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Best Hairbrush For Thick Wavy Hair (2024 Updated)

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If you have thick, wavy hair, you know that it can be a challenge to find the right hairbrush. With so many different styles and types of brushes on the market, it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. To help you make the right choice, here are five key points to consider when looking for a hairbrush for thick, wavy hair:

1. Bristle Type – Look for a brush with natural bristles, such as boar or porcupine, as these are gentle and can help reduce frizz and add shine. Avoid brushes with plastic bristles, as these can be too harsh on thick, wavy hair.

2. Handle – Choose a brush with a handle that is comfortable to hold and ergonomic. This will make brushing your hair easier and more comfortable.

3. Size – Look for a brush with a large head, as this will help to evenly distribute the hair’s natural oils and reduce breakage.

4. Spacing – Make sure the bristles are spaced far enough apart that they won’t snag on your thick, wavy hair.

5. Price – Brushes for thick, wavy hair can range in price from very inexpensive to quite pricey. Consider your budget when choosing a brush and look for one that will work best for your hair type.

When it comes to finding the right hairbrush for thick, wavy hair, these five key points can help you make the best choice. It’s important to remember that the right brush can make all the difference in how your hair looks and feels. So take the time to find the brush that works best for you and your hair type.

10 Best Hairbrush For Thick Wavy Hair

1. Bamboo Hair Combs Set – Reduce Frizz, Massage Scalp For All Hair Types.

These 2pcs large rectangle and oval shape hairbrushes from VICKYLEE offer a natural way to condition your hair and keep it looking smooth, shiny and silky! With its natural bamboo bristles, it is gentle and safe to use as it penetrates and detangles all types of hair effortlessly without pain. The cushion base and rounded head bristles massage your scalp to ease tension and stimulate blood flow, helping to prevent hair breakage and seal in split ends.

In addition to being eco-friendly and promoting healthy hair, this hairbrush is also great for massaging your muscles. The bamboo paddle and bristles are 100% natural and can be used to tap shoulders, neck and back to relax stiff muscles.

For those who are looking for a natural way to condition their hair and give it a healthy shine, this 2pcs VICKYLEE hairbrush set is the perfect solution. It is gentle enough for elderly adults, and the massage scalp feature makes it great for daily use. The natural bamboo bristles help to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils, and the eco-friendly design make it a great choice for those who want to reduce their environmental impact.

2. Boar Bristle Hair Brush For Men & Women, Detangles & Reduces Breakage.

The MIŠEL Professional Salon Approved Boar Bristle Hair Brush is designed to keep all types of hair looking and feeling healthy. Whether you have wavy or straight hair, natural or hair extensions, the brush is perfect for detangling without breakage or pain.

Boar bristles work to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils, giving you a smooth and healthy look. Unlike other brushes, ours is specifically designed with flexible nylon and ball tips to avoid getting stuck in your hair. This means less hair breakage, less hair loss, and easier detangling.

Our brush is also great for women with fine hair and hair extensions. The professional quality of the brush will gently detangle without breakage or pain, and the bristles will massage your scalp for faster hair growth.

At MIŠEL we stand by our products, so we offer a 3 year warranty on all of our products. If anything happens with your brush, simply contact us via the “Contact Seller” button in your Amazon account, and we’ll send you a replacement.

For a healthier hair look and feel, choose the MIŠEL Professional Salon Approved Boar Bristle Hair Brush. It will provide you with softer, more manageable hair and help you maintain a more natural look.

3. Osensia Paddle Brush – Ionic Minerals, For Thick Hair (Men/women).

This professional oval smoothing hair brush from Osensia is the perfect tool to get rid of tangles and give you lustrous, knot-free locks. With gentle, flexible bristles, it easily distributes natural hair oil throughout your hair and prevents snags or pulls. The brush is infused with ionic minerals, which neutralize negative ions that can cause frizziness, resulting in a shinier, healthier appearance.

This brush is perfect for all hair types, from thick and curly to thin and wavy. It's gentle enough for kids and toddlers, so you can be sure of a pain-free experience. The ergonomic design features large brush head that covers a lot of hair in one stroke, while the nylon bristles help to stimulate blood flow around the scalp and bring healthy nutrients to the hair follicles.

The paddle brush is an essential beauty accessory for any men or women looking to style their hair. With this brush, you can achieve that luxurious salon feeling everyday, and enjoy healthier, shinier, and painless hair styling. So whether you have thick, curly, thin, natural, wavy, kinky, or coarse hair, this brush will help you look your best.

4. Large Boar & Nylon Hair Brush For All Hair Types – Women & Men

GranNaturals Boar + Nylon Bristle Paddle Hair Brush is a large, natural wooden hairbrush designed to provide thorough, effortless styling for all hair types. Boar bristles and nylon bristles are combined to create the perfect blend for detangling, smoothing and reducing static frizz for a salon-worthy finish.

The large paddle frame is thicker and wider than most brushes, providing the perfect amount of surface area for brushing through long, thick, or coarse hair. The ergonomic handle is carved from real wood, with a contoured shape that fits comfortably in your hand and encourages easy styling.

The combination of bristles makes this brush ideal for thick hair types prone to frizz. The nylon bristles provide gripping power and gently detangle, while the boar bristles smooth and reduce static frizz. The result is a soft, manageable style with zero flyaways.

GranNaturals Boar + Nylon Bristle Paddle Hair Brush is perfect for all hair types, from thick and wavy to thin and straight. Wet or dry, this brush will leave your hair looking sleeker and more polished than ever before. Achieve a salon-quality finish with a brush that is designed to last.

5. Paddle Hair Brush Set For Men/women/kids – Detangling Comb For Long/short/thick/thin/curly/wet/dry Hair.

This comb set is perfect for detangling long and thick hair, and is suitable for both adults and kids alike. The set includes one hairbrush for women, one soft and comfortable hairbrush for kids, one wide tooth comb for thick hair, and one styling tail comb.

The handles of the combs are designed to be soft to the touch and have a non-slip grip to ensure they don't slip out of your hand when wet. Additionally, the ultra-light design with sturdy handle makes combing comfortable and easy.

These combs are the perfect tool for any adult or child with long or short curly hair. The wide tooth comb is ideal for thick hair and the styling tail comb will add the perfect finishing touches to your hairstyle.

These combs are made from high-quality materials, and come with a 100% quality guarantee. They are also an excellent choice for a gift, and are sure to bring a smile to the recipient's face.

Overall, these 4Pcs Paddle Hair Brushes are an essential tool for anyone with long or thick hair. The soft, comfortable handles, non-slip grip, and ultra-light design make combing a breeze. Perfect for both adults and children, these combs come with a 100% quality guarantee, making them an excellent choice for a gift.

6. Lily England Detangling Brush & Wide Tooth Comb Set, Ombre (Blue/lilac)

Introducing the Lily England Detangling Brush and Comb Set – the perfect way to keep your hair looking gorgeous and tangle-free. This innovative brush and comb set has been designed with 400+ flexible bristles to gently detangle hair without pulling or tugging, minimising damage and hair loss.

The Detangling Brush and Comb Set is suitable for all hair types and textures, from thick, curly, afro hair to fine, straight hair. It works equally well on wet or dry hair, making it the perfect tool for any morning hair routine.

Women, kids, teenagers and toddlers all love the easy to hold, painless Detangling Brush and Comb Set. With thousands of 5 star reviews, brushing your hair never felt better. Plus, it looks gorgeous on your dressing table.

Finally, we know you will love your Lily England Detangling Brush and Comb Set – but if for any reason you don’t, we’ll give you your money back. We stand by our products because we are confident in their quality, so you can buy with peace of mind.

7. Souxmux Hair Comb Set: Bamboo Hairbrush, Heat-Resistant Styling, Anti-Static, For All Hair Types.

This Hair Combs set for Men Women Comb contains five unique combs to suit every styling need. The combs are made of pure natural organic bamboo, providing a pollution-free and eco-friendly alternative. With a unique arc grinding process, the combs are smooth and rounded, preventing harm to the scalp and pull or break hair.

The wide tooth comb is ideal for curly hair and can painlessly glide through hair without pulling, preventing breakage and without scratching the scalp. The fine tooth comb can be used to create different hair styles. The rat tail comb is convenient for teasing hairs.

This set is suitable for women, men, the elderly, little girls, little boys, and children. It is also a great gift for family and friends. The combs come in four different sizes: Bamboo Wide Tooth Comb is approx 14.5 x 5.4 cm/ 5.7 x 2.1inches, Fine Tooth Combs is approx 15.5 x 5.4 cm/ 6.1 x 2.1inches, Rat Tail Hair Comb is approx 21.8 x 3.1 cm/ 8.6 x 1.2 inches, Wide Tooth Comb with handle is approx 18.8x 5.4 cm/ 7.4 x 2.1inches, Fine Tooth Combs with handle is approx 21 x 3.7 cm/ 8.2 x 1.4inches.

This set comes with a money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the product, simply contact the friendly customer support team within 30 days of the purchase and enjoy 100% CASH BACK or A BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT. Enjoy the convenience of detangling and styling your hair with this Hair Combs set for Men Women Comb.

8. High Def. Detangling Brush For Black Hair – Curly Hair, Natural, Wavy Hair

Introducing the HeatFreeHair High Definition Detangling Brush, the perfect styling match for all your natural hair needs. This dual-sided, 4-in-1 brush is designed to transform the look of your natural hair on all hair types, including Kinky, Coily, Curly, Wavy, 4C, 3B, 3C, and 2C. With its revolutionary, patent pending detangler brush, you’ll effortlessly loosen knots and tangles to highlight the beauty of your natural hair and definition of your hair texture.

Our High Definition Curl Brush is designed to not crack or bend under pressure, so it will always stand up to the challenge of your lengths, fullness, and strength. With its multitasking, dual-sided capabilities, this brush will completely change your curly hair care routine. Not only does it define to bring out the best of your natural curly hair, but it also detangles in just minutes and has a non-slip handle for uninterrupted styling. It even stands up on your bathroom counter for easy styling access.

At HeatFreeHair, we’re honored to have played a part in enhancing the natural beauty of women around the world at different life stages. Together with our customers, we’ve celebrated the beauty of breast cancer survivors, brides-to-be, multitasking mothers, and every woman in between who, like you and me, wants to feel good in a way that really looks like her. Our High Definition Detangling Brush is the perfect tool to help you achieve your hair goals, so you can feel confident and beautiful for any occasion.

9. Urtheone Detangling Brush – For Wet/dry Hair, Reduces Knots & Breakage.

The URTHEONE Detangling Brush is the perfect tool for effortless styling, regardless of hair type. Made from high-quality ABS and anti-static material, this brush is lightweight and comfortable to hold. It’s easy to keep clean too, just rinse with water.

This brush features four-tiered flexible bristles to help easily loosen tangles and reduce hair breakage. The longer teeth are perfect for removing knots, while the shorter comb helps to smooth the hair and reduce frizziness. Wet hair is no problem either – the URTHEONE Detangling Brush helps you apply shampoo and conditioner in the shower, and the soft bristles gently massage the scalp.

The URTHEONE Detangling Brush is suitable for all types of hair, but particularly those with short, thin, fine, brittle, or color-treated hair. It’s the perfect companion to keep knots and tangles at bay, and reduce breakage. Plus, it makes a great gift for men, women, and children alike.

Say goodbye to morning tangles with the URTHEONE Detangling Brush. With an ergonomic design and butter-soft texture, you’ll get a comfortable hold every time. This brush is everything you need for effortless styling, so you can look and feel your best.

10. Boar Bristle Hairbrush, 2 Pack – Reducing Frizz, No Tangles, Travel Size & Giftbox.

This Hair Brush 2 Pack Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush is the perfect choice for both men and women looking to reduce frizz and achieve tangle-free hair. Boar bristles are naturally designed to remove dust, oil and dandruff to give your hair a healthier and shinier look. Not only that, but this brush’s massage-like action also helps to promote blood flow circulation, relieve stress and reduce hair loss.

This brush set also includes a mini handbag brush that is perfect for on-the-go styling. No matter your hair type – long, short, thick, thin, curly or straight – this brush set is guaranteed to work with no pain. The set includes one normal size boar bristle hairbrush, one mini size boar bristle hairbrush, one hair comb, one travel storage bag, and one beautiful giftbox.

The exquisite craftsmanship of this brush is unparalleled. It features an exquisitely engraved wooden handle, a flexible cushion, hand-made nylon pins and natural boar bristles. The mini travel brush also features a unique carved butterfly on the back, making it a perfect gift for someone who values self-care and health.

This Hair Brush 2 Pack Boar Bristle Paddle Hairbrush is a great choice for anyone looking to reduce frizz, detangle their hair, and promote healthy, shiny hair. With its unique craftsmanship and mini travel brush, this brush set is sure to make a great gift for anyone who loves to take care of their hair.

Best Hairbrush For Thick Wavy Hair FAQs

Is a comb or brush better for thick wavy hair?

It really depends on personal preference and hair type. Generally speaking, a brush is better for thicker and wavier hair. A brush is able to better distribute natural oils throughout the hair shaft, resulting in a more even and smoother appearance. Additionally, a brush is able to detangle thicker hair more quickly and efficiently when compared to a comb. However, it's important to use a brush with soft bristles to avoid snagging and breakage. On the other hand, a comb is better for precision styling and creating straight lines. Combs are also better for styling shorter hair and can help create volume in hair. Ultimately, the best way to determine which tool is better for thick wavy hair is to experiment with both.

Should you brush thick wavy hair?

Yes, brushing thick wavy hair is important for a few reasons. First, it helps distribute the natural oils from the scalp throughout the length of the hair, which can help keep it healthy and looking its best. Brushing also helps keep the hair tangle-free and manageable, and can help enhance the natural waves of the hair. It is important to use a wide-toothed comb or brush specifically designed for thick or wavy hair, as regular brushes may cause breakage or damage. Start at the ends of the hair and slowly work your way up to the scalp, brushing gently and in sections. If your hair is prone to tangles, try using a detangling spray or serum first to help with the brushing. Finally, don’t brush too often as it can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause damage.

What is the best brush to use on thick wavy hair?

The best brush for thick wavy hair is a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs help to detangle thick wavy hair without pulling or breaking the strands. This type of comb also helps to redistribute natural oils throughout the hair, which helps to keep it healthy and shiny. Additionally, wide-tooth combs are great for styling and creating volume in wavy hair. They can also be used to create loose, beachy waves by lightly running the comb through the hair while blow-drying. If you want to add more definition to your waves, a boar bristle brush is also a great option. Boar bristle brushes help to smooth and control thick wavy hair, creating long-lasting, frizz-free waves.

What type of hair brush should I use for wavy hair?

For wavy hair, a paddle brush is the best option. This type of brush is wide and flat, with a handle that allows for a comfortable grip. The wide surface of the paddle brush helps to evenly distribute the hair's natural oils, while the long bristles help to control the natural wave pattern. Additionally, paddle brushes are gentle on the hair, minimizing breakage and damage. For best results, use the paddle brush on clean, damp hair with a leave-in conditioner to help protect the hair from heat damage. Make sure to start brushing at the ends of the hair and work your way up towards the root to detangle and smooth out the wave pattern.

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