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Best Iphone 7 Plus Car Mount (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to finding the perfect car mount for your iPhone 7 Plus, there are a few key points to consider. To ensure you get the best mount for your needs, here is a quick guide to help you out:

1. Compatibility: Make sure the car mount you choose is compatible with your iPhone 7 Plus. Many mounts are designed for specific models of phones, so check the specifications before you buy.

2. Mounting Options: Different car mounts have different ways of attaching to your car. Some use a suction cup, while others use a clip. Think about what mounting option is best for you and your car.

3. Stability: You want a car mount that will stay put while you drive. Look for one that has a strong grip that won't slip or move while you're on the go.

4. Flexibility: You want a car mount that can be adjusted to fit your needs. Look for one that can be rotated and tilted so you can get the perfect viewing angle.

5. Price: As with any purchase, make sure you compare prices and get the most bang for your buck. Quality car mounts can be found for a reasonable price.

Finding the perfect car mount for your iPhone 7 Plus doesn't have to be difficult. With the right research and a bit of patience, you can find a mount that meets all your needs. Just remember to consider the compatibility, mounting options, stability, flexibility, and price. With these five key points in mind, you can find the perfect car mount for your iPhone 7 Plus.

10 Best Iphone 7 Plus Car Mount

1. Car Dash Phone Mount [2023 Upgraded] For Iphone 13 Pro Max/12/11/x/xr/8/7/plus/mini, Universal Windshield/vent Handsfree Cradle.

The VANMASS [2023 Upgraded] Car Dashboard Phone Holder Mount is the perfect solution for hands-free phone use while driving. The mount features a strong suction cup and a sturdy vent clip that are designed to be mounted on the dashboard, windshield, or air vent. This car mount is equipped with advanced original technologies such as best airliner material, rotary-lock suction cup, and a two-gear controlled clamp arm that can hold up to 60LBS. Additionally, the mount has a 360° rotation head and 270° pivoted telescopic arm to provide infinite angles.

The phone holder also features a number of user-friendly details such as a bottom tray that is 0.96" wide to make it easier to touch the screen or charge the phone. The release button is conveniently located on the back of the car mount so it can be easily operated with one hand. The mount also has a thicker silicone to keep the phone from slipping and scratching.

The VANMASS [2023 Upgraded] Car Dashboard Phone Holder Mount comes with top-notch configuration and a profound package. The mount is certificated by the world's leading CA65 REACH ROHS and is presented in an elegant and eco-friendly box, making it a great gift for any occasion. The suction cup has a diameter of 2.8" for greater stickiness and can be used on any clean and flat surface without any gap or crack. The telescopic arm is 5"-7.5" long and the suction base is 2.13" high. The clamp arm is universal and is 2.2"-3.8" wide, while the phone cradle has a depth of 0.7" to fit even the thickest cases.

2. 3-In-1 Car Phone Holder Mount – Universal For Iphone, Samsung, Lg & Sony.

The Vansky Car Phone Holder Mount is the perfect 3-in-1 solution for securely and conveniently mounting your smartphone in your vehicle. No tools are required for installation and the mount can be easily clipped to your car’s air vent, dashboard, or windshield. With a strong suction cup, the mount holds your device steady while you keep your focus on the road and your hands on the steering wheel.

The 360 degree rotatable phone holder allows you to find the perfect angle to view your smartphone at a quick glance. The extendable grip accommodates phones between 6.7-9.7cm width, making it compatible with most 3.5-7 inch smartphones, including the iPhone 12 11 Pro X XR 7 6 6s Plus, Samsung series, LG series, and more. It also features soft padding to securely hold your device.

The Vansky Car Phone Holder Mount is the perfect solution to keep your phone within reach while driving. With its quick and easy installation and universal compatibility, you can be sure that your device is securely held in place at all times. So don’t hesitate, get your Vansky Car Phone Holder Mount today and experience the convenience and safety it provides.

3. Universal Car Phone Mount – Upgraded Handsfree Stand, Dash/windshield/vent Compatible, Iphone 13/12/11/pro/max/xs/xr/x/galaxy S20/note 10/9

The VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount is the perfect hands-free experience for your smartphone. Its multi-scene design allows you to use it in your car, at your desk, in the kitchen, bathroom, or even at the gym. This mount was designed with four original technologies that provide extreme weather resistance, a powerful suction cup with up to 60lbs of power, an extra pad for smooth surfaces, and a steel-cored 3-level clip for 20X stability and durability.

The mount's bottom tray is 0.96” wide, making it easy to reach the home button, unlock the screen, and plug in the charger cable. The mount also comes with a luxurious presentation of a top-notch configuration and a profound package, with a V-shaped pattern to symbolize vibrancy and victory.

The mount is compatible with a variety of phones, including the iPhone 13, 12, 11 Pro Max, Xs, XR, X, 8, and Galaxy s20 Note 10 9. The depth of the phone cradle is 0.7”, allowing for compatibility with thicker cases. The width of the clamp arm is 2.2”-3.8”, and the diameter of the suction pad is 2.6”. The length of the telescopic arm is 5”-7.5”, and the height of the suction base is 2.1”.

This mount is certified by RoHS, CP65, and REACH, and is a great gift for your special someone. Please note that the leather dashboard is not suitable for all suction cups, and it is recommended to use the mount on the windshield or air vent instead. Get the VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount today and experience the ultimate hands-free experience!

4. Nano Suction Cup Car Mount – Universal Hands-Free Phone Holder For Samsung, Iphone 13/14 Plus/pro/max.

The Humixx 2022 Stable Nano Suction Cup Phone Mount for Car is a universal hands-free car mount for your smartphone. This latest version features an enhanced suction cup, plus-version, that can hold up to 52 lbs of weight, even on the bumpiest of roads. This phone mount is made from aviation-grade materials, designed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations from -4°F to 203°F.

This phone mount is versatile and can be used in multiple locations in your car. It comes with a vent clip, dashboard mount, and a desk mount, so you can choose the ideal location for your needs. It is also equipped with a unique triangular stability design, so your phone stays secure and in place no matter where you choose to place it. The side arms and kickstand leg are also equipped with anti-slip Bayer silicone pads for extra security.

The Humixx Phone Mount for Car also offers adjustable viewing angles with its 270° adjustable telescopic arm and 360° rotatable ball joint, so you can choose the perfect angle for your phone. This helps you get a comfortable and safe view while driving. This mount also allows you to easily adjust your phone with just one hand and switch between portrait and landscape mode.

The Humixx 2022 Stable Nano Suction Cup Phone Mount for Car is backed by a lifetime warranty and 24/7 customer service. If you have any problems with your mount, our professional customer support team is always available to help you. We are sure you will be satisfied with your experience.

5. Car Vent Phone Holder Mount For Iphone/android – Universal Vehicle Handsfree Clip Cradle

This VANMASS Car Vent Phone Holder Mount is the perfect way to secure your smartphone while driving. It is designed with a patented 3-gear lock vent clip, 39-step high precise craft, and industrial original steel-core manufacturing for 20 times more stability than traditional twist-lock clips. The inner silicone pad provides all-round protection for your phone, and the product is internationally recognized with EUIPO certification (patent number: 006590790-0005).

This car phone mount is crafted with 5 years of industry experience and tested with 168 kinds of material. It is made with pure PC materials for the cradle, aerospace material "PTFE" for the strong nuts, and high-grade imitation carbon fiber for the luxury supercar series panels. It also boasts CA65/REACH/ROHS safety certification to ensure your phone is as safe as a baby car seat.

The user-friendly design allows for effortless installation and removal. You can secure the phone with two security clip locks, two air-bag silicone protections, and two fingerprint clamps. The adjustable foot and 360°swivel ball head also provide forward-facing and rear-facing modes. It also has a reserved charging space and a quick release feature.

This car phone holder comes with a luxurious presentation, including a 360° feature configuration and master-designed package. The ball mount is like a tripod ball head, with a friction adjustment that allows it to rotate 360°. The phone holder is fully protected in an elegant and eco-friendly box with two air vent clips and a user manual included.

To use the VANMASS Car Vent Phone Holder Mount correctly, please watch the provided video on the 3 Gear Lock Clip.

6. Cell Phone Car Mount, Universal Dashboard Anti-Slip For All Smartphones.

The AONKEY Cell Phone Holder for Car is designed to provide superior stability, security and mobility for your mobile device. It is a universal car mount that fits phones from 3" to 7", such as iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR, iPhone X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 Plus, 5S, SE, Galaxy Note 8, S8 Plus, S8, S7 Edge, LG K20 V and GPS devices like Garmin.

The car mount utilizes triple reinforcement on the dashboard, a large silica gel base, plus a circle of adhesive silicone film and a suction cup, to ensure a firm grip on your car and prevent your phone from slipping or flying out when taking sharp turns or sudden stops. The high quality spring and non-skip silicone ends of the clamping ensure maximum security and protection for your mobile device.

The adhesive silicone material is not permanently attached to the dash, allowing it to be easily removed and reused. The silicone bottom can be flushed to regain its stickiness, making it ideal for long-term use. Additionally, the mount's mobility allows you to position it at the optimal angle for your view, giving you two different angles to choose from for a non-light reflect and clear screen view.

Overall, the AONKEY Cell Phone Holder for Car is a secure and reliable way to keep your mobile device in place while driving and provides the perfect angle for a clear view of your screen. With its superior stability and security, plus the convenience of mobility and easy installation, this car mount is a must-have for all car owners.

7. Phone Ring Holder, Universal Metal Finger Grip Stand, Compatible W/ Car Mount, For Iphone/samsung/htc.

This 4Pack Universal Phone Ring Bracket Holder is the perfect accessory for your smartphone or tablet. This metal finger grip stand holder ring is compatible with car mount for iPhone Xs XR MAX 6s Plus 7 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9,S7 Edge HTC Smartphones Tablet-Black. With its wide compatibility, you can use this phone ring on any device you own.

The phone ring stand features great tightness, allowing you to adjust it and turn it around and it stays firmly once fixed. It's perfect for use in landscape or portrait mode to read, watch videos, etc. The adhesive is extremely sticky, which tightly holds your phone and prevents the possibility of dropping it in many occasions.

This finger ring holder is made of high quality zinc alloy and stainless steel, contributing to its long lifespan. The polished ring holder has smooth edges, ensuring that your fingers will not get scratched.

Overall, this 4Pack Universal Phone Ring Bracket Holder is the perfect accessory for your smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with car mount, has great tightness, and is made of high quality materials, ensuring that your device stays in place and safe from damage.

8. Car Cup Holder Phone Mount For Iphone/samsung 4-7" Phones

The LISEN Cup Holder Phone Mount Holder is designed for car owners who want to ensure their driving safety and obtain a better driving experience. This phone holder is made of aviation material PEFT and components which are lab tested to ensure sturdiness and security. To avoid situations such as taking the wrong path due to a shaking phone or accidents due to loose parts and low mount, this cup holder phone mount is the perfect solution.

The total height of the cell phone holder car is between 10.4-12.5'', and it has a rod with no screw adjusting which is easy to adjust. The top of the pole has 360° rotation and the clamp part supports a 360 rotation. This makes it easier to adjust the height of the rod and the angle of the clamp to get the best driving perspective and reduce driving fatigue.

The cup phone holder for car is unprecedentedly compatible with 3-4.6 inch cup holders, and fits almost all cars, SUVs, trucks and golf carts. It can also be used in the back row cup holders. The base has three protruding extension structures and non-slip silicone, forming a triangular locking structure without popping out, so that it can be installed in the cup holder perfectly and steadily.

The newly designed clamp arm has two bigger and stronger clamps that are inclined inward to form an angle and can hold the mobile phone firmly, so that the safety of the mobile phone is ensured. This phone holder for car is compatible with all 4-7'' phones, and you don't need to remove your thick case while using it.

LISEN provides customers with 12 months of worry-free care, 24h fast response and life time technical support. If you have any problems in using the phone holder, please email the LISEN Direct store first for a solution and they will be sure to provide a satisfactory solution for you.

9. Cell Phone Car Mount (Gray), Anti-Slip Silicone & Powerful Suction, Universal Phone Holder For Iphone 14/13/12/11 Pro Max & Trucks/suvs/jeeps.

This VANMASS Cell Phone Holder Car Mount is a revolutionary car phone mount designed to provide convenience and flexibility for all drivers. The mount is made of soft silicone and powerful suction to ensure a secure and anti-slip grip. It is compatible with iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max &Truck/SUV/Jeep.

This car mount was designed with simplicity, convenience, and flexibility in mind. It has a patented multi-scene design that can be used in cars, desks, kitchens, bathrooms, and gyms. It also features four original technologies, including extreme weather resistance, super suction power, a retractable, 270° rotating stand, and a wide bottom tray that makes it easy to access the HOME button, unlock the screen, and plug in the charge cable.

The mount also has a 0.96” width bottom tray and a 2.2”-3.8” width clamp arm, offering universal phone compatibility. The suction pad has a 2.6” diameter to ensure a secure grip, and the telescopic arm is 5”-7.5” long with a 2.1” height suction base.

The VANMASS Cell Phone Holder Car Mount is an ideal present for your special someone, and comes in an elegant and eco-friendly box with a V-shaped pattern to symbolize vibrancy and victory. However, please note that this mount is not suitable for all suction cups and must be used on the windshield or air vent instead.

10. Universal Splash Box Bike Mount For Iphone 7 Plus (L, Ipx4, Germany) – 23010501

The HR-imotion Universal Splash Box Bike Mount is the perfect solution to protect your smartphone from the elements while biking. Featuring an IPX4 (DIN-EN 60529) rating, this mount provides all-weather protection from water, dirt, dust, and scratches. It offers a snug fit for most smartphones, and is designed for bike stems with a diameter between 18mm and 32mm.

The Splash Box also includes an anti-glare, scratch-resistant screen protector, allowing for perfect touchscreen functionality. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the swift and easy screw mounting. The mount is made from high-quality materials, and is suitable for devices up to 160 x 87 x 13.7 mm in size. This ensures an optimal fit for your device, and reliable protection at all times.

The HR-imotion Universal Splash Box Bike Mount is an essential accessory for any cyclist. It provides peace of mind that your device is safe and secure while you enjoy your ride. Plus, it's made in Germany, ensuring the highest level of quality and craftsmanship. So whether you're an experienced cyclist or just starting out, the Splash Box is an essential addition to your biking gear.

Best Iphone 7 Plus Car Mount FAQs

Are iPhone 7 and 7 plus the same size?

No, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are not the same size. The iPhone 7 has a 4.7 inch display while the iPhone 7 Plus has a 5.5 inch display. Additionally, the iPhone 7 is 138.3 mm tall, 67.1 mm wide, and 7.1 mm thick, while the iPhone 7 Plus is 158.2 mm tall, 77.9 mm wide, and 7.3 mm thick. As a result, the iPhone 7 Plus is larger and heavier than the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 Plus also has a dual camera system that is not present on the iPhone 7.

Does iPhone 7 have metal body?

Yes, the iPhone 7 is made of metal and glass. Its body is made of anodized aluminum and its frame and rear casing are made of 7000 series aluminum, which is more durable and scratch-resistant than earlier iPhone models. The front and back are covered in ion-strengthened glass, which is more resistant to shattering and breakage than earlier models. The iPhone 7 is also water and dust resistant, with an IP67 rating. This makes it more resistant to water, dust, and other environmental factors than earlier iPhone models.

How long does the battery last on iPhone 7 Plus?

The battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus is widely regarded as one of the best in the smartphone industry. Apple rates the battery in the iPhone 7 Plus to last up to 12 hours of internet use on a single charge. This number may vary depending on what you are doing with the phone. For example, if you are gaming or streaming videos, the battery life may be shorter than 12 hours. Additionally, if you are using the phone in an area with weak cellular coverage, your battery life may also be shorter than 12 hours. However, with regular use, which includes making calls, texting, and using various apps, the battery life of the iPhone 7 Plus should last you all day.

What is the best iPhone car mount?

The best iPhone car mount depends on your individual needs and preferences. Generally, a mount with a clamp-style design is the most popular and secure option. A clamp-style mount will typically attach to your car’s air vents or dashboard and has a clip that securely holds your phone in place. Additionally, some mounts come with adjustable arms that allow you to adjust the viewing angle of the phone. Other mount designs can be attached to the windshield or CD slot, but these are less secure and may be illegal in some states. For the most reliable mount, be sure to check compatibility with your car before purchasing.

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