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Best Glasses For Gin And Tonic (2024 Updated)

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When looking for the perfect glass for your gin and tonic, there are a few key points to consider. First, you’ll want to decide what type of glass you prefer. Do you like a classic, stemmed glass, or would you prefer something more modern and stylish? Second, the size of the glass is important. If you like to enjoy a large, generous gin and tonic, you’ll need a glass with a large capacity. Alternatively, if you prefer a smaller drink, you may want to opt for a smaller glass. Third, the shape of the glass is also important. If you like to enjoy a strong and flavourful drink, you’ll want a glass with a wide opening, allowing the botanical flavours to really come through. Fourth, the quality of the glass is also important. Look for glasses that are made from strong, durable materials such as lead-free crystal or stainless steel. Finally, the style of the glass is also important. Do you want a classic and timeless design, or something more modern and contemporary?

In summary, when looking for glasses for gin and tonic, it’s important to consider the type, size, shape, quality, and style of the glass. You’ll want something that suits your individual tastes and preferences, and that will allow you to enjoy the full flavour of your drink. With the right glass, you can enjoy a delicious and refreshing gin and tonic at home.

10 Best Glasses For Gin And Tonic

1. Spiegelau Gin & Tonic Glassware Set (4), 21 Oz Crystal Glasses, Dishwasher Safe

Spiegelau Special Gin and Tonic Glasses set of 4 are the perfect addition to any home bar. Crafted from lead-free crystal, these 21 oz G&T glasses are a sophisticated yet modern update to the classic cocktail glass shape. Designed by Johann Willsberger and made in Europe, these glasses are sure to add a touch of elegance to any occasion.

The Platinum Glass process used by Spiegelau guarantees the longevity of these glasses and ensures their brilliance and crystal clarity. The process also makes them safe for use in the dishwasher, though for the best results, hand washing and polishing is recommended.

These glasses make an ideal wedding or housewarming gift for those with an eye for detail and a taste for the finer things in life. After all, Spiegelau has been perfecting their craft since the 1500s, when they supplied fine glass mirrors to the European courts.

Spiegelau Special Gin and Tonic Glasses set of 4 are ideal for gracious entertaining and gracious living. They are perfect for enjoying a generous G&T that enhances the botanicals of your favorite gin. With a timeless design, these glasses are sure to become a staple of your home bar.

2. 14oz Viski Raye Angled Stemmed Gin & Tonic Glasses (Set Of 2)

This Viski Raye Angled Stemmed Gin and Tonic Glasses Set of 2 is the ideal choice for cocktail enthusiasts. Made from premium crystal clear glass, these glasses are sure to add a touch of sophistication to any at-home bar set or kitchen. Featuring a balloon shape, these glasses are designed to keep your gin and tonic chilled for longer, while also enhancing the flavor and aroma of your drink.

Ideal for any drink with a floral profile, the generous capacity of these glasses make them perfect for frozen cocktails or beer floats. Whether you’re looking for a special graduation gift, a housewarming present, or a wedding present, these 14oz cocktail glasses are a great choice for outfitting a new home.

The Viski Crystal design is striking and timeless. The brand is driven by a desire to explore elegant drinkware styles, from champagne flutes to red wine globes. Each piece is crafted to provide the highest end beverage experience, making this set a perfect choice for any cocktail enthusiast.

Whether you’re a fan of the classic gin and tonic, a frozen cocktail, or something else, this Viski Raye Angled Stemmed Gin and Tonic Glasses Set of 2 is the ultimate choice for drink connoisseurs. With the capacity to keep your drink chilled for longer, the set is sure to provide a unique and enjoyable experience.

3. 19oz Gin & Tonic Copa De Balon Set – Hand Painted Spanish Glasses

This Gin and Tonic Copa De Balon set of two Hand Painted 19 Oz Spanish Gin and Tonic glasses are perfect for the gin lover in your life. Enjoy the perfect fish bowl shape and size for enhancing the aromatic botanicals of your gin cocktails. With a large 3" diameter mouth, these gin goblets are wide enough to allow for filling with ice for the perfect mixer. The addition of subtle colors adds to the flavor and presentation of your gin of choice.

The thinner rim of these glasses offers a classier sip with a shorter stem and flared base, making them super stable and suitable for any indoor or outdoor party. The unique design makes for an eye-catching addition to the table, sure to be the talk amongst family and friends.

The Wrenbury Brand is a UK based company that places emphasis on quality and great design. They seek out those really unusual items that are hard to find on the high street to sit alongside their more traditional everyday must haves.

Each glass in this set holds 19 oz and measures 5.7" high. Hand washing is recommended to protect the design of the short stem. For a sophisticated craftsmanship, these glasses are stackable, with a stable base, and come in three different color tints. A thoughtful gift for the gin lover in your life, these glasses make for the perfect way to enjoy your favorite gin cocktails.

4. Set Of 4 Crystal Copa Gin & Tonic Balloon Glasses (13.5 Oz)

These vintage Art Deco style balloon glasses are the perfect addition to any speakeasy! Measuring 13.5 oz to the rim, the glasses are exclusively designed to enhance the wonderful aromatics of various gin and tonic cocktails. Each glass is blown from the finest crystal glass and seamlessly crafted with ribbed vertical lines for a classic retro look.

This set of four glasses comes neatly packed in an elegant Great Gatsby-inspired gift box. The silky-smooth shape matching cloth carefully secures each fishbowl glassware and protects it from dust, scratching, and breaking. The back of the box also shares our favorite gin cocktail recipes for having a roaring good time! This makes a perfect gift for any gin and tonic lover for any special occasion.

Due to the artisanal nature of hand-blown glasses, their imperfections, nuances, or non-uniformity, such as a few tiny bubbles, are considered a characteristic of their value and authenticity. They do not affect the quality of these beautiful glasses. To maintain their integrity, please do not put the glasses in the dishwasher or freezer, as extreme temperature differences can cause the glasses to crack. Gentle hand washing under warm water is recommended.

Bring the 1920s to life with these vintage Art Deco style balloon glasses! Perfect for gin lovers and cocktail enthusiasts, these glasses are the perfect addition to any bar or kitchen. Make any occasion a special one with these glasses and let the good times roll!

5. Gin Glasses – 11oz Rocks Glasses – Funny Lowball Set

This beautiful old fashioned glass makes for a great addition to any barware collection. Perfect for gin lovers, whiskey drinkers, and anyone who enjoys a good cocktail! This 11 oz glass features a unique and humorous design, sure to bring a smile to any occasion. It comes in a box, making it the perfect gift for any special occasion.

The high-quality dishwasher safe design means it can be used time and time again and still look great. It fits perfectly in your hand, ensuring a comfortable experience while enjoying your favorite drinks. It's a great addition to any whiskey glasses, cocktail glasses, rocks glasses, bourbon glasses, or scotch glasses.

This gin glass is perfect for any special occasion. Whether you're looking for a great gift for dad, mom, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a grandparent, a friend, or even just for yourself, this is the perfect choice. It's a great way to kick off a party, or for a fun night out. It's sure to bring a unique touch to any gathering.

We want to make sure that you and your friends and relatives love this unique and novelty glass. That's why we back it with our 100% Love It Promise. If you're not pleased with your purchase, please let us know right away and we'll do whatever we can to make it right.

Let the good times be gin! Surprise the gin and tonic lover in your life with this special glass. It's the perfect way to add some fun to any drinks! Get this beautiful and funny lowball glass now and make your next gathering even more special.

6. Riedel Gin Set, Set Of 4

This Riedel Gin Set is the ideal choice for enjoying the perfect gin and tonic. This set of four fine crystal gin tumblers has a unique, stemless design, making them less susceptible to breakage and easy to put into the dishwasher. Each glass is 4.25Lx4.25Wx4.88H (Inches) and is perfect for everyday use and every occasion.

The Riedel Gin Set is the perfect choice for entertaining. Make your gin and tonic just the way you like it with these tumblers. The classic design and sleek shape of the glasses make them the perfect addition to any bar or kitchen. The stemless design makes them less prone to breakage, and the glasses are easy to clean.

The Riedel Gin Set is made from machine-made crystal and is dishwasher safe and easy to maintain. The glasses are perfect for enjoying your favorite gin and tonic or other drinks. They can also be used for cocktails and other mixed drinks.

The Riedel Gin Set is a great choice for those who love to entertain. The classic design and stemless design make them less susceptible to breakage and easier to clean. The set of four glasses is perfect for any occasion and makes a great addition to any bar or kitchen. Enjoy your favorite gin and tonic with the Riedel Gin Set.

7. Krosno Venezia Gin Tonic Balloon Water Glasses, Set Of 6 (16.2 Oz), Dishwasher Safe.

The Krosno Gin Tonic Balloon Water Glasses Set of 6 Pieces is the perfect addition to any home, restaurant, event, or party. Crafted by Krosno, a renowned European glass manufacturer, these glasses are made of top quality, crystalline glass that is both beautiful to look at and resistant to mechanical damage or matting.

This set of glasses is designed with a slim shape featuring a round bowl and a long leg that is complemented by a stable foot. These glasses have a 16.2 oz (480 ml) capacity and measure 8.15 inches (207 mm) in height and 4.2 inches (102 mm) in diameter.

The glasses are ideal for serving gin, red wine, and water in any setting. Whether used for formal gatherings or informal occasions, these glasses make for a unique addition to any table setting. Plus, they are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Bring some style and sophistication to your home, restaurant, event, or party with the Krosno Gin Tonic Balloon Water Glasses Set of 6 Pieces. The unique shape and exceptional quality make them a great choice for any occasion. Enjoy your favorite drinks in style and elegance with these timeless glasses.

8. Fred Good Measure Cocktail Recipe Glass, Gin

The Fred GOOD MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass is the perfect gift for any gin-loving drink enthusiast. This genuine glass features seven delicious gin-based cocktail recipes, featured in a colorful gift box. It’s the ideal way to become an expert mixologist and create the perfect concoction.

The Fred GOOD MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass comes with seven exciting recipes, including the classic Gin and Tonic, Tom Collins, and many more. With this glass, you can measure out the exact ingredients to make the perfect drink every time. The capacity of the glass is sixteen ounces, but the final outcome of the drinks may vary depending on the recipe.

It’s never been easier to become a master mixologist. The recipes featured on the Fred GOOD MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass are simple to follow and take the guesswork out of making a delicious drink. With this glass, you can impress your friends and family with your knowledge of mixology.

The Fred GOOD MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass is the ideal gift for any gin lover. It’s a unique and thoughtful present that is sure to be appreciated by the recipient. This glass is hand wash only and should be handled with care to ensure its longevity.

If you’re looking for a gift for a gin-loving friend, look no further than the Fred GOOD MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass. This glass is the perfect way to become an expert mixologist and make delicious gin-based cocktails with ease. So why not give it a try and start making drinks like a pro today?

9. 22.7oz Copa Balloon Gin & Tonic Glasses

This set of two Gin & Tonic glasses from Rink Drink is a must-have for any fan of the classic cocktail. These glasses feature an elongated stem, which not only gives them a stylish look, but also helps to keep your drink cool by preventing your fingertips from warming it.

Each glass has a capacity of 645ml and a diameter of 9.5cm, with a height of 20cm. They are made from high-quality glass and are backed by a 2-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

The glasses have been designed in the traditional Spanish <i>Copa de Balon</i> balloon glass shape. This allows for more ingredients, more ice, and more flavour to be included in your drink. The oversized bowl will give you more space to show off your creative cocktail-making skills.

These glasses are perfect for enjoying your favourite Gin & Tonic or other cocktail. They will look great on any bar top, and are sure to impress your friends when you entertain. Get your set of two Gin & Tonic glasses from Rink Drink today and add a touch of sophistication to your home bar!

10. Godinger Gin Cocktail Coupe Goblet Glass – Dublin Collection, Set Of 4

The Godinger Gin Cocktail Coupe Goblet Glass – Dublin Collection is an ideal way to celebrate any special occasion. This exquisite set of four gin glasses is the perfect addition to any home bar. Crafted with precision, each glass is designed to enhance the enjoyment of any mixed drink.

Godinger has been a leader in the giftware industry since 1973. Specializing in handcrafted silver, pewter, crystal, stainless and alternative metal products, they have everything you need to make the perfect gift. Perfect for weddings, house warming gifts, birthdays and graduations, this Gin Cocktail Coupe Goblet Glass set is sure to impress.

These glasses feature a classic shape with elegant lines and a timeless design. The perfect size for a single serving of gin, each glass has a wide bowl for maximum flavor and aroma. The smooth stem and solid base provide a balanced and comfortable feel when holding the glass.

Godinger's Dublin Collection is an ideal way to make a statement at any event. This set of four glasses is sure to add a touch of brilliance and style to any occasion. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply having a night in with friends, these gin glasses are sure to impress.

Godinger's Gin Cocktail Coupe Goblet Glass – Dublin Collection is the perfect way to elevate any celebration. These glasses are perfect for any occasion, and make a great gift for the mixed drink enthusiast in your life. With quality craftsmanship and timeless design, these glasses are sure to be a hit.

Best Glasses For Gin And Tonic FAQs

Is gin and tonic short or tall glass?

A gin and tonic is typically served in a tall glass, usually with a highball glass or a collins glass. The highball glass is a tall, cylindrical glass that holds 12-16 ounces of fluid, while the collins glass is slightly taller and thinner and holds 16-20 ounces. Both glasses are ideal for a gin and tonic as they provide plenty of room for the ice, gin, and tonic water, and garnishes. To make a gin and tonic, start by filling your glass with ice. Then add 2 ounces of gin and top with tonic water. Finally, garnish with a lemon or lime wedge. The process of making a gin and tonic is simple, so it can be enjoyed in a short amount of time.

What is the correct glass for gin and tonic?

The correct glass for a gin and tonic is a highball glass. This type of glass is tall and slender, usually measuring eight to twelve ounces in size. The highball glass is designed to keep the carbonation in the drink longer, while also allowing you to easily see the layers of ingredients in the drink. A long, thin spoon or a bar spoon should be used to stir the drink to combine its ingredients. When pouring the gin and tonic, it is best to use the two-step method. First, pour the gin over the ice in the glass, then top it off with the tonic. This will help to prevent the tonic from losing its carbonation. The final step is to garnish the drink with a citrus wedge or other garnish of your choice. With its unique glass, two-step pouring method, and garnish, a gin and tonic is the perfect way to enjoy a refreshing and classic cocktail.

What kind of glasses do you use for gin?

The type of glass used for gin depends on the type of cocktail you are making. For a classic gin and tonic, a highball glass is ideal. It's a tall, cylindrical glass with a capacity of 8-12 ounces. For a martini, a cocktail glass is the perfect vessel. The iconic stemmed glass typically holds 5-6 ounces and has a wide, shallow bowl. If you're making a gin fizz or a gin sour, a Collins glass or a rocks glass would be your best bet. The Collins glass is tall and slim with a capacity of 8-14 ounces, while a rocks glass is short and wide, with a capacity of 6-10 ounces. For a gin-based punch, a punch bowl is the ideal choice. With its wide opening and large capacity, it's perfect for serving up to a dozen guests.

What size glass for gin tonic?

The size of glass used for a gin and tonic depends on the desired size of the drink and the size of the ice cubes being used. Generally, a 12-ounce highball glass or a Collins glass is most commonly used for a gin and tonic. If you are using larger ice cubes, a larger glass might be necessary to accommodate them. The amount of gin used (typically 1-2 ounces per drink) and the size of the glass should be taken into account when preparing the drink. The tonic should fill the glass about halfway, leaving plenty of room for ice and the gin. A lime wedge is then typically added for garnish. For a more decorative presentation, a stemmed glass such as a martini glass can also be used.

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