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Best Handheld Shower Head With Pause Button (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to showering, having the right shower head makes all the difference. If you're looking for a handheld shower head with a pause button, there are a few key points you should consider before making a purchase. Here's a quick guide to help you find the perfect shower head for your needs.

First, you'll want to consider the type of shower head you want. There are several types of handheld shower heads, including ones with a single spray, multiple sprays, and a shower head with a pause button. Depending on your preferences, you'll want to choose the type that best fits your needs.

Second, you'll want to consider the size of the handheld shower head. If you have a smaller shower stall, you may want to go with a smaller handheld shower head that won't take up too much space. On the other hand, if you have a larger shower stall, you may want to opt for a larger handheld shower head that can reach all areas of your shower.

Third, you'll want to think about the water pressure of the handheld shower head. Handheld shower heads with higher water pressure are typically better for those with sensitive skin. You should also consider the water temperature and adjust it to your comfort level.

Fourth, you'll want to consider the material the handheld shower head is made of. Typically, plastic and metal are the two most common materials used for handheld shower heads. Plastic is lightweight and more affordable, while metal is more durable and can last longer.

Finally, you'll want to consider the cost of the handheld shower head. While handheld shower heads with a pause button can be more expensive, they are worth the investment if you want the convenience of being able to pause your shower.

By considering these five key points, you'll be able to find the perfect handheld shower head with a pause button for your needs. With the right shower head, you can enjoy a relaxing shower experience every time.

10 Best Handheld Shower Head With Pause Button

1. High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head W/ On/off Pause Switch, 3 Modes, Hose & Angle Bracket.

The KAIYING Chrome High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with ON/OFF Pause Switch is a must-have for any bathroom. Featuring a convenient ON/OFF Pause Switch, this shower head is perfect for adults, disabled, toddlers and babies, allowing them to take a comfortable and water-saving shower.

This shower head comes with 3 adjustable settings, which provide the user with drenching rainfall, invigorating massage and powerful jetting modes. The 344 pinholes generate thicker water mist for a luxurious shower experience. Even under low water pressure, this shower head provides powerful spray performance, thanks to its high water pressure.

The shower head is detachable and easy-clean, making it easy to keep the water flowing evenly. Installation is also tool-free and takes only minutes, so you won’t need to call in a plumber. All necessary components to install the shower head into your existing G1/2” shower arm are included.

The KAIYING Chrome High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with ON/OFF Pause Switch is a great addition to any bathroom. With its convenient ON/OFF Pause Switch, 3 adjustable settings and high water pressure, this shower head is perfect for adults, disabled, toddlers or babies. Installation is easy, and the detachable and easy-clean design ensures the water flows evenly. Get yours today and enjoy a luxurious showering experience.

2. Suncleanse 7-Setting Shower Head, Brushed Nickel, High Pressure, W/on/off Pause & 71" Hose.

The SunCleanse Shower Head is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a convenient, high-pressure shower experience. This hand-held shower head features seven powerful spray options, which can be switched easily with one key. The shower head is equipped with an on/off pause switch that helps to conserve water, as the water flow can be completely cut off without having to turn off the faucet in the shower.

For those with low water pressure and flow, this shower head provides a pressure-increasing stream, delivering water at a higher velocity. Installation is quick and easy, as it only requires one hand-tightened connection and fits any standard shower arm.

The 71 inch extra-long stainless steel hose reaches most of the shower area, allowing users to shampoo their hair, shower, bathe their children, or even flush the toilet. For those looking for a top-of-the-line shower experience, the SunCleanse Shower Head is the ideal choice. With its powerful spray settings and on/off pause switch, it provides a high pressure, water-saving experience. Install it in minutes and enjoy the convenience and comfort of your SunCleanse Shower Head.

3. 6-Setting High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head With On/off Switch And Spa Mode.

The DOILIESE High Pressure 6 Setting Shower Head Hand-Held with ON/OFF Switch and Spa Spray Mode is the perfect upgrade to your shower experience. With 6 settings that include Rain+Massage, Rain, Massage, Mist, Spray and Pause mode, you can customize your shower to your preference. The ergonomic grip handle and anti-clog rub-clean jets make it easy to use and the angle-adjustable modern design in spot-resistant chrome finish allows you to point the shower head in the direction of your choice for hands-free operation.

A unique feature of this shower head is the water saving on/off pause button. Utilizing advanced internal flow blocking technology, the pause mode can completely shut off the water flow when activated. This prevents unnecessary water waste during your shower. The ultra fine mist spray mode is engineered with pre-compression technology that delivers a powerful spray and covers large areas quickly.

Installation is a breeze as the tool-free connection only takes minutes and no plumber is needed. The package comes with all the necessary components to install the chrome shower head with handheld spray into your existing shower arm, such as washers, plumber’s tape, and an installation manual. The flexible 5 ft stainless steel hose features durable heavy-duty design with brass connection nuts.

The DOILIESE High Pressure 6 Setting Shower Head Hand-Held with ON/OFF Switch and Spa Spray Mode is designed to make your shower experience more enjoyable and efficient. With its high quality components and features, you are sure to get the most out of your shower.

4. High-Pressure Handheld Shower Head W/ On/off Switch, 3-Settings, Chrome, 1.6 Gpm.

The Nosame Shower Head is the perfect addition to any bathroom. It features an On/Off Switch design that eliminates the need for the middle to close the valve to re-adjust the water temperature, making it easier to use for adults, disabled, toddlers, babies, campers, pets, and puppies. It also has three modes: Rainfall, Massage, and Jetting spray, each providing a unique experience.

The revolutionary micro nozzle technology makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, increasing the speed of the water flow, thereby increasing the water pressure to 1.6 gallons per minute and saving water up to 30%. The transparent, see-through design and high-density make it easy to clean.

Installation is simple: just screw onto any standard shower hose (Hose and holder not included). It can be connected to any standard shower hose easily. This product is made from eco-friendly materials, making it a safe and reliable choice.

The Nosame Shower Head brings convenience, luxury, and comfort to your bathroom. Enjoy a unique shower experience with this high-pressure handheld shower head that is perfect for any home.

5. Aquacare 7-Setting Handheld Shower Head With Pause Switch, Extra-Long Hose And Low-Reach Bracket – All-Chrome Finish

The HotelSpa 7-Setting AquaCare Series Spiral Handheld Shower Head offers an all-in-one package of luxury and convenience. With seven flow settings, it includes Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydrating Mist, Water-saving Economy Rain, and two mixed modes – all of which offer superior flow performance and reliability.

The convenient water-saving on/off pause switch puts instant flow control at your fingertips, and also has an important safety feature – the pause mode reduces flow to a trickle instead of complete shutoff, preventing the buildup of water pressure and hot temperature to protect you from bursting water lines and scalding.

An angle-adjustable overhead bracket provides drenching hands-free shower at desired angle, and the extra-long 6 ft. super flexible stainless steel hose adds reach and mobility. The all-chrome finish is spot resistant, and will not scratch, chip, or fade. The bonus low-reach go-anywhere wall bracket provides up-close hands-free use of the hand shower, and is ideal for bathing kids and pets, washing tile, and countless personal care applications.

The tool-free connection takes minutes and no plumber is needed. It also includes all washers, plumber's tape, detailed instructions with a toll-free help phone number and lifetime warranty directly from HotelSpa. Enjoy Gold-standard U.S.A Customer Service with an instant hassle-free return policy if not 100% satisfied. With the HotelSpa 7-Setting AquaCare Series Spiral Handheld Shower Head, enjoy luxurious hand shower with added mobility, easy reach, and instant flow control.

6. Rexmeo Shower Head High Pressure 12 Settings, Handheld, Hose, Stop Mode, Regulator, Chrome.

The REXMEO Shower Head High Pressure with Handheld is a must-have for any bathroom. This showerhead features a convenient stop button, designed to pause the flow of water and reduce the flow to a trickle to protect the water pipe. This allows you to easily shampoo and shave without wasting water. With 11 adjustable spray patterns, you can choose from 6 single-spray patterns (massage, mist, narrow rain, bubble oxygenation, cross spray, and wide rain) and 5 mixed-spray patterns (including wide rain & narrow rain). The 4.85in bigger handheld showerhead ensures wider spray for drenching full coverage.

Made of chrome-plated ABS, the high-pressure showerhead is lightweight to handle and rust-proof for daily use. The zinc alloy pivot ball with a seal ring guarantees exceptional sturdiness and leak-free seal. To save water, you can attach the included flow restrictor to limit the water flow rate to 1.8GPM.

The REXMEO Shower Head High Pressure with Handheld includes all necessary accessories for quick and tool-free installation – a 59in 304 stainless steel hose, a showerhead holder, 2 rolls of thread seal tape, a rubber washer, a filter washer, and a flow restrictor. With its convenient features and easy installation, the REXMEO Shower Head High Pressure with Handheld is the perfect addition to any bathroom.

7. Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head, 3-Setting Handheld, On/off Full Shutoff, Angle-Adjustable.

The Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head is a revolutionary shower head that provides a superior showering experience. Featuring a push-button flow control with one-hand operation, the Marbrasse Showerhead allows you to hold the shower head and shut off the water while lathering up or working shampoo in, with no need to turn a dial. With 3 adjustable settings, you have the choice of a power massage, water saver mode, or mixed mode, while the dense small holes of the shower head generate a thicker water mist to provide a spa-like shower experience.

The Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head is engineered with micro technology, which increases the pressure of the water flow to provide adequate water and comfortable spray performance even under low water pressure. Installation is easy, with no need to call a plumber; simply remove your current shower head and replace with the Marbrasse shower head to any standard shower arm, with no tools needed and just a simple hand-tightening.

The Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head is made with high quality ABS material and chrome plated technology without any toxicity, ensuring your shower is safe, comfortable and lightweight, as well as being durable, lead-free and rust-proof. The upgraded 360-degree rotation angle-adjustable solid swivel ball joint nut ensures a reliable leak-free connection and different angle position shower needs.

Ideal for bathing kids, washing pets, cleaning applications, and even used as an RV or Camper shower head, the Marbrasse High Pressure Shower Head is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a superior showering experience. If you have any dissatisfaction about our product, feel free to contact us via Amazon at any time.

8. High Pressure Shower Head With 5 Settings, Pause Mode, And Massage Spa, 1.8 Gpm.

The Ezelia High Pressure Shower Head with Pause Mode and Massage Spa is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy a spa-like experience in their own home. This handheld showerhead offers five settings and produces an impressive pressure with a powerful spray, no matter the water pressure. It also features a pause mode that allows you to easily control the water temperature, while also saving water.

Installation of this showerhead is very easy and can be done within minutes without the need for any tools. It fits perfectly with any standard shower arm or water pipe, so you won't need to worry about any complicated configurations.

For maximum comfort, this showerhead also features a 79-inch stainless steel hose for easy reach and mobility. The massage spa mode adds an extra layer of relaxation, allowing you to unwind and enjoy a luxurious shower experience.

The Ezelia High Pressure Shower Head is California compliant and is sure to bring a sense of luxury and convenience to your bathroom. If you have any questions about this product, our friendly customer service team is always available to help. So why not make the switch to a luxurious shower experience today?

9. Nosame® Shower Head Ⅲ – High Pressure, 3 Modes, On/off Pause, 1.6 Gpm Filter.

The Nosame® Shower Head Ⅲ is an ideal choice for those who need to upgrade their shower experience. It features 3 spray modes: Rainfall/ Massage/ Jetting, providing a great variety of showering options. The On/Off switch design eliminates the need to adjust the water temperature manually and makes showering much easier, especially for adults, disabled, campers, pets, and puppies.

The shower head also comes with a multi-layer filtration system that effectively removes impurities in the water, providing a more comfortable showering experience. Its high-pressure design allows the water flow to be faster, increasing the water pressure while still saving up to 30% of water usage.

The Nosame® Shower Head Ⅲ is easy to install, simply screwing onto any standard shower hose (hose and holder are not included). It is also universal fitting and can be connected to any standard shower hose without any difficulty. With its great features, the Nosame® Shower Head Ⅲ is perfect for those looking for a more convenient and comfortable shower experience.

10. Handheld Shower Head Set, High Pressure, 12 Settings, On/off Pause, 60" Hose, Angle-Adjustable Holder (Chrome)

This COSYLAND 4.9" Handheld Shower Head Set is the perfect choice for a luxurious shower experience. This shower head set is equipped with 12 settings, from a light mist to powerful pulsating massage. An ON/Off pause switch allows you to instantly pause the water flow to protect the pipes and save water, and then easily restore the pre-set temperature.

The shower head and hose are made from high quality materials, including TPR and ABS on the nozzles and a plated chrome face. The lightweight and durable design ensures a leak-free shower, so you can enjoy a comfortable and safe bath. With an angle-adjustable holder, you can easily adjust the height and angle to meet your needs.

Installation is a breeze. With the universal G1/2” connection, the shower head and hose can fit any standard shower pipe and water pipe. You don't need a plumber or any installation tools, just one hand-tightened connection and you're all set.

Experience a spa-like shower with this modern and contemporary shower head set. The anti-clog and leak-proof design allows you and your family to enjoy a natural spa experience at home. It's also perfect for bathing babies, young kids, and even pets. With the COSYLAND 4.9" Handheld Shower Head Set, you can enjoy a luxurious shower experience with ease.

Best Handheld Shower Head With Pause Button FAQs

How do energy saving shower heads work?

Energy saving shower heads work by using a combination of flow restrictors and air injection technology. Flow restrictors are small plastic disks that are fitted inside the shower head to reduce the amount of water that can pass through, thus reducing the total water flow. Air injection technology works by introducing air into the water stream, which reduces the volume of water while still providing the same amount of pressure. The combination of these two technologies reduces the amount of water and energy used while still providing a powerful shower experience. In addition, some energy saving shower heads also feature a timer to ensure the shower isn’t running longer than necessary. By using these technologies, energy saving shower heads are able to dramatically reduce water and energy consumption.

How do I turn on a shower without a pull?

If you have a shower without a pull, you can still turn it on. Depending on what kind of shower you have, there are a few different methods you can use.

If your shower has a dial, you can turn it to the desired temperature. If you have a shower with a knob, turn it clockwise until you hear the water start to run. If you have a lever, you can push it up to start the water.

If you have an older shower with a twist handle, turn it clockwise until you hear the water running. If you have an electric shower, you need to press the button or switch to turn it on.

Finally, if you have a digital shower, you may need to press a button or use an app to turn it on.

Regardless of the type of shower you have, always make sure you adjust the temperature before stepping in to make sure it is not too hot.

What is handheld pause trickle control?

Handheld pause trickle control is a type of device used in the gardening and landscaping industry. It is used to adjust the flow of water from a hose or sprinkler system, allowing for finer control over the amount and timing of water usage. It works by adjusting the pressure of the water coming out of the hose or sprinkler, allowing for more precise watering control. This can be especially useful during times of drought or water restrictions, when water usage needs to be kept to a minimum. It also allows for greater flexibility in terms of water scheduling, as the user can adjust the flow of water as needed in order to ensure the plants or lawn get enough water without wasting any.

What is Pause control in a shower head?

Pause control in a shower head is a feature that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the water flow from your shower head. It works by using a lever that is easily accessible and allows you to adjust the water pressure to the desired level. This feature is great for those who want to save water and energy, as it allows you to control the amount of water you use. Pause control is also great for those who have different preferences when it comes to shower pressure and water temperature. By adjusting the flow, you can customize your shower experience to your individual needs.

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