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Best Cell Phone Holder For Motorcycle (2024 Updated)

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When looking for a cell phone holder for your motorcycle, there are a few key points to consider before making your purchase. First, you want to make sure that the holder is designed for your specific motorcycle model and make. Second, you want to make sure that the holder fits your device securely and is easy to install. Third, you want to make sure that the holder is made from durable materials and is waterproof. Fourth, you want to make sure that the holder is compatible with any accessories you may have for your device. Finally, you want to make sure that the holder has a good grip and won’t move around too much when you are riding.

When looking for a cell phone holder for your motorcycle, you have a lot of options to choose from. It is important to consider the key points mentioned above so that you can find the holder that is best suited for your needs. Taking the time to do research and compare the different options can help you make the right choice and ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. With the right holder, you can enjoy the convenience of having your cell phone with you while on the road.

10 Best Cell Phone Holder For Motorcycle

1. Motorcycle Phone Mount – 150mph Wind Resistant, 7.2" Phone Compatible, 5s Easy Install.

The Bovemanx Motorcycle Phone Mount provides superior stability and protection for your phone while you’re on the road. It comes equipped with four spring-loaded arms that extend up to 7.2”, which is long enough to accommodate most devices between 4” and 7.2”, with or without a protective case.

The phone mount features triple-layer protection to ensure your device stays securely in place, even when you’re going over curbs or cruising down the highway. The four solid arms serve as a 4-point lock to every corner of your phone, while the thick premium padding effectively dampens any vibration to your phone camera. A security lock lever also helps to further secure the spring-arms.

The ball-joint part of the holder has been strengthened with a robust aluminum interior, making it durable enough to resist Grade 10+ industrial pressure. The four metal arms also help to ensure long-term use and won’t deteriorate overtime.

The clamp-on design makes it easy to install and move from bike to bike in just 5 seconds. The mount also won’t cover the facial recognition sensor, so you can view every inch of the screen. It is compatible with handlebars between 0.59” and 1.77”, making it suitable for scooters, harleys, ATVs, mountain bikes, golf carts, and strollers. The high-density silicone padding provides extra grip force over bumps and protects your handlebar from scratches.

Bovemanx is dedicated to providing you with excellent service and satisfaction. Every product comes with a 3-Year Warranty and lifetime support, so if you have any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee we’ll respond within 12 hours.

2. Motorcycle Phone Mount – Auto Lock, 100mph Military Anti-Shake, 10s Quick Install, Universal Phone Compatibility.

The JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. This 2022 latest phone mount features an upgraded auto lock button that allows you to secure your phone with a single click. With four arms that can auto-lock your phone and a high-speed lock switch that can double-lock your phone when you ride at high speed, you can be sure that your phone won’t vibrate loose.

The clamp and mount are both cushioned for protection of your phone and handlebar. The reinforced ball joint is made of military-grade A+ material, making this perfect for long-term use. The universal ball design allows you to pivot the phone to any angle and the silicone pad ensures that the angle won’t loosen while you ride.

The bike phone holder is compatible with handlebar sizes from 0.7” to 1.34” and can be used with phones from 4.7” to 7”, with a thickness (with case) of ≤0.71”. It is compatible with most phones such as iPhones, Samsungs, LGs, Google Pixels, Motorolas, and One Pluses. (Note: Iphone 13 pro max with otterbox case is not compatible).

At JOYROOM, we care about you and your safety. That’s why each phone mount comes with a two-year warranty. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our reliable customer service team. They will reply to you within 12 hours and offer you a suitable solution.

Make your life easier and safer on the road with the JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount.

3. Motorcycle Phone Mount, Quick Install, 1 Sec Lock/release, Bike Phone Holder, Motorcycle Accessories (4.7"-6.8")

The Sanosan One-Push Motorcycle Phone Mount is an innovative and convenient way to keep your cell phone secure while riding. This 3.0 version has an upgraded solid clamp made of robust metal, making it strong enough and resistant for heavy use. To ensure a stable mount, the handlebar clip has been enhanced with anti-slip hard rubber, and the ball-joint part is made with high density materials for extra durability. The mount is also equipped with four metal-made arms that won’t break like the band or plastic ones.

The Sanosan One-Push Motorcycle Phone Mount also features a red high-speed switch that allows you to ride at speeds up to 60 mph without any issues. The backplate and four corners are all padded with anti-scratch silicone for ultimate shakeproof protection and cushion for rough roads. Installation is a breeze: within three seconds, and without any tools, even a schoolchild could install the bike phone holder on the handlebar with ease. One-handed operation makes it even easier with a quick lock and release feature that allows you to tilt your cell phone to push the top and automatically grip your phone firmly.

Compatible with handlebar from 0.7” to 1.5” and cellphones from 4.7” to 6.8”, the Sanosan One-Push Motorcycle Phone Mount is perfect for ATV, scooters, strollers, peloton and more. The mount is compatible with the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy models, as well as LG, Google Pixel, Motorola and One Plus models. It also comes with a two year warranty in case of any issues.

4. Motorcycle Phone Mount, Quick Install Bike Holder For 4.7-6.8" Phones

The Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect addition to any cyclist’s arsenal. With an upgraded handlebar clip and a sturdy safety lock, this mount provides all-around protection for your device. The clip has been designed with convenience and safety in mind, allowing you to quickly install your smartphone with one hand, and then lock it in place for a secure ride. The clip is adjustable and can fit handlebars of 0.59 to 1.57 inches in diameter.

The phone clip itself is designed to fit phones from 4.7 to 6.8 inches in size and up to 0.59 inches in thickness, making it suitable for a variety of devices, from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the Samsung Galaxy S10. The clip is also equipped with non-slip silicone pads at the four corners and back, ensuring that your phone is kept scratch-free and secure even on the bumpiest of roads.

The mount also features a 360 degree rotating ball that allows you to adjust the angle of your phone while you’re riding. Whether you want to use your phone for GPS navigation, making calls, or playing music, this mount has you covered.

No matter what type of bike you own, the Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount is an invaluable tool that will make your rides safer and more convenient. With its upgraded handlebar clip, sturdy safety lock, and all-around protection, this mount is sure to keep your phone secure as you explore the roads.

5. Bike Phone Mount, Quick Release Bicycle/motorcycle Handlebar Holder (2023 Upd.), 4.7-6.8" Phone

This YIUJEFDA Bike Phone Mount is the perfect addition to a cyclist’s biking setup. It is easy to install, with no tools needed, and allows for one-handed operation for easy mounting and removal of phones. Its sturdy clamp grips the phone in place securely, so cyclists don’t have to worry about their phone being damaged or falling while riding. The bike mount is designed to fit phones with a size of 4.7-6.8 inches and thickness less than 0.47 inches (12mm), which includes popular phones like the iPhone 14, 13, 12 Pro Max, 11 XS XR X, 8 Plus 7, Galaxy S10 S10e S9 S8, and Note 9 Note 8. The bike phone mount can be used on any bicycle, motorcycle, stroller, shopping cart, or electric scooter with a handlebar diameter between 0.85 to 1.3 inches (22-33 mm).

The bike phone mount also has a 360° rotation feature, allowing cyclists to adjust their phone’s viewing angle for a more comfortable riding experience. There is also built-in silicone rubber in the four clamps, which keep the phone from scratches and vibrations while cycling. This makes it the perfect mountain bike accessory. Additionally, the bike mount provides full access to the phone screen control and all buttons without blocking the face ID and finger touch ID, meaning cyclists can easily answer calls, listen to music, and access GPS positioning during their ride.

Overall, the YIUJEFDA Bike Phone Mount is the ideal choice for cyclists looking for a sturdy, secure, and easy to use bike phone mount. It is designed for maximum convenience and safety, making it the perfect biking companion.

6. Motorcycle Phone Mount With Vibration Dampener & Lock For 4.7''-7.2'' Phones

This BRCOVAN Aluminum Alloy Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect accessory for anyone looking for a secure and reliable way to keep their phone close at hand while riding. The one-push automatically lock and quick release design makes it easy to put in and take out your phone with one hand in one second. The phone mount is also equipped with a vibration dampener, so you can ride with peace of mind knowing your phone is secure and protected.

The main body of the phone mount is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, making it sturdy and secure. The double socket arm is designed with a special safety knob and comes with a special wrench to tighten, so you can be sure your phone holder won’t be easily removed. The body of the phone mount is also built-in with soft silicone that keeps your phone from scratches and vibration.

The phone mount is also easy to install, with accessories that make it easy to attach to handlebars and rear-view mirror. The handlebar mounting base fits handlebars 0.5''(12mm) / 0.87''(22mm) / 1.0''(25.4mm) / 1.26'' (32mm) in diameter and the package also includes an aluminum alloy 1'' ball rear-view mirror mounting base.

The adjustable design of the body size makes it compatible with 4.7''-7.2'' cellphones, accommodating phones up to 20mm thick. It’s suitable for installation on a variety of vehicles, including bikes, bicycles, motorcycles, strollers, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, trek bikes, road bikes, golf carts, electric scooters, ATV, and more.

The high-speed secure lock of the motorcycle phone mount keeps your phone securely attached even when riding on bumpy roads at high speed. The special structure also tightly wraps your smartphone, so you can ride with confidence knowing your phone is safe and secure.

7. Motorcycle Phone Mount, Bike Handlebar Cell Phone Holder (Black Red)

This Tiakia 2022 Bike Phone Mount Holder is a revolutionary product for those who enjoy riding their bicycles or motorcycles. It is made with 6063 aviation aluminum alloy material, CNC machined and stainless steel screw fittings making it strong, durable and reliable. The 6 telescopic arms in structure makes the installation more compact and provides more protection for your device. The left and right telescopic arms secure the sides of your device while the bottom telescopic arm adjusts the position of your phone, ensuring that the side buttons and camera are not blocked.

The 6 corners of the bike cell phone mount come with silicone pads, protecting your device from scratches. With its quick release button, it's easy and fast to install or remove the phone in only one second, saving up to 90% of time compared to traditional motorcycle phone holders. The metal swivel mechanism is firm and reliable with a spherical shape universal joint which can rotate 360°, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle.

This universal bicycle phone holder is suitable for 4.5-7 inch smartphones and fits phones with a width of 62-90mm and a thickness of <14mm. It comes with a rubber pad that can be adjusted to correspond to different handlebar sizes, making it suitable for bicycles, mountain bikes, road bikes, downhill bikes, motorcycles and electric bikes with a handlebar diameter of 22.2-35mm.

This Tiakia 2022 Bike Phone Mount Holder is a great product for those who love to ride their bikes and motorcycles, providing them with a reliable and secure way to take their phones with them. It is easy to install and adjusts to fit different handlebar sizes, making it perfect for a variety of different vehicles.

8. Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount – Universal Handlebar Bicycle Holder For Iphone 11/12 Pro Max & 4.7"-6.8" Cellphones – 360°rotating All-Aluminum Alloy.

The GUB Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect solution for securely holding your smartphone while riding your motorcycle. This mount is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, providing excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. It has a 360° adjustable design which allows you to switch between horizontal and vertical screens with a 180-degree adjustable bracket inclination angle. Additionally, the mount has retractable clips on the left and right sides, as well as a claw hook design on the top and a strong built-in spring.

This phone mount is extremely versatile and can be used with a variety of handlebars. The handlebar diameter can range from 0.86-1.3" (22-33mm). It is suitable for motorcycles, mountain bikes, strollers, scooters, golf carts, and more. It also comes with a retaining ring that can be adjusted according to the size of your handlebar.

This universal phone holder is suitable for smartphones ranging from 4.7 to 6.8 inches and up to 12mm in thickness, including phone cases. It is compatible with most iPhones and Samsungs, including the iPhone 13 12 Pro Max Mini Xs XR X 8 Plus 7 6s 6, as well as the Galaxy S10 + S10e S9 S8 and Note 9.

The GUB Metal Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to keep their phone securely in place when riding their bike. The aluminum alloy construction, adjustable design, and universal compatibility make this mount the perfect choice for any motorcycle enthusiast.

9. Motorcycle Phone Mount – Imestou Handlebar Holder, Aluminium Ball Base, 360° Rotation, 4.0-7.0" Smartphones.

The iMESTOU Anti-Theft Motorcycle Phone Mount is an innovative device that provides users with a secure and convenient way to mount their phones to their motorcycle handlebars. This mount is equipped with a one-hand operation and anti-thief lock design, making it easy to access and secure your device while on the go. The double socket arms are equipped with two 1 inch balls, allowing for compatibility with RAM mounts and other brands. The aluminium handlebar base provides a sturdy and reliable foundation and the double 360° rotation allows for optimal viewing angles. The extendable feet make it suitable for 4.0-7.0" smartphones and the two different thickness sleeves provide a universal fit for handlebars of 0.86"-1.26" diameter.

The iMESTOU Anti-Theft Motorcycle Phone Mount is a great solution for motorcyclists looking for a secure and convenient way to mount their phones to their handlebars. With its one-hand operation and anti-thief lock design, users can access and secure their device with ease. The double socket arms with two 1 inch balls are compatible with RAM mounts and other brands, and the aluminium handlebar base provides a reliable foundation. The double 360° rotation allows for optimal viewing angles, and the extendable feet makes it suitable for 4.0-7.0" smartphones. With the two different thickness sleeves, the mount can fit handlebars of 0.86"-1.26" diameter. The iMESTOU Anti-Theft Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect solution for motorcyclists looking for a secure and convenient way to mount their phones.

10. Ram X-Grip Phone Mount With Snap-Link Tough-Claw Ram-Hol-Un10-400u

The RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Large Phone Mount with RAM Snap-Link Tough-Claw RAM-HOL-UN10-400U is the perfect mount for your motorcycle, ATV/UTV, or bike. This small version of the RAM Tough-Claw base allows it to quickly clamp to round, square, and odd-shaped rails and bars ranging from .625 inch to 1.5 inch in outer diameter, with rubber pads providing stable gripping and protection of the mounting surface.

The phone holder itself features a spring-loaded 'X' design for large phones with rubber caps, providing great holding power while still allowing you to view your phone clearly. An optional device tether is also included for added peace of mind during rugged use. Made of high-strength composite and stainless steel hardware, this mount is designed to be durable and reliable in the most demanding environments.

The phone holder dimensions are as follows: Width Range: 1.75 inch – 4.5 inch; Depth Range: 0.875 inch Max; Rail/Tube Clamp Range: 0.625 inch – 1.5 inch Diameter; Flat Surface Clamp Range: 0 inch – 1.14 inch. This product is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your phone is safe and secure. Whether you're using it for your motorcycle, ATV/UTV, or bike, the RAM MOUNTS X-Grip Large Phone Mount with RAM Snap-Link Tough-Claw RAM-HOL-UN10-400U is the perfect choice for your needs.

Best Cell Phone Holder For Motorcycle FAQs

Does motorcycle vibration damage your phone?

No, motorcycle vibration generally should not damage your phone. However, if your phone is not properly secured to your bike, it could suffer potentially damaging impacts from jolts and bumps. Additionally, a phone that is exposed to extreme heat, cold, and moisture could be affected by extended vibration. It is important to take precautionary steps to protect your phone from motorcycle vibration, such as using a secure phone mount and keeping it in a waterproof case. Additionally, you should periodically check your phone for signs of damage, such as cracks in the screen or other components. If you have any concerns about the effects of vibration on your device, it is best to consult with a qualified technician.

How do you carry your phone on a motorcycle?

There are several options for carrying a phone on a motorcycle. A popular choice is a handlebar phone mount that clamps to the handlebars and holds the phone in a secure position. Alternatively, many motorcyclists choose to use a tank bag that fits over the fuel tank and has a pouch or compartment specifically designed to hold a phone or other small items. If you prefer to keep the phone close to your body, a phone armband can be used to secure the phone to your arm. Finally, if you’re riding with a backpack, you can always keep your phone safely tucked away in a side pocket. Whichever option you choose, make sure that your phone is secured so that it won’t bounce around or get damaged.

Is it safe to mount iPhone on motorcycle?

Mounting an iPhone on a motorcycle is not recommended as it can be dangerous. The vibration of the motorcycle can cause damage to the iPhone and the wind can blow it off the mount. Additionally, the rider's attention can be diverted away from the road, which can lead to accidents. It is important to keep both hands on the handlebars and eyes on the road while riding.

It is possible to use a motorcycle phone mount, but it is important to use one that is designed specifically for the purpose, is securely fastened, and can be easily operated. The rider should also make sure that their phone is secure and protected in a waterproof case. It is also important to keep the phone out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures.

Which phone holder is the best for motorcycle?

The best phone holder for a motorcycle depends on several factors, such as the size of the phone, the type of motorcycle, and how the phone is used. Some of the most popular types of holders include handlebar mounts, tank bags, and fairing mounts. Handlebar mounts provide an easy and accessible way to view the phone while riding. Tank bags give more protection and storage space for the phone and other items. Fairing mounts provide a secure and more permanent mounting solution, but can be more expensive. Ultimately, the best phone holder for a motorcycle will depend on the rider's specific needs and preferences.

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