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Best Mother’S Day Movies On Amazon Prime (2023 Updated)

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Mother’s Day is a special occasion to show our appreciation and love for the special women in our lives. Whether you’re looking for an emotional drama, a light-hearted comedy, or a heartfelt romance, there’s something for everyone on Amazon Prime. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day movie on Amazon Prime.

1. Consider the genre: Whether you’re looking for a romantic comedy, a drama, or a documentary, Amazon Prime has something for everyone. Take a look at the list of genres available and select the one that best fits your needs.

2. Think about the length: Some movies are short and sweet while others are longer and more involved. Decide how much time you want to spend watching a movie and pick one that fits your timeframe.

3. Look for reviews: Reading reviews can help you decide if a movie is right for you. Look for reviews from other viewers and consider their opinions before making your selection.

4. Check the rating: Ratings can help you determine if a movie is appropriate for your family. If you’re looking for something suitable for all ages, look for movies with a G, PG, or PG-13 rating.

5. Consider the cost: Some movies are free to watch while others require a rental or purchase. Make sure you’re aware of the cost before you select a movie.

Whether you’re looking for a movie to watch with your mom or a movie to watch on your own, Amazon Prime has something for everyone this Mother’s Day. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to find the perfect movie to suit your needs. So kick back, relax, and enjoy a movie with the special woman in your life.

10 Best Mother'S Day Movies On Amazon Prime

1. Waltons Movie Collection (5 Films)

This Waltons Movie Collection includes five classic films that follow the beloved Walton family. Fans of the Emmy Award-winning television series will love watching the family’s story continue in the movies. In A Wedding on Walton's Mountain, the Walton family comes together to celebrate the wedding of John-Boy and his fiancee. Mother's Day follows the Walton family as they come together to celebrate the matriarch of their family, Olivia. A Day for Thanks features the Walton family gathering around the dinner table to give thanks for all their blessings. In A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion, the Walton family comes together for a holiday celebration. Finally, Wedding and Easter are two heartwarming stories about the Walton family’s journey through life’s milestones.

This DVD set comes with multiple formats, color, and Dolby sound for an immersive movie-watching experience. The films are presented in English with French subtitles, as well as their original language. With five classic films, this collection is a must-have for any Walton fan. It makes the perfect gift for all occasions and is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

2. Gift Card In A Mini Envelope (Kraft)

This Gift Card in a Mini Envelope (Kraft) is the perfect gift for any occasion! The gift card is tucked inside a mini envelope and is redeemable towards millions of items storewide at It has no fees and no expiration date, so your recipient can use it whenever they choose. Plus, if you choose to customize a gift message, it will only appear on the packing slip and not on the actual gift card or envelope.

Your recipient can easily scan and redeem the gift card with a mobile or tablet device via the Amazon App, and receive free one-day shipping (where available). The gift card amount may not be printed on the card, so it's great for those special occasions when you want the recipient to be surprised.

With this Gift Card in a Mini Envelope (Kraft), you don't have to worry about returns or refunds, as it is a guaranteed gift they will love. So, whether you are shopping for a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or any other special occasion, this gift card is sure to make your recipient smile.

Best Mother'S Day Movies On Amazon Prime FAQs

Is Mother's Day movie on Amazon Prime?

No, the movie Mother's Day is not currently available on Amazon Prime. However, other movies and shows related to Mother's Day are available to stream on Amazon Prime, such as the romantic comedy Mother's Day (2016), the documentary Mothers of Bedford (2013), and the short film Mother's Day (2007). If you're looking for something to watch on Mother's Day, Amazon Prime also has a selection of movies and shows that celebrate motherhood, such as Stepmom (1998), The Joy Luck Club (1993), and Steel Magnolias (1989). Additionally, you can find a variety of documentaries, biopics, and TV shows about motherhood and the relationships between mothers and daughters.

mother's day movies on amazon prime

Amazon Prime offers a number of movies that are perfect for Mother’s Day, such as “Steel Magnolias,” “Mamma Mia!” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and “Terms of Endearment.” These films all focus on the bond between mothers and daughters, and explore the different ways that mothers show their unconditional love and support. Other films available on Amazon Prime that would make great Mother’s Day movies include “The Joy Luck Club,” “Mama Mia: Here We Go Again,” “Stepmom,” and “The Blind Side.” These films all highlight the power of mothers and the importance of mother-daughter relationships. Finally, Amazon Prime also offers some classic films like “The Sound of Music” and “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion” which are sure to make any mother feel special on their day. Whether you’re looking for an emotional drama, a musical, or a lighthearted comedy, Amazon Prime has the perfect movie for Mother’s Day.

What is the best movie on Amazon Prime today?

The best movie on Amazon Prime today is highly subjective and depends on individual tastes. That said, there are some critically acclaimed films that may be worth considering. For drama, The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro is an Academy Award-winning film that tells the story of a mute woman who falls in love with an amphibious creature. Another great drama is Marriage Story, starring Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson, which follows the struggles of a couple facing the dissolution of their marriage. For comedy, The Big Sick is a popular choice that follows the story of a Pakistani-American man and his ordeal with his girlfriend's illness. Finally, for horror, Hereditary is a chilling tale of a family's descent into the supernatural. Whichever movie you choose, Amazon Prime is sure to have something to satisfy your needs.

What should I watch on Netflix for Mother's Day?

There are a variety of options to watch on Netflix for Mother's Day. If you’re looking for a heartfelt story, you can’t go wrong with the classic “Steel Magnolias.” This movie follows the lives of the close-knit women of a small Louisiana town, and the joys and sorrows they face together. The movie will make you cry, laugh, and come away with a renewed appreciation for the strength of female friendship. If you’re looking for something more lighthearted, “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” is a feel-good period drama about a book club formed in the aftermath of World War II. It’s a heartwarming story about friendship and resilience in the face of adversity. For a truly inspirational story, “Lion” is a powerful true-life drama about a young man’s search for his family. It’s an incredible journey of courage and perseverance, and will leave you feeling moved and uplifted. Finally, if you’re looking to add some laughs to your Mother’s Day, “The Big Sick” is a comedy based on a true story about a Pakistani-American stand-up comic and his relationship with his family and culture. It’s a hilarious and heartwarming look at modern-day relationships.

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