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Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to woodworking, having the right saw is essential to getting the job done right. For cutting wood, the most commonly used saw is the hand saw. Hand saws are versatile, easy to use and relatively inexpensive. When looking for a hand saw for cutting wood, there are a few key points to consider.

The first key point to consider is the type of saw blade. Hand saws come in a variety of blade types, including crosscut saws, rip saws, and combination saws. Crosscut saws are used for cutting across the grain of the wood, while rip saws are used for cutting parallel to the grain. Combination saws are a combination of both.

The second key point to consider is the size of the saw blade. Hand saws come in different sizes, from small saws for tight spaces to large saws for larger cuts. It is important to choose a saw blade that is suitable for the job at hand.

The third key point to consider is the material of the saw blade. Hand saws are made from a variety of materials, including high-carbon steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel. High-carbon steel blades are the most durable and are best suited for cutting hardwood. Carbon steel blades are softer and are best suited for cutting softer woods. Stainless steel blades are resistant to rust and are best suited for cutting metals.

The fourth key point to consider is the handle of the saw. Handles come in a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. It is important to choose a handle that is comfortable and secure to use.

The fifth key point to consider is the price of the saw. Hand saws range in price from less than $10 to several hundred dollars. It is important to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal.

When looking for a hand saw for cutting wood, these five key points should be taken into consideration. With the right saw for the job, woodworking projects can be completed with ease and accuracy.

10 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood

1. 10" Compact Hand Operate Hack Saw With 2 Blades.

This KATA 10 Inch Aluminum Frame Compact Hand Operate Mini Hack Saw is a necessary tool for the craftsman's arsenal. It is lightweight but very solid aluminum alloy frame for easy use and ergonomic double injection anti-slip grip for comfortable operation. It also has a dual-action blade lock for safe using and adjustable frame accepting 10 inch and 12 inch blades.

This mini cutter comes with 1pc 10” x1/2"x24T Bi-metal HSS blade and Extra 2PCS for exchange. It is ideal for wood, PVC, plasterboard, metal sheet and foam cutting. It features an ergonomic rubber grip handle and 2.5 inch cut depth with 11.5 inch length. Loosen and fix screw to change and replace blades.

This close quarter hacksaw is perfect for cutting in tight, small and hard to reach spaces. It is very durable and portable making it ideal for DIYers and professional contractors. With its adjustable frame, it can easily and quickly cut through different materials.

The KATA 10 Inch Aluminum Frame Compact Hand Operate Mini Hack Saw is a must-have tool for the hobbyist, craftsman and professional alike. It is lightweight, durable, ergonomic and easy to use. It is the perfect choice for both small and large projects. This mini hacksaw is an essential tool for any DIYer or professional contractor.

2. 20v 2.0ah Cordless Chainsaw Kit – Seyvum 6" 2.9lb Electric Portable Pruner, Battery Powered, For Tree Trimming & Wood Cutting.

The SEYVUM Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit is an upgraded 6 Inch 2.9Lb One-Hand Handheld Electric Compact Portable Chainsaw, powered by a 20V 2.0Ah Rechargeable Battery. This chainsaw is perfect for tree trimming and branch pruning wood cutting.

The chainsaw is equipped with a 750W high power pure copper motor, providing high efficiency and fast cutting speeds of up to 26.2ft/s. The motor also has an overload protection function, automatically shutting off when it is overheated. It only takes about 8 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 6 inches, making it perfect for quick, easy cutting.

The mini chainsaw is almost ready to use right out of the box and features a tool-free design for easy installation and replacement of the chain and saw. It is also equipped with two large capacity battery packs, providing a continuous use time of up to 60 minutes and a charging time of only 2 hours.

Safety is a priority with the SEYVUM Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit, featuring a 100° rotatable top guard baffle and bottom handle guard baffle, lock-off button, rubberized and ergonomic grips, and a safety button to prevent the chain from accidentally engaging. The mini chainsaw is lightweight and ergonomically designed for easy one-hand operation, perfect for those with weak wrists or arthritis.

The kit includes everything you need for your woodcutting projects, including the Mini Chain Saw, Guide Plate Blade, Chains (One is Already Installed), Guide Plate Cover, 2 X 2.0Ah Battery, Charger, Oil Bottle (Oil Not Included), Brush, Protect Gloves, User Manual, and Carrying Storage Bag. With its 90-day return service and 18 month free warranty, you can buy with confidence knowing that any product issues will be taken care of.

For those looking for a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use mini chainsaw, the SEYVUM Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit is the perfect tool for tree trimming and branch pruning wood cutting. With its lightweight design, powerful motor, and multiple safety features, you can be sure that this chainsaw will get the job done quickly and safely.

3. 14" Pro Fine Cut Hand Saw For Wood, Plastic, Drywall, Trees – 11tpi

The Plowfar 14 inch Hand Saw is the perfect tool for woodworking, plastic and PVC pipes, plywood, drywall, and trees trimming and pruning. Featuring an enhanced 0.04”(1mm) thick high carbon steel blade, with induction hardened teeth and a sophisticated manufacturing technique, this saw provides a long lasting sharpness and durability, making it a reliable companion for any job.

The saw comes with three-ground teeth and 11TPI (11 teeth/12 points per inch) blade, which offer an efficient and high quality work performance. Its ergonomic design features an anti-slip TPE soft grip to help prevent slipping and reduce hand fatigue, while its handle size fits any hand size from small to extra large. Both sides of the handle also have 45° & 90° auxiliary angles for angling assistance.

The Plowfar 14 inch Hand Saw is ideal for a variety of tasks, from basic woodworking to cutting plastic PVC pipes, plywood, drywall, and trees trimming and pruning. With its 350mm(14") long blade, this compact saw is sure to be an essential addition to any toolbox.

4. Ss Shovan Flush Cut Hand Saw, 11/17 Tpi, Wooden Handle.

This Japanese Hand Saw Woodworking Tool from SS SHOVAN is perfect for precise cuts, with its high frequency quenched blade achieved at HRC60-63 degrees of hardness. This saw is designed with high quality materials, with a SK5 high carbon steel saw blade and a beech wood handle, light and ergonomically designed with a soft touch.

This double sided japanese saw has two sides with teeth, one with 11 TPI (rougher side) for longitudinal cuts and the other with 17 TPI (denser side) for cross cuts. The 3-sided grinding teeth ensures a sharper edge and wear-resistance, making it easier to get a smooth cut. This saw is perfect for anyone from professionals to beginners, and can be used for various purposes such as a pruning saw, foxtail saw, woodworking, handicraft work, gardening, household and outdoor tasks.

This Japanese Hand Saw Woodworking Tool from SS SHOVAN is perfect for cutting wood, PVC and ABS plastic pipes, with minimal effort. The saw is easy to use, with a flexible handle and a nice neat finish. No matter what you’re using it for, this saw will help you get the job done with precision and accuracy.

5. 21v Rechargeable Electric Portable 4" Cordless Chainsaw Kit

This Mini Cordless Chainsaw Kit from New Huing is an upgraded tool designed for tree trimming and branch wood cutting. Its efficient operation makes it easy to cut logs up to 3 inches in diameter in about 4 seconds. Its 21V removable and rechargeable battery pack delivers fade-free power with no memory loss after charging.

The cordless chainsaw is designed with a lightweight and soft anti-slip handle, making it easy to operate with one hand, even for women. It won’t tire you out after working for a long time. The tool is powered by an upgraded copper wire high-efficiency motor, which provides longer run-time, more torque, and more power. This leads to less wear and tear, extending the life-time of the tool.

The tool also features two high-wear resistant chains, which are made with a high-quality guide chain that has undergone a deep quenching process. This ensures smoother cutting and more wear-resistance. This versatile, powerful, and portable cordless chainsaw is ideal for cutting branches, logs, and other materials with ease.

6. Craftsman Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw (Cmht20138)

The CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw is an ideal tool for a variety of projects and tasks. This 12-inch hacksaw is designed to provide maximum stability and security. Its solid metal frame is made to handle a tension of up to 225 lbs., so you can be sure of a secure and precise cut. The fixed blade length of the saw is 12-inches and it is capable of cutting up to a depth of 4.375-inches. Additionally, you can make flush cuts with the adjustable blade angles of 90-degrees and 180-degrees.

The handle of the saw is designed for comfort, with a full grip and large, comfortable tension knob. This allows you to work for extended periods of time without feeling any strain or fatigue. With its robust construction and solid metal frame, the CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw is designed for long-term use.

This powerful tool is suitable for a wide range of projects. Whether you are cutting wood, plastic, metal, or other materials, this saw will provide accurate and precise results. The saw is also lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it wherever you need to go.

The CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw is the perfect tool for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful saw. With its robust construction and adjustable blade angles, it can handle a variety of tasks with ease. Its large, comfortable tension knob and full grip handle make it comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time. This saw is sure to become an essential part of any toolkit.

Best Hand Saw For Cutting Wood FAQs

Can a hand saw cut through wood?

Yes, a hand saw can effectively and safely cut through wood. This is because hand saws have a long, thin blade that is designed to smoothly and accurately cut through a variety of materials, including wood. The blade is typically held in place with a handle and a clamp, and it is sharpened with a file or a sharpening stone. To ensure a clean cut, the blade should be drawn back and forth with a steady and even motion. It is important to use the right type of saw for the job and to follow safety precautions, such as wearing eye protection, when cutting wood with a hand saw.

How do you precisely cut wood by hand?

To precisely cut wood by hand, you will need a straightedge, a sharp utility knife, and a saw. Start by marking the cut line with a pencil and a straightedge. Position the straightedge along the line you marked and place the blade of the utility knife against the straightedge. Firmly press down on the blade and move the knife in a straight line along the straightedge. Once you have cut along the line, use a saw to make the final cut. Make sure to match the saw blade to the desired depth of the cut. Finally, use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges. With patience and careful technique, you can make precise cuts in wood by hand.

What hand saw do you use to cut wood?

For cutting wood, the best hand saw to use is a crosscut saw. Crosscut saws are designed for making cross-grain cuts, which means they can cut across the wood grain. This type of saw is great for cutting through hardwoods and softwoods alike, and it can make straight, accurate cuts. Crosscut saws come in a variety of sizes, from small saws that can fit in your pocket to larger saws that are suitable for large projects. When using a crosscut saw, it is important to use a saw guide and to make sure that you are cutting at the right angle. It is also important to wear eye protection and gloves, as the saw blade can be sharp and can cause injury if not used properly.

What is the fastest way to cut wood with a hand saw?

The fastest way to cut wood with a hand saw is to use a saw with a sharp blade and a long, straight handle. Start by ensuring that the saw is firmly clamped down or held securely. Then, position the saw so that the blade is parallel to the woodgrain. After that, begin to saw with a smooth, steady motion. Make sure to keep the blade pressed firmly against the wood and move the saw quickly in a back and forth motion. To get the best results, use a saw with a high-tension blade and make sure to keep the saw sharpened. Lastly, wear protective gear and work in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling sawdust.

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