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Best Cat Carriers For Anxious Cats (2024 Updated)

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When looking for cat carriers for anxious cats, there are several important factors to consider. Here are five key points to keep in mind:

1. Comfort: Make sure that the carrier offers your cat plenty of space to move around and turn comfortably. Look for one with a soft interior and plenty of ventilation to keep your cat cool and relaxed.

2. Security: Choose a carrier that has secure closures and won’t easily open or come apart. It should also be sturdy enough to prevent your cat from escaping.

3. Ease of use: Look for a carrier that is easy to carry and transport. It should have a handle or straps that make it comfortable to carry and a design that makes it easy to get your cat in and out.

4. Cleanliness: Select a carrier that is easy to clean and maintain. Look for one with a removable bottom tray or liner that can be easily wiped down or removed and washed.

5. Price: Cat carriers can range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Make sure to set a budget and look for one that fits within it.

Overall, when selecting a cat carrier for your anxious cat, comfort, security, ease of use, cleanliness, and price are all important factors to consider. It’s important to find the right carrier that will provide a safe and comfortable environment for your cat to travel in. Finding the perfect cat carrier can make all the difference in ensuring that your pet feels secure and relaxed when traveling.

10 Best Cat Carriers For Anxious Cats

1. Cat Carrier For Grooming, Vet Visits, Medication, Dental Care, Bathing, Nail Trimming And Car Travel – Small Light Blue

The Cat-in-The-Bag Cozy Comfort Carrier is the perfect solution for your small-sized cat's grooming and vet visit needs. This lightweight and stylish carrying bag is available in 8 different colors, including green, red, cobalt, lavender, pink, caramel, charcoal and light blue. Its 100% cotton material is soft enough for comfort and tight enough to resist scratches and snags from claws.

The Cozy Comfort Carrier is designed to fit cats 5 to 9 pounds, who measure 14 inches or less from the base of the head to the base of the tail. Its shoulder strap allows for hands-free carrying, and the seatbelt pass-through keeps your cat securely on the car seat while traveling. Additionally, the adjustable Velcro collar secures the carrier snugly around any-sized neck.

The Velcro ports offer easy access to the cat’s front feet, while unzipping the bottom of the bag allows access to the back feet. This makes the Cozy Comfort Carrier ideal for nail-trimming and other grooming needs.

The Cat-in-The-Bag Cozy Comfort Carrier is the perfect solution for your cat's grooming, vet visits, medication administration, dental care, bathing, nail trimming and car travel needs. Its stylish design, lightweight material and adjustable features make it the perfect companion for your pet.

2. Pet Carrier Backpack For Dogs And Cats, Airline Approved For Travel, Hiking & Outdoor Use

This LOLLIMEOW Pet Carrier Backpack is perfect for travelling with your pets. It is designed for comfort and convenience, and is suitable for cats and small dogs up to 16 pounds. The backpack is fully ventilated, thanks to its three-sided mesh design, ensuring that your pet is safe and comfortable during the journey.

The backpack also features an opening window for your pet to head out, and a leash attachment for extra security. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry, with two entrances – a big side door and top window – for easy getting in and out. Measuring 15.2" L x 11.4" W x 16.5" H, it is most airline approved for underseat.

In addition, the backpack is made of superior scratch-resistant material, ensuring durability and longevity. There are also two mats and a flannel blanket included, so your pet can relax in comfort. The side pouch is perfect for carrying a can of friskies or a bag of treats.

This LOLLIMEOW Pet Carrier Backpack is perfect for travelling, hiking, walking and outdoor activities. It is the most safe and convenient pet carrier bag for your travel needs. It is your pet’s ticket to explore the world with you!

3. Van Ness Calm Carrier (For Cats Up To 20 Lbs.)

The Van Ness Calm Carrier is the perfect way to safely transport cats up to 20 lbs. This patented sliding drawer design eliminates the need for forced loading and unloading, resulting in less fear, anxiety and stress for both pet and owner. The heavy-gage wire door and easy-squeeze latch provides secure containment during transport and the superior flow-through ventilation on all four sides increases pet comfort. This carrier is airline compliant and meets individual airline requirements. The tool-free assembly requires wingnuts and bolts that are included, making it easy to assemble and safe to travel with. The durable, high-impact plastic makes this carrier easy to clean and maintain, and it stores conveniently when not in use. The patented design and utility of the Van Ness Calm Carrier make it a reliable choice for transporting your pet. Made in the USA with imported wire door components, this is the best way to ensure your pet's safety and comfort while on the go.

4. Cat Carrier – Tsa-Approved Soft-Sided, Expandable, Breathable.

This Cat Carrier is the perfect item for long trips, car rides, airline flights, vet visits, and more. It is 3-Sides Expandable and Foldable for easy storage, and is made with a breathable, TSA-approved Soft-Sided material for comfort and safety. The maximum load capacity is 14 lbs, and measures 18"Lx 11"Wx 12.5"H ( 27"L x 27"W x 12.5"H after the 3 sides are fully expanded).

This pet carrier has 5 different carrying methods: Hand Carrying, Adjustable Shoulder Strap Carrying, The Top of Suitcase, Car Seat, and Under the Airline Seat. Mesh on 4 sides including 3 expandable sides provides a full view and breathability for your pet, while the top flap over the mesh opening helps reduce anxiety and discomfort.

The carrier also features a side pocket with zipper for small accessories, and an interior harness clip to keep your pet secure. Additionally, there are luggage straps that can be attached to suitcases for easy transportation.

For added safety and security, the carrier can be strapped firmly in the front car seat using a safety belt and shoulder strap. This prevents your pet from interfering with your driving and causing an accident.

Finally, we provide a 180 day warranty on this product. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through Amazon message. We will provide a satisfactory solution.

5. Morpilot Dog Carrier Bag, 20lbs Capacity.

The Morpilot Pet Carrier Bag is a great choice for cats and small dogs of up to 20lbs/9kg. With a size of 18 * 12.5 * 14 inches, the spacious interior is perfect for carrying your pet in comfort. The extra side door design allows you to use the bag as a cage in your home or on the go.

The bag is both breathable and secure, with mesh ventilation on the three entrances and front windows. This allows your pet to observe the surrounding environment and reduces their anxiety, making them feel safer. It also features reflective strips for added safety in the dark.

Carrying your pet is easy, with the comfortable leather handle and adjustable shoulder strap. The bag is foldable and lightweight, making it convenient to transport in cars, trains, or planes. To ensure your pet's safety during transport, you can fasten the seatbelt.

The pet carrier bag offers a range of thoughtful features. The outer pocket can be used to store toys, snacks, and a free blue collapsible dog bowl. The inner detachable cushion can be washed by hand or machine.

The Morpilot Pet Carrier Bag is a great choice for owners who want to take their pet with them on the go or at home. With its spacious interior, breathable mesh ventilation, and secure design, your pet will be safe and comfortable.

6. Airline-Approved Cat/dog Carrier, Foldable Soft-Sided, Up To 22 Lbs.

This CaiDieNu Large Cat Carrier Pet Carrier is a great choice for pet owners who need a reliable and safe way to travel with their furry friends. It is an Airline Approved Soft-Sided Foldable Puppy Carrier, perfect for small and medium cats and dogs up to 22 lbs.

The carrier is made of durable oxford cloth and scratch-resistant mesh, so it’s sure to stand up to the wear and tear of travel. It can be folded flat when not in use, saving space, and also features a waterproof layer that is easy to clean. Plus, the carrier comes with a soft washable plush pad for your pet to lie on and a sturdy base for stability.

The carrier also has plenty of breathability for your pet, with mesh windows that provide ample air flow and an open-top. The mesh also allows your pet to see the owner when outdoors, reducing anxiety. The carrier has zippers on the top and sides, so your pet can easily get in and out.

In addition to being ideal for air travel and high-speed rail, the carrier can be carried by hand or with the adjustable shoulder strap. It can also be fixed on the front and rear seats of the car for ultimate convenience. The carrier is 15.7 x 11.4 x 11.4 inches, making it the perfect size for pets weighing under 22 lbs.

Overall, the CaiDieNu Large Cat Carrier Pet Carrier is an excellent choice for pet owners who need a reliable, safe, and comfortable way to travel with their furry friends. With its foldable design, durable construction, and breathable mesh, it’s sure to provide a stress-free journey.

7. Onetigris Tactical Patch (17-A)

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The Tactical Patch is designed to be attached to any type of tactical gear, such as uniforms, jeans, jackets, vests, hats, and backpacks. It features a hook fastener sewn onto the back, making it easy to attach to any clothing or gear.

OneTigris is committed to providing customers with the best selection of morale patches. Their Tactical Patch (17-A) is an excellent example of this commitment. It is made with quality materials that are designed to last and stand up to the toughest conditions.

The Tactical Patch (17-A) is a great way to show your support for your team, unit, or organization. It will also make a great addition to any collection of morale patches. It is sure to be a conversation starter and help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or just looking for a way to show off your unique personality, the OneTigris Tactical Patch (17-A) is the perfect choice. It is not only stylish, but also durable and designed to last. With its unique design, it is sure to make a statement wherever you go.

8. Pet Backpack Carrier For Cats And Dogs, Ventilated With Fan And Light, Padded Strap For Travel, Hiking, Walking And Outdoor.

The PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier offers cats and puppies a comfortable, ventilated and safe way to explore the world. This backpack is designed with a generous window for your pet to enjoy the scenery, and the tinted window adds an extra layer of protection from the harsh sun. Mesh panels and multiple ventilation holes keep the air circulating, and there's a quiet, built-in fan for added ventilation and temperature control.

To make nighttime outings easier, the PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier has an inbuilt light that can be activated with a simple double tap of the controls. The gradual illumination won't startle your pet, and you can check up on them without having to fumble around in the dark.

Our backpack is made with strong and durable materials to protect your pet from clawing or gnawing. It's lightweight, weighing in at only 3lbs, and its dimensions (13" L x 12" W x 18" H) are airline approved for most carriers. The detachable pad allows your pet to sit or lay down, and there's a pocket on the side for snacks.

The PETKIT Pet Backpack Carrier is the perfect way to take your pet out and see the world. Please note, the fan requires a power bank (not included) to function properly.

9. Airline-Approved Dog/cat Carrier Bag – Blue

This Dog Carrier Cat Carriers Airline Approved Pet Carrier is perfect for small to medium dogs and cats. It is designed with a strong metal wire and reinforced fiber rod for extra durability, so it won't be easily deformed by the pet's weight. The fabric is also thickened to provide more security and comfort for your pet. It measures 17 x 10.63 x 11 inches, making it suitable for pets weighing up to 20 LB. The size also meets the standards of most airlines, allowing you to take your pet anywhere you go.

The pet carrier features mesh windows on the top and sides to allow for better air circulation. This ensures that your pet can breathe fresh air and that you can observe the internal situation in time to ensure safety. It also comes with a soft fleece pad for extra comfort. You can carry it with the handle or the adjustable shoulder strap, and it can even be fixed on the car seat or inserted onto the luggage trolley. When not in use, it can be folded into a square for easy storage.

This Dog Carrier Cat Carriers Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a great option for pet owners who want to keep their pets safe and comfortable while traveling. It is made with quality materials that are guaranteed to provide your pet with a secure environment while traveling.

Best Cat Carriers For Anxious Cats FAQs

How do you calm a stressed cat in a carrier?

The best way to calm a stressed cat in a carrier is to create a safe, comfortable environment. Start by placing a blanket or towel in the bottom of the carrier to give the cat a sense of security and familiarity. Put a toy or treat inside to encourage the cat to explore the carrier and make it more comfortable. Additionally, talk to the cat in a low, gentle voice while petting them. This helps to relax the cat and make them feel more secure. If the cat is still stressed, try giving them a treat or spraying a calming scent like lavender inside the carrier. Feliway sprays also work well to reduce stress in cats. If the cat is still anxious, it may be best to visit a veterinarian for additional advice.

How do you get an unwilling cat into a cat carrier?

The best way to get an unwilling cat into a cat carrier is to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Start by leaving the carrier out in the open for your cat to become accustomed to it, and try to associate it with positive experiences, like treats or toys. When it comes time to actually get your cat into the carrier, talk to them in a calming voice and offer treats. If that doesn't work, you may need to try covering the carrier with a towel or blanket to make it feel more secure and reduce stress. You may also need to enlist the help of someone else to hold the cat while you gently place them into the carrier. Once they're in, try to make the ride as smooth and quiet as possible to reduce their stress levels.

How do you put an anxious cat in a carrier?

The best way to put an anxious cat in a carrier is to first create a positive experience for them. Start by introducing the carrier slowly and gradually, and make sure it is always associated with positive experiences such as treats or toys. You can also line the carrier with a soft and comfortable blanket or item of clothing to further increase the rewards of going inside. Once your cat is comfortable with the carrier you can begin to slowly train them to go inside on command by providing treats or a favorite toy. If the cat is still anxious, try placing the carrier in a safe, enclosed space and gently coax them inside. Once inside, you can distract them with treats or a toy before closing the door. Be sure to reward with treats or verbal praise after they go inside. Finally, make sure to use calming pheromones or a calming spray before and during transport to help reduce your cat's anxiety.

What is the best cat carrier for nervous cats?

The best cat carrier for a nervous cat is one that has plenty of room for the cat to move around in, is made of a material that will keep them comfortable, and has a secure closure to prevent escape. Look for options that are well ventilated, with a top-loading design so that your cat can be easily loaded into the carrier. Additionally, it is important to make sure the carrier is lightweight and has a comfortable handle to make transport easier. Finally, look for a carrier that has soft, padded walls to provide extra comfort and security for your cat.

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