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Best Cell Phone Holder For Bike (2023 Updated)

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If you’re looking for the perfect cell phone holder for your bike, there are a few key points you should consider. Here’s a short guide to help you make the right choice.

1. Compatibility: First, make sure the cell phone holder is compatible with your specific bike model. It should be able to fit securely and snugly, with no chance of slipping or loosening.

2. Durability: The holder should be made from durable materials, so it can withstand the elements and any bumps or vibrations while you’re riding. It should be able to securely hold your phone without risk of it slipping out.

3. Adjustability: You should look for a holder that can be adjusted to the size of your phone. This will ensure a secure fit and make it easier to access your phone while you’re riding.

4. Usability: The holder should be easy to install and use. It should also have an accessible and intuitive design that makes it easy to access your phone while you’re riding.

5. Price: Lastly, you should consider the price. There are a variety of holders on the market, with prices ranging from budget-friendly to more expensive. Make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

With these points in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect cell phone holder for your bike. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something more advanced, there’s sure to be a holder that meets your needs. Good luck and happy shopping!

10 Best Cell Phone Holder For Bike

1. Bike Phone Mount, Adjustable For Motorcycles, E-Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Scooters, And Dirt Bikes, Compatible With Iphone And Android.

This Roam Bike Phone Mount is the perfect accessory for any outdoor adventure. It's compatible with most smartphones and devices up to 3.5″ wide, and is adjustable to fit handlebars 7/8" – 1-1/4" in diameter. It comes with a heavy duty silicone net that won't crack or break when exposed to extreme weather conditions. It's compatible with the iPhone Series 14, 13, 12, 11, SE (2nd gen), XS Max, XS, XR, X, and all Samsung Galaxy phones, including S22, S21, S20, S10.

This bike phone holder is designed to keep your device secure while you ride, using two points of contact, a premium plastic grip, and the silicone net. It's perfect for mountain bikes, exercise bikes, motor bikes and any other type of adult bikes. It's also a great gift for any cyclist in your life.

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any needs or questions you may have about our bicycle accessories.

So if you're looking for a reliable bike phone mount for your next outdoor adventure, this is the perfect product for you. Go ahead, and get out and explore with the Roam Bike Phone Mount.

2. Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder, Camera Friendly, 1s Lock, 3.54" Wide Phones, Black.

This Lamicall Motorcycle Phone Mount Holder is the perfect way to keep your phone secure while cycling. Its one-second lock and release design makes it incredibly easy to use, with no need for tools or complicated instructions. The half-enclosure design prevents the phone's camera from being blocked, allowing you to take photos and videos while on the go.

Its quick handlebar clamp makes installation a breeze, simply press and hold the button to adjust the clip to fit the handlebar, then tighten the screw to secure it in place. The clip is suitable for bikes, bicycles, motorcycles, electric scooters, strollers, shopping carts, indoor bikes and treadmills, with a handlebar diameter of 0.59-1.57 inches (15-40mm).

This motorcycle phone holder is compatible with a wide range of phones, from 2.3-3.54 inches wide, such as iPhones from the 14 Pro Max to the 12 Mini, and Samsung Galaxy S20 and above. It can hold phones up to 0.59 inches thick. Plus, it has a 360-degree rotating ball, so you can adjust your phone to the perfect viewing angle while riding. The all-around rubber pads on the phone clip will protect your phone from scratches and slipping, and the high-quality handlebar clip will keep your phone safe and steady.

3. Motorcycle Phone Mount, Lamicall Bike Handlebar Holder For 4.7-6.8" Smartphones.

This Lamicall Bike Phone Holder is a great way to protect your phone when cycling. It is made from a special shape that grips each corner of your phone tightly to ensure its safety on a bumpy road. The adjustable bike phone mount also comes with silicone pads to protect your phone from scratches and vibration and to hold it securely in place.

This bike accessory is compatible with a variety of smartphones, such as iPhones 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 13 1 2 Pro Max Mini Xs XR X 8 Plus 7 6s 6, Galaxy S10 + S10e S9 S8, Note 9, LG and other cell phones that are up to 6.8 inches in size and up to 15mm in thickness (including phone case).

This phone holder is easy to adjust and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. This makes it convenient to answer the phone, play music, or use GPS while cycling. Installation is also simple and requires no tools. It comes with four silicone pads to ensure a perfect fit with handlebars with a diameter between 0.6 and 1.57 inches (15-40 mm). It is suitable for various types of bicycles, motorcycles, strollers, shopping carts, electric scooters, indoor treadmills, and indoor bikes.

The Lamicall Bike Phone Holder is a great way to keep your phone safe and secure while cycling. It is adjustable, shockproof, and easy to install, making it a great choice for cyclists of all skill levels.

4. Bike Phone Bag, Waterproof, 6.5" Phone Compatible, Cycling Pouch.

The ROCKBROS Bike Phone Front Frame Bag is the perfect accessory for your bike rides. This bike bag provides plenty of space to store your belongings such as an iPhone X, battery, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet, and more. The bag is compatible with cellphones up to 6.5 inches, such as iPhone XR XS MAX X 8 7 6s 6 plus 5s and Samsung Galaxy s8 s7 note 7. The bag also features a high sensitivity TPU film window, allowing you to easily use your phone while riding. Additionally, it has a hidden earphone hole to answer calls or listen to music while cycling.

The bike phone mount bag has been designed with safety in mind. It features reflective tapes on both sides, making it easier to be seen in the dark. It is also made of durable, waterproof carbon fiber material, ensuring that your belongings stay dry even if you ride in the rain. The double zippers closure provides optimal protection and the sun visor and flashing board is perfect for any weather.

The bike top tube bag is easy to install and remove thanks to its three straps. The velcro commuter strap on the front, the longer commuter strap on the upper bottom and the commuter strap on the lower bottom all help secure the bag in place. With these straps, the bag won't move around even when you ride on a bumpy road.

The ROCKBROS Bike Phone Front Frame Bag is an essential accessory for any bike rider. It provides plenty of storage space and is compatible with most phones. With its reflective tapes and waterproof material, you can be sure that your belongings will stay safe and dry during your bike rides. The installation is easy and the three straps ensure that the bag won't move around on even the bumpiest of roads.

5. Bike Phone Mount, Motorcycle Handlebar Holder, Silicone, 360° Rotation, Iphone 13/12/11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy.

The ORIbox Bike Phone Mount is an incredibly versatile, flexible, and secure mount for your phone while biking. It is designed with a 360 degree rotation to ensure you have the best angle while riding, and the mount will not block any buttons, allowing you full access. It is also detachable, so you can take your phone off the mount easily without having to disassemble the entire mount.

The mount is designed to safely protect and absorb any shock or vibration for your phone. The high quality elastic silicone securely fits phones with screens between 4.0 and 6.5 inches and is compatible with a range of popular phones such as the iPhone 11/12 Pro Max, XS Max, SE, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6 Plus, 6, Galaxy S20/S10/S9 Plus/S8/S8 Plus/S7/Note 8, and Google Pixel Series.

The ORIbox is made to fit a range of objects with handlebars 0.66 to 1.68 inches in diameter, and can be used on bikes, strollers, grocery carts, wheelchairs, treadmills, and motorcycles. With the ORIbox, you can easily access emails, calls, and social media while you’re on the go.

The ORIbox Bike Phone Mount is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure, shock absorbing, and versatile phone mount for their biking adventures. It comes with one mount, so you can start using it right away. With the ORIbox, you can take your phone with you wherever you go and stay connected.

6. Truactive Bike Phone Mount Holder 2.0, Universal Any Phone, 6 Color Bands, Tool-Free.

TruActive has created the UPGRADED Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount, designed to guarantee a secure hold of your smartphone on the handlebar of any bike or motorcycle, even on bumpy roads. It features a unique, custom fitting with an advanced security grip and non-slip, anti-vibration padding, so your phone won’t slip around or scratch your handlebars.

The cradle arms and rubber secure straps of this bike phone holder hold your phone firmly in place, and the materials have been tested by engineers with years of road safety experience to ensure their quality and durability. The universal fit accommodates devices ranging from 4.0” – 6.7” and with a maximum thickness (with case and pop-socket) of 0.71" (1.8cm or 18mm). The bike cell phone mount also comes with two bolt sizes for a tight fit on any handlebar, with a 0.55”–1.26” diameter or circumference of 1.72" to 3.96". With a secure ball joint, you can swivel your phone 360 degrees for any viewing angle.

The TruActive Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount is easy to install, requiring no tools and coming with easy-to-follow instructions. It also comes with 6 color secure bands with a 4-corner grip to hold your smartphone firmly in place in Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Orange and Yellow.

At TruActive, they are passionate riders, dedicated to creating a high-quality bike phone holder that is both reliable and intuitive. They stand by the quality of their product, offering help if you ever have any issues. So you can ride with confidence, knowing your phone will be secure and stable on your handlebars.

7. Motorcycle Phone Mount, Upgrade [No Shake], [3s Install], 360° Rotatable Cellphone Holder For Bike/scooter 4.7-6.8”

This Viccux Motorcycle Phone Mount is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a secure and reliable way to keep their phones safe while riding. Featuring an unique and powerful security lock, it will never fall off, no matter the road conditions. The four non-slip silicone cushions and silicone pad on the back of the mount provide a complete wrap-around protection for your phone and ensures it is shockproof.

The phone holder is 360° rotatable, allowing you to easily adjust the orientation according to your personal preferences. This means you can answer the phone, play music, or use GPS positioning without compromising the view. Plus, it does not block Face ID and Fingerprint Unlock, for an even easier use.

The phone mount is highly compatible, able to hold phones with a size up to 6.8 inches and up to 15mm thick, including cases. It also includes two silicone gaskets so you can adjust the mount base to fit handlebar sizes between 0.59’’ and 1.38’’, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from bicycles, motorcycles and strollers to shopping carts, electric scooters, indoor treadmills, and spin bikes.

Make your riding experience safer and more convenient with the Viccux Motorcycle Phone Mount. This powerful and secure phone holder ensures your phone won't fall off and is shockproof, while the 360° rotatable design allows you to adjust it to your needs and preferences. Suitable for a variety of applications, this phone mount is the perfect companion for any ride.

8. Bike Phone Mount, 360° Rotatable, Adjustable For 4" To 6.7" Smartphones

The Deerfun Detachable Bike Phone Holder is a convenient and secure way to keep your phone attached to your bicycle or motorcycle. With its detachable design, you can easily remove your phone without disassembling the entire holder, allowing you to use your phone while riding with ease.

The installation of this phone holder is incredibly simple and requires no tools. It is designed with a built-in silicone pad to firmly grip the handlebar, keeping your phone in place no matter what terrain you’re riding on and easily removable when needed.

The Deerfun phone holder is designed with stretchy silicone bands to securely fit phones up to 4.0 inches wide, making it the perfect fit for all the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, OnePlus 3, HTC 11 and more. It also fits all 18-35mm handlebars, making it suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, scooter handlebars, strollers, shopping carts and more.

This phone holder is also adjustable, allowing you to switch your phone from a horizontal to vertical screen. This makes it easy to answer calls, play music, and use GPS for navigation, all while enjoying your ride.

The Deerfun Detachable Bike Phone Holder is the perfect way to keep your phone secure and easily accessible while riding. Its adjustable and detachable design makes it perfect for any handlebar and any phone, so you can enjoy your ride with ease.

9. Motorcycle Phone Mount, 360° Rotatable, Universal, 3.5-7.0" Phones.

The Visnfa Upgraded Bike Phone Mount provides a quick and easy way to securely attach your smartphone to your bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, or other handlebar, without any tools. The mount is made of durable, shockproof ABS plastic and features a simple but effective quick-lock and release switch. It also has built-in rubber pads on the arms that protect your phone from scratches.

The clever open design of the mount offers 360° rotation, full access to the phone screen controls and all buttons, and never blocks your face ID and fingerprint ID. This allows you to use the mobile phone GPS function at any time and capture moments with the camera without obstruction.

The Visnfa Upgraded Bike Phone Mount is compatible with any smartphone between 3.5 and 7.0 inches (width 60-90 mm, thickness <15 mm). It is suitable for a variety of bicycles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, shopping carts, and electric scooters with a handlebar diameter of 22-33mm.

To install, simply tighten the mounting screws to secure the mount to the handlebar. Then, rotate the bracket adjustment button to fit the size of the phone, and close the quick switch to lock. For maximum protection, make sure to leave enough space to avoid damaging the phone.

The Visnfa Upgraded Bike Phone Mount is the perfect way to securely and conveniently attach your smartphone to your handlebar, keeping your phone safe and secure while you travel. With its durable construction, full access design, and quick installation, this mount is an essential accessory for any cyclist or motorist.

10. Bike Phone Mount, Universal 360° Rotatable, Silicone Compatible With Iphone 4.0''~6.7'' Cellphones

The VUP Bike Phone Mount is a great choice for those looking to stay connected to their device while cycling. This versatile mount is designed to fit all 4.0" – 6.7" phones, making it compatible with a variety of devices including the iPhone 14/13/12/ Pro/ Pro Max/ X/XS/XS MAX/XR/8/8P/7/7 P/6/6P, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 P/S9/S9 P/S8/S8 P/S7 Edge, Google Pixel, HTC, LG, and other Android smartphones and GPS devices. It can also easily accommodate common brand cases such as Otterbox and Lifeproof.

The adjustable elastic silicone straps make this mount universally suitable for 18-35mm handlebars, making it perfect for bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, strollers, and shopping carts. The silicone buckle will securely grip your handlebar and ensure the mount stays stable even on bumpy terrain.

The one-piece design and complex polishing manufacturing process make this mount incredibly durable and stable. To keep your phone safe, the mount also features a built-in shock-absorbing silicone pad. The soft silicone material is designed so as not to cause any damage to your device.

The VUP Bike Phone Mount features a 360° rotatable design so you can easily adjust the viewing angle of your phone. The curved silicone bands won't block the face ID, light sensor, home button, or finger sensor, making it perfect for all screens. Additionally, the phone holder has a 5000 stretching lifespan making it a reliable option for years to come.

For those who need to stay connected while cycling, the VUP Bike Phone Mount is an excellent choice. With its adjustable and durable design, shock-absorbing silicone pad, full screen friendly design and 5000 stretching lifespan, it's the ideal mount for all your cycling needs.

Best Cell Phone Holder For Bike FAQs

Does mounting phone to bike damage it?

No, mounting a phone to a bike should not damage it. However, it is important to use a mounting system that is designed to hold a phone securely and protect it from the elements. A good mounting system should be waterproof, shockproof and provide enough grip to keep the phone in place. Additionally, it is important to check the mount regularly to make sure it is secure and that the phone is not at risk of falling off. As long as the right mount is used, a phone should remain secure and undamaged when mounted to a bike.

How do I protect my phone with a bike?

The best way to protect your phone while on a bike is to invest in a handlebar mount. This is typically a plastic or metal bracket that is mounted onto the handlebars of the bike. This will help keep your phone secure while riding and it will also allow you to access it easily when needed. Additionally, you can also consider investing in a bike phone case or pouch. This will provide an extra layer of protection and will help keep your phone safe even if you take a spill. Finally, make sure to always store your phone in a safe place, such as a pocket or bag, when not in use. This will help prevent any accidental damage while on the go.

What is the best bicycle cell phone holder?

The best bicycle cell phone holder depends on the type of bike you have, your budget, and how you use your phone while riding. There are several types of bike phone holders available, including handlebar mounts, stem mounts, fork mounts, and frame mounts. Handlebar mounts are popular as they are easy to mount and can be adjusted to any angle. Stem mounts are more secure and provide more stability, while fork mounts keep the phone closer to the rider. Frame mounts are the most secure option and keep the phone out of the way of the rider. Ultimately, the best choice is the one that best fits your bike, your budget, and your needs.

Where should I put my phone when cycling?

It is important to keep your phone secure while cycling and away from any potential damage. The best place to store your phone while cycling is in a secure pouch or pocket on your person, such as a zippered pocket on your jersey or shorts. If you have a cycling bag or backpack, you can also store your phone inside. Make sure to secure the pouch or pocket with a zipper or other closure to keep your phone safe while cycling. Additionally, you can use a bike mount designed to hold your phone on the bike frame, handlebar, or stem. This allows for easy access to the device, but you should use a secure mount and make sure the phone is secure and unlikely to come loose during your ride.

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