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Best Dual Alarm Clock Radio With Battery Backup (2024 Updated)

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When looking for a dual alarm clock radio with battery backup, there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, it is important to consider the type of battery backup needed. Depending on the type of alarm clock radio, it may require a rechargeable battery or a disposable battery. It is also important to consider the sound quality of the alarm clock radio. Additionally, the size of the alarm clock radio is important as it needs to fit comfortably in the space where it will be used. Furthermore, consider the type of radio channels available, as some alarm clock radios may have limited radio options available. Finally, take into account the cost of the alarm clock radio and the features offered.

When shopping for a dual alarm clock radio with battery backup, there is a lot to consider. To make sure you get the best alarm clock radio for your needs, it is important to think about the type of battery backup needed, the sound quality of the radio, the size of the radio, the type of radio channels available, and the cost. Doing so will ensure you get the best alarm clock radio for you and your needs.

10 Best Dual Alarm Clock Radio With Battery Backup

1. Glow Alarm Clock Radio With Dual Alarm, 7 Color Night Light, Dimmer, Usb Charger, Battery Backup, Nap Timer, Fm Radio & Auto-Off Timer For Bedside.

The Housbay Glow Small Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms is the perfect combination of an alarm clock, nightlight, and FM radio, all in one. With a variable dial display dimmer, you can adjust the brightness as bright or dim as you wish. To provide the perfect ambience for your bedroom, the Glow offers 7 different colors of nightlight with 5 adjustable brightness levels.

Not only does the Glow provide a soothing and pleasant bedtime before sleeping, but you can also set a sleep timer to turn off both the nightlight and FM radio automatically. It also includes a dual alarm with 3 wake up sounds, so you can choose to wake up with your favorite radio station, a built-in beep sound, or birds chirping. The alarm volume is adjustable, and it increases in volume slowly so that it doesn’t startle you awake.

The Glow comes with unique lighted buttons, perfect for when you want to adjust the volume and such at night. It also includes a nap timer, which allows you to set a nap from 10 minutes to 120 minutes without having to reset your regular alarm programs.

The Glow is outlet powered and can be backup with 3*AAA batteries (battery is not included). Despite running off batteries, the Glow will stay fully functional, so time will still show and your alarm will still wake you up in the morning. The Housbay Glow Small Alarm Clock Radio for Bedrooms is the perfect device for anyone looking for a multi-purpose alarm clock, nightlight, and FM radio.

2. Digital Alarm Clock Radio W/ Dimmer, Dual Alarm, Fm Radio, Sleep Timer, Usb Charging, Thermometer & Battery Backup.

The USCEC Digital Alarm Clock Radio is a compact, feature-packed addition to any bedroom or living area. The 3.4 inch LCD display is adjustable from 0 to 100%, so it can be dimmed at night or bright enough to read across the room during the day.

This alarm clock has a dual alarm system with separate settings for weekends and weekdays, and a customizable wake up sound. Choose from five built-in tones (Beep/Piano/Buzzer/Bird/Soft Music) or tune in to the FM radio and set the sleep timer to 10-150 minutes. There is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack for private listening.

Two USB ports on the back of the clock can charge your phone or other mobile devices while you sleep. Setting the time and alarms is made easier with the large rotary dial, and all buttons and dials are clearly labeled with their functions.

The clock is AC-powered, but it can also be backed up with three AAA batteries in case of power outage. Not only will the time and settings be restored, but alarm and radio functions will continue to work (USB will not charge). It is recommended that AAA batteries be used only as a backup and not for daily operation.

The USCEC Digital Alarm Clock Radio is the perfect way to help start the day on the right foot. With its customizable features and easy setup, it's sure to be a great addition to any home. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us – we are always here to help.

3. Digital Dual Alarm Clock With Battery Backup, Usb Charger, Volume & Dimmer Control, Easy To Set Loud Led Clock For Bedrooms.

This Digital Dual Alarm Clock for Bedroom is a great choice for busy households who need two alarms for different schedules. It comes with practical functions for everyday use, such as an adjustable alarm volume, dimmable digits brightness, built-in USB charging port, SNOOZE function for extra 9 mins sleep, and battery backup settings.

The large 7" LED display makes it easy to check the time from across the room, even for vision impaired people. The alarm volume can be adjusted to 4 levels, making it perfect for both heavy and light sleepers. The 5-level adjustable digits brightness dimmer ensures that the digits are easy to read in any lighting.

The plug-in dual alarm clock with battery backup settings ensures that all functions, such as USB charging, alarm, and time display, will remain active even if the power fails. The SNOOZE button allows extra 9 minutes of sleep before the alarm alerts again.

The USB phone charger allows you to charge your smartphone, iPad, and other smart devices without needing to plug them in the wall. In addition, the clock can be set to 12 or 24-hour time formats and Daylight Saving Time. The buttons are clear and understandable, making it easy to set, even for kids and seniors. The stylish appearance makes it suitable for teens and boys as well.

This cool stuff is a great gift for Christmas, New Year, or Birthday. It is suitable for all ages, and can be given to kids, seniors, boys, girls, friends, and family. PPLEE Dual Alarm Clock also offers a 365-day product warranty. Any questions can be directed to PPLEE via Amazon, and will be answered within 24 hours.

4. Digital Alarm Clock Radio W/ Usb Ports, Dimmer, 6 Volume Sounds, Sleep Timer, Ac/battery Backup – Black

The REACHER Small Digital Alarm Clock Radio is an ideal device for those who need a reliable and multifunctional alarm clock. With its FM radio and alarm clock combination, it can manually tune or auto-scan for all available radio stations, providing a wide range of volume levels for comfortable listening. Additionally, two USB ports are included at the back of the device, perfect for charging phones.

For those who want a natural wake-up sound, this device offers five sound/radio options. It also has two alarms, one set to weekday mode, and one set to weekend mode, both of which can be changed to a Mon-Sun setting. When the alarm goes off, the sound begins at a low volume and gradually increases to the preset volume, allowing for a gentle wake-up. The alarm can be turned off with a single press of the alarm button. If needed, there is also a nine-minute snooze option, up to seven times.

The sleep timer is perfect for anyone who wants to fall asleep with their favorite radio station. It has a range of 10-120 minutes, and non-stop playing is also supported. Alarm volume can be adjusted when waking up from radio or other sound options. The device is powered by an AC adapter, but it also has a battery backup system to ensure all functions are maintained. The package comes with a 59-inch cord and adapter.

The full-range dimmable LCD display, with a 0.8 inch size, makes it easy to read the time from a distance. It also shows the day of the week, alarm status, and indoor temperature (°F / °C switchable). The time mode is set to 12-hour by default, but can be changed to a 24-hour mode.

The device is designed with an intuitive rotator knob and a one-button function, making it easy to use. Plus, the small size (4.2 x 3 x 2.5 inches) is great for saving space on your nightstand. REACHER Small Digital Alarm Clock Radio is the perfect solution for those who need a reliable and multifunctional alarm clock.

5. Magnasonic Eaac201 Digital Am/fm Clock Radio With Battery Backup.

The Magnasonic Digital AM/FM Clock Radio with Battery Backup, Dual Alarm, Sleep & Snooze Functions, Display Dimming Option,White (EAAC201) is the perfect combination of convenience and functionality. Featuring a digital AM/FM radio, this clock radio offers access to up to 20 programmable stations. With a pre-programmable daily dual alarm, you and your partner can wake up to the radio or buzzer.

The reliable battery back up ensures that the time and alarm settings are maintained even in the event of power outages. The .6'' green LED display is easy to read and offers two brightness settings (high or low) to accommodate those who may be sensitive to bright displays. An array of convenient features make setup easy, including sleep and snooze functions and easy-to-use electronic buttons.

This Magnasonic Clock Radio is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable alarm clock that provides convenience and functionality. Whether you need a reliable alarm or access to your favorite AM/FM radio station, this clock radio is the perfect choice. With its battery backup, sleep and snooze functions, and adjustable brightness, you won't find a better combination of features in a clock radio.

6. Philips Alarm Clock Radio W/ Usb, Fm, Battery Backup, Dual Alarm, Sleep Timer, Snooze & Mirror-Finish Display.

This PHILIPS Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging Port is the perfect bedside companion. With its mirror-finish display and large clock digits, it is easy to tell the time at a glance. Simple controls make it easy to set the alarm, volume, and tuning. You can also set a Sleep Timer to play your favorite radio station for up to two hours before automatically turning off.

The USB port allows you to use the clock radio's power supply to charge your phone while you sleep. The battery backup ensures that, in the event of a power failure, you won't have to reset the clock and your alarm will still go off on time.

The dual alarm function gives you the flexibility to set two alarms, both of which can be set to use either an alarm tone or the radio. The Gentle Wake feature is helpful in easing you into your day; whichever alarm style you have chosen, the volume starts low and gradually increases.

This alarm clock radio is the perfect companion for your bedroom. With its features of USB port, dual alarm function, Sleep Timer, and battery backup, you can be sure your alarm will always go off on time. The mirror-finish display with large clock digits make it easy to tell the time at a glance. Enjoy a restful night's sleep with the PHILIPS Alarm Clock Radio with USB Charging Port.

7. Digital Alarm Clock – Black/red, Dual Alarm, Gentle Wake Up, Battery Backup.

This SHARP Digital Alarm Clock is the perfect choice for those who appreciate ease of use along with a gentle wake up experience. Featuring simple operation and dual alarm, this clock is ideal for adults, children, teens, seniors and the elderly alike.

The dual alarm allows you to set one for weekdays and the other for weekends, and the ascending alarm volume begins sound faintly and grows increasingly louder to wake you up without being abruptly jarred awake. In addition, the alarm comes with battery backup (requires 2x AA battery, sold separately) so you can sleep soundly knowing that your alarm will continue to function even if there is a power outage.

The illuminated red LED digits are easy to read, even from across the room or without glasses in the middle of the night. The bright digits are also clear and extra bright, making this digital alarm clock the perfect choice for a reliable wake up experience.

This digital alarm clock is a great choice for those who want an easy to use clock with a gentle wake up experience. With dual alarm and battery backup, you can be sure that you'll always wake up on time, no matter what.

8. 10w Fast Wireless Charging Alarm Clock With Bluetooth, Fm Radio, Usb, Sleep Timer, Dimmer.

This G Keni Wooden Dual Alarm Clock with 10W Fast Wireless Charging Dock is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern and functional alarm clock. Its elegant wooden design makes it a great addition to any room, while its dimmable light and dual alarm settings provide the perfect mix of convenience and style.

The 10W fast wireless charging station supports 5W/7.5W/10W adaptive charging, allowing you to quickly and easily charge your smart phone with Qi-enabled function. Additionally, the clock features an USB port to charge other electronic devices such as a second phone, powerbank or smartwatch.

You can also set the time automatically while connecting via Bluetooth, so you never have to worry about time settings again. Dual alarms settings make it easy to wake up at separate times, and you can choose from a favorite FM station or buzzer as your alarm ringtone. When you need a few extra minutes of sleep, simply press the snooze button.

This clock is compatible with all Bluetooth devices and also supports FM radio and AUX-in. With the Sleep Timer, you can set the alarm clock to stop the sound once it reaches the required time. You can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker, perfect for listening to audiobooks at night, cooking, exercising, or relaxing.

To ensure that our customers get the best service, we guarantee a 12-month warranty, 30-day money back, and 24/7 customer service. With its optimized functional design and modern features, this G Keni Wooden Dual Alarm Clock with 10W Fast Wireless Charging Dock is the perfect complement to any bedroom or office.

9. Digital Alarm Clock Radio With Am/fm Radio, Dual Alarm, Snooze, Sleep Timer, Dimmer, Battery Backup.

The Ratakee Digital Alarm Clock Radio is an easy-to-use dual alarm clock, perfect for kids, adults, and the elderly alike. With its large snooze button, located at the top of the device, you can easily access the alarm in your semi-sleep state and adjust the volume to ensure you wake up to your most comfortable sound level. The glossy black front surface looks sleek and neat and the 1.6” small green digits are eyes-friendly and easy to read. The brightness can be dimmed to 90% lower, making it easy to adjust and never disturb your sleep at night.

The Ratakee Digital Alarm Clock Radio also features a digital AM/FM radio with a 0-15 level volume adjustable and a sleep timer function. Easily tune in to your favorite AM/FM channels and preset the radio to play for a certain amount of time, 10-90 minutes optional. This electric powered radio alarm clock is also AC powered and requires two AAA batteries (not included) to maintain the time and alarm settings during a power outage; a great choice for bedrooms and bedside.

For those concerned about quality and service, Ratakee offers no hassle replacements or refunds if the product is deemed defective and is happy to answer any questions you may have. If needed, they are willing to record a video to show the settings to help you. With their quick customer service, you’ll never be left in the dark about your Ratakee Digital Alarm Clock Radio.

10. Digital Alarm Clock Radio With 0-100% Dimmer, Dual Alarms, Sleep Timer, Fm Radio, Usb Port, Battery Backup, Snooze, Easy Read, For Bedroom.

This digital alarm clock radio is the perfect addition to any bedroom. It comes with a FM radio with sleep timer, allowing you to listen to your favorite stations before drifting off to sleep. The large LED display is easy to read, day or night, and the adjustable brightness dial wheel on the back helps you customize the brightness level.

The clock radio has two separate alarms that you can set for various needs, and you can choose between weekday, weekend, or everyday use. It also comes with two wake-up sounds – beep and radio – and volume control for the radio sound. The large snooze button on the clock allows for an extra 10 minutes of sleep.

For your convenience, the clock radio has a USB port for charging your cell phone or other device. This alarm clock is simple enough to operate for kids and seniors, so you can be sure that setting the alarm will be a stress-free experience.

ANJANK offers a 45-day refund policy and 18-month friendly warranty to ensure your peace of mind. This modern and compact clock radio is perfect for a bedroom, kitchen, or desktop and will easily match any decor. Get your own digital alarm clock radio today and never worry about oversleeping again.

Best Dual Alarm Clock Radio With Battery Backup FAQs

Is there an alarm clock that you can set multiple alarms?

Yes, there are multiple types of alarm clocks that you can set multiple alarms on. Digital alarm clocks with multiple alarms are the most popular option, as they allow you to set multiple alarms with different times and days of the week. Some digital alarm clocks also have a feature that allows you to set multiple snooze times. Smart alarm clocks with multiple alarms are also available, which allow you to control the alarm clock with your smartphone or tablet. These types of alarm clocks allow you to create multiple alarms and set snooze times, as well as customize wake-up sounds. Finally, some traditional analog alarm clocks also have a feature that allows you to set multiple alarms with different times.

What does battery backup mean on an alarm clock?

Battery backup on an alarm clock refers to the ability of the clock to maintain the time and alarm settings when the power goes out. Most digital alarm clocks come with some form of battery backup, usually in the form of a couple of AAA batteries. When the power goes out, the battery will kick in and keep the clock running, allowing the time and alarm settings to remain the same. This is useful in the event of a power outage or when the clock is moved to a new location without having to reset the time or alarm. Battery backup also helps to keep the alarm clock running during a power surge, which could otherwise cause the clock to reset itself.

What is the best brand for alarm clock radio?

The best brand for an alarm clock radio depends on your personal needs and budget. If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, many people prefer the basic, no-frills models offered by brands like Sony, Philips, and Panasonic. If you're looking for something with more features, such as multiple alarms, a snooze button, and Bluetooth audio streaming, then you may want to look at higher-end models from brands such as JBL, Bose, and iHome. Additionally, if you want a combination of an alarm clock radio and a Bluetooth speaker, then you may want to consider a product from UE Boom, Bose, or JBL. Ultimately, it's important to consider the features you want in an alarm clock radio before deciding which brand is best for you.

What is the purpose of a dual alarm clock?

A dual alarm clock is a clock that can be set to sound two alarms at different times. It is typically used to wake up two people at different times, or to provide a backup alarm in case one alarm is not heard. Dual alarm clocks can also be used to remind two people of different events or tasks throughout the day. For example, one alarm may be set to remind someone to take medication, while another may be set to remind someone to get ready for work. Dual alarm clocks are also helpful for couples who have different work schedules, or for those who need to take different sets of medication throughout the day.

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