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Best Cell Phone Mount For Car (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to finding the perfect cell phone mount for your car, there are a few key points to consider. Here are five key points to help you make the right decision:

1. Compatibility: Make sure to check the compatibility of the mount with your phone or device. You want to make sure the mount is compatible with the device you have so it will securely hold the device in place.

2. Mount Location: Think about where you want to mount your device. Do you want it on the dashboard, the windshield, or the air vent? Consider how easy it is to reach the device and how it will affect your line of sight.

3. Stability: Make sure the mount is stable and secure. You don’t want the device to move around or come loose while you’re driving.

4. Ease of Use: Look for a mount that is easy to use and install. You don’t want to waste time fiddling with the mount and having to read instructions every time you get in the car.

5. Quality: Look for a mount that is made from high-quality materials and won’t scratch or damage your phone.

Choosing the right cell phone mount for your car is an important decision. By considering the points above, you can make sure to pick the perfect mount for your needs. Make sure to look for a mount that is compatible with your phone, easy to use, and made from high-quality materials. With the right mount, you can keep your phone secure and accessible while you’re on the road.

10 Best Cell Phone Mount For Car

1. Car Phone Holder Mount – Bumpy Roads Friendly, 3 In 1 Dash/windshield/air Vent, Iphone/samsung.

The Eyemay 2023 Upgraded Car Phone Holder Mount is the perfect way to keep your smartphone in view and secure while you drive. This phone mount comes with a suction cup and a vent clip so you can install it on your dashboard, windshield, or air vent. The three layer nano-gel suction cup can resist up to 194 °F (90 °C), making it perfect for hot climates.

The adjustable long arm allows you to find the perfect angle for viewing and charging your phone. This car phone holder is compatible with all 4-7 inch smartphones, so you don't have to worry whether or not your phone will fit. The long and strong arm can accommodate bigger phones and cases.

The Eyemay 2023 Upgraded Car Phone Holder Mount is perfect for cars, SUVs, trucks, and taxis. We offer a 30-day full money-back guarantee and free exchange so you can purchase with confidence. With this phone holder mount, you can keep your phone secure and in view while driving, allowing for a safer driving experience.

2. Car Phone Mount, Long Arm, Strong Suction, Anti-Shake Stabilizer.

The Qifutan Cell Phone Holder for Car is the perfect solution for keeping your device close and secure during a drive. This car phone mount features a 16cm/6.2in aluminum long gooseneck that can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield firmly. It is designed with an extra-strong vacuum suction cup with a layer of super sticky gel, a locking lever, and an anti-shake stabilizer that can guarantee a secure and steady installation. For added convenience, the car phone mount has a one-hand operation feature that allows you to take out your phone by pressing the button on the lower back of the holder and secure your phone with one hand.

The car mobile phone holder is padded with multiple soft silicone pads to avoid scratching your smartphone or other devices. It has a 360° rotating ball joint that allows you to switch it from portrait to landscape view quickly, for getting the best viewing angle. It is also adjustable to fit most smartphones with widths ranging from 4-7in and the most thickness. This car phone holder is ideal for most cars, vehicle, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks, taxis, jeep wranglers and is a great assistant for Uber, Lyft drivers.

In order to ensure a secure and steady installation, it is recommended to use the extra dashboard pad when the suction cup can not attach on the surface closely. The car phone mount should not be used for windshield mounting. To clean the car holder’s suction cup, use warm water and let it air dry. With the Qifutan Cell Phone Holder for Car, you can enjoy a more convenient and secure drive.

3. 3in1 Universal Phone Mount, Off-Road Suction Cup Protection.

The FBB Phone Mount for Car is the perfect solution for hands-free driving. It provides an off-road level of suction cup protection with its 3-in-1 long arm suction cup holder. It is universal, compatible with all types of smartphones.

This car phone mount is adjustable and flexible, with a 360-degree rotating ball joint for the perfect viewing angle. You can also adjust the distance between you and the holder due to the telescopic arm. It also has a quick release and lock feature with a press of a button to secure your phone in place.

The anti-slip rubber pads and firm, scratch-free claw will ensure your phone is held securely in place, allowing you to drive safely. This car phone mount is also universal, fitting almost all phones. It also comes with a stronger, thinner vent clip to attach it to your car's air vent.

For your peace of mind, the FBB Phone Mount for Car comes with a 24-month worry-free warranty. With this car phone mount, you can enjoy hands-free driving in the comfort and safety of your car.

4. Military-Grade Suction Phone Holder Car Mount For Iphone & All Smartphones.

This car phone holder is an essential item for Uber and Lyft drivers and anyone who needs to use their phone while driving. It features a strong sticky rotating suction cup that can be freely mounted on both the dashboard and windshield. It is suitable for most cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, trucks and taxis.

This phone holder mount has been upgraded with a super sticky suction and double lock design, meaning it won't come off even on bumpy roads. For further security, a 3M dashboard pad is included, providing a smooth surface for the mount to be securely attached to. However for maximum security, it is not recommended to use the pad for windshield mounting.

The telescopic arm extends from 3.7 inches to 5.9 inches, giving you the freedom to adjust it to any angle. It also has a highly flexible ball joint that allows for 360° rotation and unlimited viewing angles. This makes looking at your phone while driving much safer and more relaxed.

To protect your phone from scratches and drops, the phone holder is equipped with a thick silicone panel and adjustable bottom tray. A one-button release system is also included, allowing you to quickly take off your phone with one hand. It is compatible with phones of 4.0-7.1 inches in size.

This car phone holder is military-grade and super stable, making it the perfect accessory for drivers who need to use their phones while on the road.

5. Car Phone Holder Mount, Air Vent, Hands-Free, Clip Never Fall, Fits All Devices.

This Phone Holder Car is the perfect solution for anyone who is looking for a secure, hands-free way to use their phone while driving. The upgraded clip never falls off and is armed with innovative hollow silicone rubber, which will hold your phone tightly, even if you roll it over. The adjustable handle lock clasp can easily and firmly fix the vent mounting clip to the car vent, and will only work with a horizontal air vent.

The car phone holder mount is designed to fit all mobile phones (4.0-7.2 inches) and thin cases, as well as other devices (width between 2.55-4.11 inches), such as GPS devices. It is also very easy to install, as you just have to clamp the car vent phone mount on the vent and rotate the handle lock ring. The quick release button and adjustable clamp arm make it easy to sheathe and remove your phone with just one hand.

The phone holder for car vent is also adjustable, with a 360° rotating and rotating ball joint, so you can find the perfect viewing angle. This will ensure your safety while you’re driving, as you won’t have to take your eyes off the road to use your phone.

This Phone Holder Car is a great choice for anyone looking for a secure, hands-free way to use their phone while driving. It is easy to install and will securely hold your phone, even if you roll it over. The adjustable handle lock clasp and adjustable clamp arm make it easy to sheathe and remove your phone with just one hand, and the adjustable viewing angle will ensure your safety while driving.

6. 3-In-1 Car Phone Holder Mount | Suitable For Dash/windshield/vent | Compatible With All Smart Phones & Cars

The SUUSON Phone Holder for car is the perfect solution for secure, hands-free use of your smartphone while driving. With three installation options, this long arm car phone holder mount can be easily attached to your car dashboard, windshield, or vent without leaving any traces. The powerful 3-layer adhesive pad, along with a 1-step locking mechanism, provides a sturdy, reliable grip that can withstand temperatures from -4°F to 203°F.

This phone holder for car is incredibly easy to use, with one-handed operation allowing you to quickly attach and detach your phone with a single touch. The adjustable feet and stronger, wider clips make this holder suitable for all cell phone and phone case combinations, with sizes ranging from 4.0" to 7.0". The 360° ball joint and extendable telescopic arm (4.43" to 7.31") provide a full range of motion and optimal viewing angles in both portrait and landscape mode.

This phone holder mount is designed to protect your phone from scratches and other damage, with a thick layer of silica gel and an internal mechanical structure that secures the phone firmly in place. You can drive without worrying about your phone slipping out and obstructing your view of the road. If you ever encounter any product or installation problems, SUUSON promises to provide satisfactory solutions and reliable customer service.

The SUUSON Phone Holder for car is the perfect solution for safe, hands-free use of your smartphone while driving. This 3in1 long arm car phone holder mount provides strong adhesion, easy operation, strong compatibility, 360°view angle, and perfect protection, making it the ideal choice for your car.

7. 2-Pack Magnetic Car Phone Holder – Super Strong Magnet, 4 Metal Plates, 360° Rotation, Universal Dashboard Mount.

This 2-pack of magnetic phone holders is an ideal choice for safe and convenient driving. The super strong magnet and 4 metal plates provide a powerful attraction to firmly support your smartphone while allowing you to stay focused on the road. The VHB adhesive offers a strong stick force that ensures the holder stays in place, even on bumpy roads. The mini-size doesn't take up space and won't block your view. Plus, the 360° rotation makes it easy to adjust the angle and rotate your phone, providing the best viewing angle.

The magnetic car holder is compatible with most smartphones, including Apple's iPhone 14 Pro Max/ 14 Pro/ 14 Plus/ 14/ Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max/ 13 Pro/ 13/ 13 mini/ 12 Pro Max/ 12 Pro/ 12/ 12 mini/ 11 Pro Max/ 11 Pro/ 11/ XS Max/ XS XR X 10 8+ 8 7+ 7 6S+ 6S 6+ 6 5S 5C 5 4S 4 and Samsung's Galaxy S22/ S22 Ultra/ S22+/ S21 Ultra/ S21+/ S21/ S20 Ultra/ S20 plus/ S20/ S10 plus/ S10/ S9/ S8/ S7/ S6; Note 20 Plus/ 20/ 10 plus/ A71/ A51/ A50/ A10. The holder also works with Google Pixel, OnePlus, LG, Motorola and many other devices.

The Magnetic Phone Holder for Car is elegant and small, making it easy to share with friends and family. The one-hand operation makes it simple to take your phone in and out quickly. With this car mount, you can ensure your safety while keeping your phone conveniently within reach.

8. Car Phone Mount With Upgraded Metal Clip, Universal Fit.

The Qifutan Phone Mount for Car Vent is perfect for hands-free use in any vehicle. This upgraded car phone mount features a metal clip and an innovative support ring, providing extra support to keep your phone secured on an air vent. This metal clip is designed specifically for horizontal blade air vents, making it easy to adjust to any angle without blocking the vents.

The car mount is equipped with a thick layer of silicone, offering ideal protection for your smartphone from wear and tear. The innovative hollow silicone rubber provides extra stability, ensuring that your phone won't drop even when in use. The adjustable bottom foot can accommodate all phones, while the 360° rotating and pivoting ball joint allows you to adjust to any viewing angle and quickly switch between vertical and horizontal visual angles.

Offering a secure, stable and adjustable mounting solution, the Qifutan Phone Mount for Car Vent is the perfect accessory for anyone looking to keep their device safe and secure while driving. With its robust metal clip and innovative support ring, you can have peace of mind knowing that your phone won't fall off your air vent. The adjustable bottom foot and adjustable viewing angles make it easy to switch between visual angles and find the perfect viewing angle for you. With its thick layer of silicone, you can rest assured that your smartphone will be protected from damage.

9. Car Phone Holder Mount – Suction Cup, Ultra Sticky Gel Pad, Compatible W/ Iphone, Samsung, All Cellphones, Thick Cases & Big Phones.

The APPS2Car Suction Cup Car Phone Holder Mount is a great way to securely hold your smartphone while driving. The mount is designed with an ultra sticky gel pad that can easily attach to any smooth surface, such as the windshield, dashboard, or countertop. It also comes with a 3M sticky dashboard pad which provides an even stronger hold when placed on the dash. The clamps of the mount have been upgraded to accommodate thicker cases, allowing it to accommodate phones up to 6.8 inches and up to 20mm in thickness.

The mount also features a telescopic arm which can extend from 5.24 to 7.24 inches and can be adjusted up and down at a 225 degree angle. This ensures that your phone remains at the right viewing angle and prevents it from blocking your view while driving. The mount is compatible with a wide range of smartphones, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Nexus, Nokia, and Google Pixel. The car mount also features soft rubberized grips to securely hold your phone in place, protecting it from bumps and scrapes.

Thanks to its adjustable cradle with a quick-release button, it is easy to install and remove your cellphone from the holder with just one click of a finger. The APPS2Car Suction Cup Car Phone Holder Mount is the perfect way to stay connected and keep your phone within reach while driving.

10. 2-In-1 Universal Car Cup Holder Phone Mount, 360° Adjustable Gooseneck.

This Car Cup Holder Phone Mount is a 2 in 1 Universal Cell Phone Mount for Car that offers both convenience and stability. It features an adjustable long gooseneck for 360° rotation and a strong cup holder for car that can be adjusted to fit most automotive centre console cup holders. With no buttons needed, it is simple to operate; just pull it open and put it into the phone.

The cup holder phone mount is designed with soft silicone pads to protect your phone from scratches, and the adjustable telescopic blades tightly wrap the cup for a secure fit. Additionally, the cup holder is adjustable to fit cups between 2.5 to 3.2 inches. This product is suitable for all length 4.7''-8.2'' screen smartphones, including iPhones, Samsungs and most GPS devices.

The Car Cup Holder Phone Mount provides a stable and safe environment for your phone or pad while driving. It is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs to keep their phone within arm’s reach while driving. It is easy to install, requires little maintenance and is compatible with most devices. The long gooseneck and adjustable cup holder make it the perfect choice for all of your phone needs.

Best Cell Phone Mount For Car FAQs

Are magnetic phone mounts worth it?

Yes, magnetic phone mounts are definitely worth it. They are a great way to make sure your phone is easily accessible and safe while you're driving. Magnetic phone mounts provide a secure and easy way to mount your phone to your car dashboard or air vent. This eliminates the need to fumble around with clunky clips and brackets, and makes it easier to use your phone while driving. Additionally, the magnets are strong enough to hold your phone securely, even in bumpy roads. Furthermore, these mounts are usually quite affordable and easy to install, so you can get one without breaking the bank. All in all, magnetic phone mounts are a great way to keep your phone safe and secure while you're on the road.

Do magnetic mounts hurt cell phones?

No, magnetic mounts generally do not hurt cell phones. Magnetic mounts work by attaching a small metal disk to the back of your phone, which then attaches to a magnetic mount. This creates a strong bond between the two surfaces, but it is not strong enough to cause any damage. The magnets are too weak to interfere with the phone's internal components. In fact, magnetic mounts can even be beneficial because they provide a convenient way to mount your phone and keep it secure while driving.

How do you mount a cell phone in a car?

To mount a cell phone in a car, you will need a car mount. There are several types of car mounts available, including vent mounts, dashboard and windshield mounts, air vent mounts and CD slot mounts. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the type that best suits you. Once you have selected a mount, you can install it in your vehicle. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and use the correct tools as specified. After installing the mount, you can use the adjustable clips or holders to secure your phone in the mount. Make sure the mount is secure before you start driving.

What is the best mobile phone car mount?

The best mobile phone car mount depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you need a mount that is adjustable and easy to use, then a suction mount or a vent mount may be the best option for you. A suction mount will attach to your windshield or dashboard, and can be adjusted for the best viewing angle. A vent mount clips onto your air vents, allowing you to keep your device visible and within reach. If your car has a CD slot, then a CD mount might be the perfect choice for you. This type of mount fits into your car's CD slot and can be adjusted for the best viewing angle. If you need a more secure mounting option, then a locking cradle may be the best choice for you. This type of mount securely clamps your device in place, preventing it from accidentally falling or shifting. Regardless of the type of mount you choose, make sure it is compatible with your device and your car.

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