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Best Memorial Day Movies On Amazon Prime (2023 Updated)

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Memorial Day is a special time to remember the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces and those who have lost their lives while serving. To honor this special day, many people enjoy watching movies that pay tribute to these heroes. Thankfully, Amazon Prime has a great selection of Memorial Day-themed movies, so you can find something to watch that will remind you of the sacrifices of those who have served our country.

When looking for Memorial Day movies on Amazon Prime, there are five key points to consider. First, make sure the movie is appropriate for all ages. Second, consider the length of the movie. Third, look for movies that are inspiring and uplifting. Fourth, watch out for movies that are too sentimental or emotional. And finally, be sure to read reviews to get an idea of the quality of the movie.

If you’re looking for a great Memorial Day movie on Amazon Prime, consider one of the following titles. “Saving Private Ryan” is a classic war movie that follows a group of soldiers on a mission to rescue a missing soldier. “The Longest Day” is a classic war movie that follows the D-Day landings from both the Allied and German perspectives. “Hacksaw Ridge” is a modern war movie about a conscientious objector who served in World War II and was awarded the Medal of Honor. “The Patriot” tells the story of a man who joins the American Revolution against his own son. And finally, “Flags of Our Fathers” is a powerful film about the soldiers who raised the American flag on Iwo Jima during World War II.

No matter which Memorial Day movie you choose to watch, be sure to enjoy the time to remember and honor those who have served our country.

10 Best Memorial Day Movies On Amazon Prime

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Best Memorial Day Movies On Amazon Prime FAQs

What is coming in May on Amazon Prime?

In May, Amazon Prime is bringing a variety of new titles to its streaming library. This includes new TV series like Upload, Tales from the Loop, and Upload VR, as well as movies like Da 5 Bloods and The High Note. Prime Video will also be adding new documentaries like the critically acclaimed Becoming and The Last Dance. Additionally, Amazon Prime will be offering new seasons of existing shows like The Boys, The Expanse, and All or Nothing: Manchester City. Finally, Amazon Prime members can look forward to Prime Originals for Kids, including Just Add Magic: Mystery City and The Stinky & Dirty Show. With so much to watch, Amazon Prime members can look forward to a month of entertainment.

What is the best movie on Amazon Prime today?

The best movie on Amazon Prime today is always subject to personal opinion, but some of the most popular and critically acclaimed titles available on the streaming service include "The Big Sick", "Manchester by the Sea", "Lady Bird", "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", and "The Grand Budapest Hotel". "The Big Sick" is a romantic comedy about a Pakistani comic who falls in love with an American woman, while "Manchester by the Sea" is a heartbreaking drama about a man who must face up to the consequences of a past tragedy. "Lady Bird" is a coming-of-age story about a high school student's struggles with family and identity, and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" is a comedy about a woman who discovers her talent as a stand-up comic. Finally, "The Grand Budapest Hotel" is a whimsical adventure set in an iconic European hotel. Whichever movie you choose, you're sure to have a great time watching any of these titles on Amazon Prime today.

What movies are streaming Memorial Day weekend?

Memorial Day weekend is a great time to catch up on some movies! There are a variety of films streaming on a variety of platforms, so there’s something for everyone. Some of the most popular films streaming this Memorial Day weekend include: “Avengers: Endgame” (Disney+), “The Matrix” (Netflix), “The Godfather” (HBO Max), “The Shawshank Redemption” (Amazon Prime), “Joker” (Hulu), and “Frozen II” (Disney+). Other great films streaming include: “The Irishman” (Netflix), “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (Netflix), “The Dark Knight” (HBO Max), “The Princess Bride” (Hulu), and “Knives Out” (HBO Max). So whatever your tastes, there’s something for you to watch this Memorial Day weekend. So grab some popcorn, kick back, and enjoy some great films!

What's a good Memorial Day movie to watch?

A great movie to watch for Memorial Day is Saving Private Ryan (1998). Directed by Steven Spielberg, this war drama follows a group of U.S. soldiers tasked with finding and rescuing a paratrooper whose three brothers were killed in action. The movie is a tribute to the sacrifices made by soldiers and their families and paints a powerful picture of World War II. It’s an intense, emotional film that will leave viewers both moved and inspired. Other great choices are Letters from Iwo Jima (2006) and Hacksaw Ridge (2016). Both are war dramas that focus on the morale, courage, and resilience of the U.S. military, and both will remind viewers of the ultimate sacrifice made by so many of our nation’s heroes.

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