, flow rate, motor power, and portability. Additionally, look for models with additional features, such as adjustable pressure settings, detergent tanks, and wheels for easy maneuverability.

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