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Best Harry Potter Wands To Buy (2023 Updated)

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Are you a fan of the Harry Potter series and looking for the perfect wand to complete your collection? Wands are an essential part of the magical world of Harry Potter and can make a great addition to your home. When it comes to buying a wand, there are a few key points to consider. Here is a short guide to help you find the perfect Harry Potter wand for you:

1. Authenticity: Be sure to buy your wand from a reputable and reliable source. Look for a seller or store that is officially licensed and authorized to sell Harry Potter merchandise.

2. Quality: Look for wands that are made from the highest quality materials and are well-crafted. Authentic wands are made from wood and resin, with metal accents.

3. Size: Make sure to get the right size wand for you. Most wands are around 11 inches in length.

4. Design: Choose a wand design that reflects your personality and interests. Look for wands with intricate detailing and unique designs that stand out.

5. Cost: Wands can range in price depending on the quality and materials used. Be sure to shop around to find a wand that fits your budget.

With these five key points in mind, you can find the perfect Harry Potter wand for yourself or a loved one. Whether you’re looking for a wand to complete your collection or to give as a gift, there is something out there for everyone. You can find Harry Potter wands in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, so shop around and have fun!

10 Best Harry Potter Wands To Buy

1. Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit – Build A Wand. Learn To Code. Make Magic.

The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is an engaging and educational way for kids to learn coding with the world of Harry Potter. The kit comes with all the parts needed to build a wand that can detect your movements and has an LED light that responds to your commands. Also included is a step-by-step book, stickers, poster, and a free Kano app that can help guide your child through the coding process.

Kids can use the wand to cast spells, create creatures and artifacts, and explore more than 200 exclusive sounds and music. They will be able to see their magic come to life on the screen in front of them, giving them a real sense of accomplishment. The kit is designed for children ages 6 and up and requires no prior coding experience.

With the Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit, kids will be able to use their creativity and imagination to create their own magical adventures. Through the 70+ step-by-step creative challenges, children can make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, and pumpkins grow, to name just a few. They can also explore Kano World, a creative community where they can remix art, games, and music to their heart’s content.

The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is compatible with Windows 10 Pro & Home, Mac OS 10.10, iOS 10 (selected iPad models only), Android 5.0 (tablets only), Amazon Fire tablets (8 HD 2016 or newer). It requires Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth Smart 4.0 or newer). The kit comes with Lifetime care and a 1 year warranty.

The Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit is an engaging and educational way to introduce kids to the world of coding. With the kit, they can learn how to code and explore their creativity with magical adventures.

2. Harry Potter Light-Up Wand, 13.5

The Harry Potter Light Up Wand is the perfect accessory for any aspiring wizard in training. This officially licensed product from the Hogwarts Wizarding World brings magic to life with an illuminating tip. The wand is made from BPA-free, child safe plastic and measures 13.5 inches in length.

Let your child's imagination take them to Hogwarts with this LED light up wand. Its strong flashlight-like light adds to the fun of costume parties and dress up play. Aspiring witches and wizards will be the life of the party with this illuminated glow wand.

The Harry Potter Light Up Wand comes with 3 LR44 button cell batteries and one wand. This makes a great gift for costume parties and role playing. Whether your child wants to become Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, or another of the beloved characters from the magical world, they will have hours of fun with this wand.

The Harry Potter Light Up Wand is the perfect accessory for any aspiring little witch or wizard. Kids and adults alike can use this wand for playtime fun, dress up and role play, parties, and celebrations. With this wand, your child can become the hero of their own magical adventure.

3. Wizard's Wands Diy Craft Kit With Paintbrushes (15 Pieces)

This 15-piece Wand Making Kit is perfect for DIY lovers and cosplay enthusiasts. It includes 15 pieces of wood wands, 3 pieces of paintbrushes and 5 pieces of small foam wedges. It's easy to use and you can create your own personalized wands with your imagination.

To use, simply glue decorative volutions onto the wands with a hot glue gun (not included). Then use a brush to paint the wands in any color you like. Finally, use the foam wedges to gently wipe down the edges. You can even seal and protect the paint with a coat of varnish (not included).

The wood material used for the wands is of a dependable quality. The surfaces are smooth and there are no blurs or scratches. They are also not easy to break, so they will serve you for a long time.

This wand kit is perfect for wizard role playing, Halloween costumes, masquerade dances, carnivals, or cosplay parties. You can use the kit to make classic wands in black or brown, or use candy colors to make truly unique wands. Impress your friends and family with your amazing creations.

4. Pokémon Violet – Nintendo Switch

Enter the world of Pokémon Violet and explore the vast Paldea Region. This open world game for Nintendo Switch gives players the ability to catch, battle and train Pokémon in a completely new environment.

Choose from three amazing partner Pokémon: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, or Quaxly. Then embark on an epic adventure where you will meet new people, gain new experiences, and find your very own treasure.

The Paldea Region is a beautiful, diverse land filled with lakes, towering peaks, wastelands, small towns, and sprawling cities. As you venture through the region, you will come across many different kinds of Pokémon and have to decide which ones to capture, battle, and train.

You can battle and train your Pokémon to become stronger, evolve, or even learn new moves. With each Pokémon you capture, you will get to know them better and build a strong bond.

During your journey, you can take part in the Treasure Hunt, an independent study that will take you to new places and help you find your own unique treasure. As you explore the Paldea Region, you can also join up with others and complete various tasks, such as rescuing Pokémon, fighting crime, and more.

Pokémon Violet is the perfect game for all ages. With its vibrant world, diverse array of Pokémon and exciting battle system, you can have plenty of fun and excitement as you explore the Paldea Region. So come and join the adventure today!

5. Chica And Jo Magic Wizard's Wand Making Kit – Diy Craft Kit To Make Harry Potter Wands

This Chica and Jo Magic Wizard's Wand Making Kit is perfect for any Harry Potter fan looking to make their own magical wands. The kit includes all the supplies needed to make and decorate 8 wooden wizard wands: 12-3/4" wooden dowels with finials, brown and black paint (2oz each), metallic silver and gold paint (2oz each), satin varnish, 3 paintbrushes, and 2 foam wedges.

To use, start by using a hot glue gun (not included in the kit) to add decorative swirls to the wands. Then use the brushes to paint the entire wand with brown or black paint. Use the foam wedge to lightly dab silver or gold paint onto the raised edges of the wand to add metallic accents. When dry, use the brushes to apply the varnish over the entire surface to seal and protect the paint.

This wand making kit is great for crafting ahead of time to make unique party favors, or you can let your kids make their own as part of a fun party game. The paint and varnish included in the kit are non-toxic and water-based, so clean up is easy with just soap and water. Plus, all the paints and varnish are made in the USA. Create your own magical wands with the Chica and Jo Magic Wizard's Wand Making Kit!

Best Harry Potter Wands To Buy FAQs

Can you just buy a new wand in Harry Potter?

No, you cannot just buy a new wand in Harry Potter. In the Harry Potter universe, wands are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike. Each wand is uniquely matched to its owner, usually with a core of magical material that contains its own special properties. When a witch or wizard acquires a wand, it is typically through an Ollivander wand shop, where the shopkeeper matches the wand to the individual's magical essence. As such, it is not possible to simply 'buy a new wand' as one would a piece of clothing or furniture.

Is it worth buying a Harry Potter wand?

Buying a Harry Potter wand is a personal decision. For some fans, it’s a great way to connect with the magical world of Harry Potter and to show their admiration for the series. However, if you’re looking for something that is actually useful, it’s probably not worth it. A wand is mainly just a decorative item, and it won’t actually give you any magical powers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun collectible and a way to show your appreciation for the series, then a Harry Potter wand could be a great purchase. Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend.

What are the best Harry Potter wands to buy?

The best Harry Potter wands to buy depend largely on personal preference. When considering a wand, it is important to consider the type of wood, core, length, and flexibility that best suits a person’s individual style. Popular wand types include Elder, Holly, and Phoenix Feather, while cores can range from Dragon Heartstring to Unicorn Hair. In addition to the wand itself, many companies also offer replica wands with realistic detail, collectible wands, or officially licensed wands from the movie series. Lengths can range from 10 to 14 inches, and flexibility can range from light to stiff. Ultimately, the best wand for each person will depend on their individual needs and preferences.

Where do people buy wands in Harry Potter?

Most people buy their wands in Diagon Alley, the hidden shopping district in London. It is the only known place to buy wands in the Harry Potter world. Ollivanders is the most well-known wand shop in Diagon Alley and is run by a family of wand makers. Here, customers can buy wands made from a variety of materials such as unicorn hair, dragon heartstring, phoenix feather, and many more. Ollivanders also allows customers to try out different wands until they find one that suits them best. Other wand shops can be found throughout the Wizarding World, including Eeylops Owl Emporium and Quality Quidditch Supplies. These shops offer a variety of wands, but none offer the same level of quality as Ollivanders.

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