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Best Led Grow Light For 4X4 Tent (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to growing plants indoors, LED grow lights are the most efficient and cost-effective way to ensure your plants are getting the light they need to thrive. LED grow lights are ideal for small spaces, such as a 4×4 tent, and can provide the necessary light for your plants to grow while using less energy than traditional lighting. If you’re looking for the best LED grow light for your 4×4 tent, there are a few key points to consider.

First, you’ll want to consider the size of the light you need. LED grow lights come in a variety of sizes and intensities, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right size for your tent. You’ll also want to think about the spectrum of light you need. Different plants require different light spectrums, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right one for your plants.

Second, pay attention to the wattage of the light. The wattage of the light will determine the amount of light your plants get, so you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right wattage for the size of your tent.

Third, make sure the light you choose is adjustable. Many LED grow lights come with adjustable settings so you can adjust the intensity and spectrum of the light to meet your plants’ needs.

Fourth, look for a light that’s easy to install and use. You don’t want to struggle to install and use your LED grow light, so make sure you’re getting one that’s easy to install and use.

Finally, consider the price of the light. LED grow lights can range in price from relatively inexpensive to very expensive. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right light for your needs without breaking the bank.

When looking for an LED grow light for your 4×4 tent, it’s important to consider the size, spectrum, wattage, adjustability, ease of use, and price. Doing your research and getting the right light for your needs will ensure your plants get the light they need to thrive.

10 Best Led Grow Light For 4X4 Tent

1. Abriselux A1500 Led Grow Light, 4x4ft Coverage, Upgraded Board, Full-Spectrum, 150w.

The Abriselux A1500 LED Grow Light is the perfect solution for indoor hydroponic growing. Featuring an upgraded 19.6" x 12.6" large size aluminum board, this light has 50% more coverage than other brands' 1500 series, allowing for increased efficiency and more uniform canopy penetration. The board also helps to dissipate heat, keeping the temperature under 55°C.

The adjustable dimmer knob provides flexibility, allowing you to adjust the light intensity to suit the needs of the plants in all stages from germination to flowering. With the Abriselux A1500, you can save energy while still obtaining the perfect growth performance for each phase.

This light also features an optimal full spectrum consisting of 3000K warm white, 5000K white, 660nm deep red, and 730nm IR light. The red and IR light is especially beneficial for the flowering stage, helping to speed up bloom time and increase yields.

The Abriselux A1500 LED Grow Light is backed by a 36-month worry-free warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. Even after the warranty period has expired, we offer lifetime support to ensure your complete satisfaction. Enjoy the risk-free purchase of this amazing grow light today.

2. Pro 2000w Led Grow Light 4x4ft, 1152pcs Smd Leds, 2.8 Μmol/j, Dimmable, Daisy Chain.

The Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light is the perfect choice for large grow areas. It features 1152pcs LED beads, 704 pieces of 3000K, 256 pieces of 6000K, 176 pieces of 660nm red LED, and 16 pieces of IR LED, all of which are of the latest SMD LED technology. This light can be daisy chained together for dimmable light intensity and the full spectrum can be adjusted to meet the needs of the plants.

The light is designed with an all-aluminum alloy which makes it lightweight and easy to use. It also features two unique functions: no fans, no noise, and waterproof power supply. The light board is sealed, making it resistant to water damage, so it can easily be used in a humid environment.

The Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions or concerns, our professional customer service team is here to help. We are a professional LED light manufacturer with a strong R&D team and many light testers.

With the Phlizon Pro 2000W LED Grow Light, you can confidently provide your plants the light they need. The large irradiation area and adjustable full spectrum will ensure they get the best environment for growth and development.

3. Ionboard S44 Led Grow Light, Samsung Lm301b Diodes, Veg/bloom Indoor Plants (4×4)

The AC Infinity IONBOARD S44 LED Grow Light Board provides the full spectrum of lighting needed to nourish your plants throughout their growing cycle. With specially formulated Samsung LM301B white, red, and IR LEDs, it is optimized to promote the maximum growth and yields throughout all stages of your plants’ development. Its algorithmically positioned diodes create an even PAR map with deeper canopy penetration, ensuring that your plants receive the light they need to thrive.

To further customize the light intensity, the IONBOARD S44 is dimmable from 0 to 100%, allowing you to adjust the light to your plants’ specific needs. Additionally, it can be connected to a smart controller for automated grow cycles, scheduling, and app access. This LED grow light board is also constructed on a unibody aluminum board and IP-65 rated for grow environments with higher humidity and heat.

The AC Infinity IONBOARD S44 LED Grow Light Board is the perfect solution for growers who are looking for an easy to use and reliable source of light for their plants. With its full spectrum of light and adjustable dimming capabilities, it is sure to meet all of your plants’ needs. It is the perfect addition to any grow tent or greenhouse and will help you maximize your yields while keeping your plants healthy and vibrant.

4. Spider Farmer Se5000 480w Led Grow Light, 4x4ft Coverage, 1680 Samsung Lm301b Diodes, Enhanced Red Lights, Dimmable, Daisy Chain.

The Spider Farmer SE5000 LED Grow Light is a powerful, energy efficient 480W light designed to cover 4x4ft of cultivation area. It has a unique 6 extended LED bar design to provide maximum uniformity and efficiency, along with 1680 pcs of Samsung LM301B diodes to help ensure high yields of full-cycle growth. This commercial bar style lamp offers an advanced full spectrum of 2800-3200K, 4800-5000K, and 650-665nm, perfect for all stages of plant growth from seed to harvest.

The SE5000 LED Grow Light also features dimming knob to adjust the brightness from 10-100%, and daisy chain function that allows up to 60 lights to be dimmed at the same time. It is passively cooled with an aluminium heat sink on the back and comes with a detachable driver and long power cord to reduce ambient heat in the growing space for extended lifespan. The waterproof coating on the diodes means it can be used in moist environments without worry.

Spider Farmer provides a 5-year warranty with their SE series grow lights, and any problems within five years can be repaired at local repair centers in USA/Canada/UK/Germany. With maximum uniformity and efficiency, advanced full spectrum, dimming and daisy chain functions, and a 5-year warranty, the SE5000 LED Grow Light is an excellent choice for home growing, grow rooms, closets, DWC, and hydroponics.

5. Mars Hydro Fc-E4800 480w Led Grow Light Bar, 4x4ft, 2646pcs Diodes, Full Spectrum, Dimmable, Daisy Chain, 2.8 Umol/j.

MARS HYDRO FC-E4800 LED Grow Light is the perfect choice for commercial and home horticulture. This full-spectrum, 480 Watt LED Grow Light is designed with the highest level of efficiency to maximize yields and help plants grow healthier. It is equipped with 2646pcs BridgeLux Diodes and market-leading 2.8 µmol/J PPE, providing maximum 2.5g yield/watt. The innovative design of the light ensures precise uniform lighting throughout the canopy, making it ideal for dense bud growth.

The dimmable light is simple to install and easy to control. It is IP65 Waterproof and can be daisy chained up to 20 lights, making it suitable for a variety of grow applications. Additionally, the detachable power supply can be mounted remotely on the side of a grow tent/rack or on adjacent wall to remove heat from the grow space. The real Aluminum heatsink and 6 slim profile passive cooled bars help to further dissipate heat and reduce electricity bills by up to 50% compared to HID lights.

The Yield Max spectrum (660nm Osram enhanced Deep Red,2800k-5000knm,730-740nm IR,380-410nm UV LEDs) of the FC-E4800 LED Grow Light ensures your plants get all the light they need for optimal growth. With a 4x4ft coverage for personal growing and 3x3ft for commercial growing, this grow light is sure to provide a high-performance and cost-effective solution. It comes with a 5-year warranty and 100% Satisfactory Solution guaranteed.

6. Vivosun Vs2000 Led Grow Light With Samsung Lm301 Diodes & Dimmable Full Spectrum For 4×2/3×3 Grow Tent, Plus Grow Room Glasses.

The VIVOSUN VS2000 LED Grow Light is the perfect choice for any grow tent. This light is designed with Samsung LM301 Diodes and a brand driver dimmable light, offering a sunlike full-spectrum light that is perfect for all stages of plant growth. It is extremely energy efficient, consuming only 200W of electricity while still providing an extremely high output of 2.9μmol/J.

The dimming knob allows you to adapt the output of the light from 40% to 100%, providing the perfect light for any stage of your plant’s growth. The full-spectrum light provides the perfect power needed by your plants at all growth stages and maximum PAR output at various distances, supporting photosynthesis of your plants.

This LED has power supply and ventilation holes, meaning no fans are needed and thus creating a low noise environment. Additionally, the ambient heat around this light is very low, so you don’t have to worry about any burns or damage to your plants.

The VS2000 LED Grow Light comes with a grow glasses and a pair of VIVOSUN US patented rope hangers for easy installation and use. It is also extremely durable and reusable, and comes with a 5-Year after-sales service for assurance and peace of mind.

The VIVOSUN VS2000 LED Grow Light is the perfect choice for any grow tent. With its sunlike full-spectrum light, low noise and low heat, and 5-year after-sales service, this light is a great choice for any grower.

7. Bloom Plus Bp 3000w 4x4ft Led Grow Light W/ 1174 Samsung Diodes & Ir, Dimmable Sunlike Spectrum.

The Bloom Plus LED Grow Light BP 3000W 4X4ft Coverage is the perfect choice for any indoor grower looking to take their crop to the next level. This state-of-the-art LED grow light uses the latest high-yield LED technology with 1174 pcs Samsung 2835 diodes, allowing it to achieve a high energy efficiency of 2.7 umol/J and improving light transmittance. The light consumes only 300W of power, which is 50% less than a 600W HID/Blurple/HPS lamp, while providing a 50% higher yield. With a maximum output of 2.5g/w and a coverage of 5 x 5 ft for veg and 4 x 4 ft for flower, the Bloom Plus LED Grow Light is a cost-effective choice for any grower.

The light also comes with an optimal full-spectrum lighting system, providing everything the plants need during all stages of growth. The powerful blue light helps the plants grow faster, while the IR light accelerates bloom time and increases yields. The fanless design also offers a silent growing experience, while the use of reliable Samsung LED chips and drivers ensure a long-lasting and reliable performance.

The light also features a unique dimmable driver at the back, allowing users to adjust the light intensity with a 3mm Phillips screwdriver. This allows growers to customize their light settings according to the specific needs of their plants. Lastly, the Bloom Plus LED series offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a trusted 3 years warranty, giving users peace of mind and a risk-free shopping experience.

8. Samsung Lm301b Led Grow Light, Sf1000, Dimmable Full Spectrum For Indoor Plants, 2.5umol/j.

The Spider Farmer 2023 New SF1000 LED Grow Light is the perfect choice for your indoor plants; it features the latest in LED technology with Samsung LM301B diodes and a dimmable lighting full spectrum. This powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration result in higher yields, while only consuming 100 watts of power, 50% less than HPS or other SMD LEDs or Blurple lamps.

The upgraded SF1000 includes a new diode layout and dimming design for a more uniform PPFD and better light absorption. The dimming knob allows you to adjust the light intensity at will, and multi-light connections with unified dimming are ideal for large indoor growing and commercial planting. The excellent full spectrum of white, blue, red and IR (3000K, 5000K, 660nm, and IR 760nm) is perfect for all growth stages. The 660nm red and IR light is especially useful during bloom, speeding up flowering time and boosting yields.

The SF1000 is well made and solidly constructed with no fan noise, a high-efficient, reliable, and detachable Spider Farmer brand driver with great heat dissipation, and a thick and sturdy aluminum heat sink. The protective covers on the cables also adds to the durability and user-friendly packaging. Quality components mean the light lasts longer, so you can easily save money without purchasing lights frequently.

Spider Farmer LED Plant Lights are often copied but never match the quality or commitment offered by Spider Farmer. They provide five years of after-service at a local maintenance center in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. Make sure you purchase from an authentic Spider Farmer source to get the high-quality grow light at an affordable price. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out and the team will be happy to help. Quality is backed by a commitment to customer satisfaction.

9. Barrina Bu 2000 Led Grow Light – 4x4ft, 816 Leds, Full Spectrum W/ir, Dimmable.

The Barrina BU-2000 LED Grow Light is a state-of-the-art illumination device that is engineered to provide an optimal growing environment for indoor plants. It features adjustable light panels that can be adjusted to become spotlight or floodlight to ensure that plants receive light from different directions. The light panels can also be angled to reduce glare and make the greenhouse environment more comfortable.

The Barrina LED Grow Light is designed to be energy efficient, consuming only 200W true output with 816 LEDs. It is comprised of blue light 5000k, warm white light 3000k, red light 660nm, and IR 730nm, all of which are essential for the growth of plants. Particularly, the 660nm red and IR light are useful during bloom, as they increase plant growth speed and make flowers bigger and more vivid. This light also has a PPFD value of 2.5 umol/J, which offers maximum higher yields and saves up to 50% energy in comparison to traditional HPS lamps.

The Barrina LED Grow Light also has a UL-Certified power supply for reliable and safe performance. It also comes with a dimming knob and light switch, allowing users to adjust the light intensity at liberty. Furthermore, multiple lights can be connected with unified dimming, making it suitable for large areas of indoor growing and commercial planting.

The Barrina LED Grow Light is a great choice for indoor plants, seedling growing, flowering, and fruiting. It comes with a three-year service from a local maintenance center, and includes a Dimming Cable, Steel Hanging Kit, Steel Hook, Screw, and User Manual. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we will help you in 12 hours.

10. Spider Farmer Se7000 730w Led Grow Light, 5x5ft Coverage, 2688 Samsung Lm301b Diodes, Dimmable, Daisy Chain, Commercial Bar Style.

The Spider Farmer SE7000 LED Grow Light is an advanced lighting system designed to maximize uniformity and efficiency in any grow space. This innovative light fixture is equipped with 2688 Samsung LM301B diodes, drawing 730 watts and producing 2045 umol/s with a PPE of 2.8 umol/J. It covers an area of 4×4 feet or 5×5 feet with high-yielding full-cycle growth and has an extended 8 bar design for better canopy coverage, even to the outer edges.

The SE7000 emits a red-enhanced full spectrum of light with various wavelengths (3200-4200K, 4800-5000K, 650-665nm) suitable for every stage of plant growth. It also features 10-100% dimmable capabilities, allowing growers to adjust the light intensity for different growth stages and save on energy costs. Additionally, the dimming daisy chain feature allows up to 60 SE7000 grow lights to be connected and dimmed simultaneously.

Designed for ease of use, the SE7000 LED Grow Light comes with a removable driver and 6.56-foot power cord for better heat dissipation. Its bar style design and aluminium heat sink on the back contribute to better airflow, while the waterproof coating on the LED diodes ensures safe usage in wet conditions. This light is ideal for commercial grows, grow rooms, home grows, DWC, and hydroponics.

Spider Farmer offers a 5-year warranty on the SE series grow lights. If any problems arise within the five-year period, local repair centers (USA/Canada/UK/Germany) are available to help. For any product-related enquiries, Spider Farmer’s attentive after-sales service is always available to assist.

The SE7000 LED Grow Light is an ideal choice for any grower looking for an advanced, efficient, and cost-effective lighting system. With its superior coverage, full spectrum light, and easy installation, the SE7000 is the perfect choice for any grow space.

Best Led Grow Light For 4X4 Tent FAQs

How many watts does it take to flower a 4x4 grow tent?

It depends on the type of lighting used. Generally, for a 4×4 grow tent, you will need 400-600 watts of lighting. High-intensity LED or HPS lights are the most efficient and provide the most light. Other types of lighting such as fluorescent and MH lamps can work, but they are less efficient and don’t provide as much light. Depending on the type of plants you are growing, you may need additional wattage. If you are growing plants that require more light, such as tomatoes, you may need up to 1,000 watts. Additionally, the number of lights you need to install will depend on the size of your tent and the type of lighting used. Generally, for a 4×4 tent, you will need two to four lights, but the exact number depends on the wattage and type of lighting used.

How many watts LED light for a 2x4 grow tent?

The amount of watts you need for a 2×4 grow tent depends on the type of LED lights you are using. Generally, a 2×4 grow tent should have a minimum of 300 watts of LED lighting. However, if you are growing more light-hungry plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, then you may need more wattage. It is best to consult with a professional to determine the exact wattage needed for your particular grow tent. Additionally, you will need to ensure that your light fixture has the correct spectrum for your plants, as different plants need different spectrums of light to grow properly. Finally, you should also consider the number of lights you will be using in the grow tent, as this will affect the overall wattage needed. Ultimately, the wattage you need for a 2×4 grow tent will depend on the type of LED lights you are using and the type of plants you are growing.

What size LED grow light for 4x4 grow tent?

For a 4×4 grow tent, you'll need a LED grow light with at least 600 watts. Depending on the type of plants you are growing and the stage of growth, you may need more wattage. For example, if you are growing leafy greens or herbs, you would need a 600-watt LED grow light, while flowering plants would require 800-1000 watts. If you are growing multiple stages of plants in the same tent, you may need to increase the wattage.

When selecting a grow light, it's important to consider the size and coverage area of the light. A 600-watt LED grow light can typically cover an area of around 4×4 feet. Most LED grow lights come with adjustable reflectors that allow you to direct the light more precisely, so you may want to consider purchasing one with this feature. Additionally, you should ensure that the light has a full spectrum of light to provide your plants with the necessary nutrients for healthy growth.

Finally, make sure to research the warranty on your LED grow light, as well as the heat output, to ensure that it is safe for use in your grow tent. With the proper research and selection, you can find the perfect LED grow light for your 4×4 grow tent.

What size LED light do I need for my grow tent?

The size of LED light you need for your grow tent depends on the size of your tent, the type of plants you are growing, and the intensity of light that your plants will need. The most common LED lights for grow tents come in sizes ranging from 100 watts to 600 watts, and some even higher. Generally, a smaller tent will require a lower wattage light, while a larger grow tent may need a higher wattage light. Additionally, the type of plants you are growing will determine how much light you need. For example, leafy greens may require less light than flowering plants. Lastly, the intensity of the light is important to consider, as some plants may require more or less light than others. Overall, it is best to consult a grow light expert or specialist to determine the right size and type of LED light for your specific grow tent.

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