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Best Budget Mic For Recording Vocals (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to recording vocals, there are a few key points to consider when looking for a budget mic. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vocalist, you need to make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for in order to get the most bang for your buck. Here are 5 key points to consider when looking for a budget mic for recording vocals:

1. Quality: You want to make sure you’re getting a mic that will capture your vocals accurately, so you don’t sacrifice sound quality just to save money. Look for mics with good frequency response and low noise.

2. Price: You don’t have to break the bank to get a quality mic. Look for mics that offer great value for money.

3. Connectivity: Make sure the mic you choose has the right type of connector for your recording setup.

4. Polar Pattern: Consider the type of polar pattern that will work best for your setup. For example, if you’re recording in a small room, you may want to go for a cardioid pattern for better isolation.

5. Features: Look for mics with features like low-cut filters and pads that can help you fine-tune your recordings.

By considering these 5 key points, you can find a budget mic that offers great sound quality and features at an affordable price. Don’t forget to read reviews from other users to get an idea of how the mic performs in real-world situations. With the right research, you can find a budget mic that will suit your needs and help you take your recordings to the next level.

10 Best Budget Mic For Recording Vocals

1. Usb Microphone, Plug & Play Condenser Pc Mic With Headphone Output, Volume & Gain Control, Mute Button For Ps 4, 5, Mac & Windows.

This USB Microphone from ZealSound provides a streamlined plug and play setup for any desktop or laptop computer, including the MacBook, PS 4 & PS 5. It even includes an adapter for the newest iPhone and iPad Pro, as well as a Type C to USB adapter for all Type C devices. There’s no need for any additional drivers – this condenser microphone is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android. Perfect for gamers, podcast makers, YouTubers, vloggers, voice-over artists, and more, this mic is ideal for any home or project studio.

This USB podcast microphone features a gain knob that lets you adjust the microphone volume and sensitivity during the recording process. It also includes an echo knob to turn off the echo function, as well as an LED mute reminder to keep you from forgetting to cancel the mute. The sound quality delivered by this mic is crystal clear and well-balanced across a wide frequency response, and it can handle high SPLs. It also has a cardioid polar pattern for minimal noise and feedback control, and a built-in noise cancel chipset for pristine and accurate capture.

The desk microphone also provides real-time monitoring via its 3.5mm stereo headphone output. This allows you to monitor the microphone input in real time, and makes it perfect for home studio, home karaoke, gaming, singing, chatting, Smule, Garageband, Skype, Discord, Yahoo recording, YouTube recording, Google Voice Search, Zoom meetings, online class, and live streaming.

The accessory package for this microphone includes a sturdy and durable, studio-grade K66 series black microphone, a USB audio cable, a Type C adapter, an adapter for iPhone and iPad, a microphone foam windscreen, a made out of all metal construction external microphone stand base, and a user manual. Plus, you’ll get free technical support.

2. Usb Microphone, Condenser Pc Gaming Mic With Stand & Pop Filter For Streaming, Podcasting, Recording, Compatible With Windows Computer, Tc-777.

The Tonor USB Microphone, TC-777, is the perfect solution for those seeking a plug and play microphone for their conference, distance learning, streaming, chatting, podcasting, recording, Zoom, Skype and YouTube video needs. The cardioid pickup pattern captures clear, smooth and crisp sound from the front of the mic while suppressing unwanted background noise.

The TC-777 is incredibly easy to install, requiring no assembly. Simply unfold the three-legged stand and adjust the position of the pop filter, and you’re ready to plug and play. If you’d like to attach the mic to a boom stand, the shock mount can be unscrewed and attached with a 5/8” threaded insert. If your stand has a 3/8” threaded insert, then a 3/8” female to 5/8” male threaded screw adapter is required (not included).

The Tonor USB Microphone, TC-777, includes the microphone with power cord (1.5m), a foldable mic tripod, a mini shock mount, a pop filter and a manual. It is not compatible with Xbox.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, plug and play microphone for your home or office, the Tonor USB Microphone, TC-777 is the perfect choice. With its easy setup, cardioid pickup pattern and versatility, you’ll be sure to capture clear and crisp sound for all your audio needs.

3. Xlr Podcast Mic Kit With Volume Control, Shock Mount, Pop Filter (Hd300t)

The MAONO HD300T is a dual-mode, professional handheld dynamic microphone that offers recording enthusiasts the best of both worlds. With its USB digital output, you can connect it to your computer, PC, or Mac; and with its XLR analog output, you can connect it to a mixer, audio interface, or portable PA system. It is ideal for podcasting, recording, live streaming, vocal, voiceover, singing, and home-studio content creation.

The HD300T microphone also has a control button that can adjust the headphone output volume conveniently and enable Zero-Latency Monitoring. The built-in cardioid capsule can capture sound in front of the microphone and reduces possible background noise from the other side and rear, delivering a smooth and extended frequency response for rich and natural vocal reproduction.

The HD300T is constructed with a durable metal construction that ensures long-lasting performance. Its stable base is made with all-metal and will not be easily knocked down, while its height adjustable metal tube is stronger than ordinary plastic tubes and easily supports heavy microphones. The package also includes a shock mount and pop filter to reduce p-pops.

The MAONO HD300T dynamic microphone package includes a dynamic microphone, microphone stand, pop filter, shock mount, 78in USB cable, 98in XLR cable, and user manual. It also provides a 24-month warranty. Whether you’re a recording enthusiast or a professional, the MAONO HD300T is the perfect microphone for you.

4. Usb Pc Gaming Microphone For Mac/win, Rgb Ampligame Condenser Cardioid Mic For Vocal/video Recording.

This FIFINE Gaming Streaming USB PC Microphone for Mac OS/Windows is a perfect choice for streaming, vocal recording, game chat, and podcasting. It features a Calm And Warm sound with its Cardioid pattern that accurately picks up one's voice to amplify more details in the sound. This condenser microphone is able to show the full and mature voice of the user. The microphone also has a Vivid RGB and Quick Mute feature. Its polished blue gaming mic body with an automatic changing RGB light is perfect for matching a flowing rainbow light computer build, while its touch mute button allows one to quickly mute, and the RGB will be turned off following it.

For convenience, the gain knob is large and easy to control without clicking sounds. One can also adjust the microphone to an appropriate angle by the thumbscrew on the USB mic for more effective game chatting or streaming. Furthermore, its scientific tripod design of the gaming microphone strengthens the stability of the stand. It is also attached with a pop filter and shock mount. This allows one's teammates or audience to hear less popping noise, while reducing any vibration caused by operating a mouse and keyboard.

Installation of the microphone is intuitive and easy. One simply has to plug the USB mic into their computer, and it will be recognized immediately. After that, the user can quickly start video live or game chat. The USB mic also features a Type-C port that further strengthens the connection with the USB cable, which solves any issues of recording interruption caused by sudden loosening.

5. Studio Recording Mic Shield Kit With Pop Filter & Stand For Pc/laptop Vocal Condenser.

The Riworal Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield with Pop Filter and Tripod Stand Kit is an excellent set designed to create an optimal recording effect. It comes with a high sound quality condenser microphone, high density sound-absorbing foam, and a double layered screen pop filter.

The Plug & Play USB Microphone is equipped with a cardioid pickup pattern that captures the clear, smooth and crisp sound in front of the microphone, while suppressing unwanted background noise. It has a USB 2.0 data port for PC/Laptop, so no additional driver is required.

The Portable Isolation Shield has an inner side made of high density absorbent foam that reduces noise and preserves the clarity of your voice and instrument sound. Its folding panel design enables angle adjustments, providing you with the great recording effect.

The Double Layered Screen Pop Filters are also included in the kit. The first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would, and the gap between them disperses any remaining air pressure so by the time it passes the second screen, the blast is easily contained to produce great quality recordings.

This kit, with its tripod, can be stably fixed on a countertop or a table top. It is perfect for Studio Recording, Podcasting, Vocal, Singing, and Broadcasting. Its compact and foldable design makes it easier for you to carry it around you.

The package includes 1 three-door isolation shield, 1 computer USB condenser mic, 1 USB mic cable, 1 tripod stand, 1 mic shock mount, 1 pop filter, and 1 manual. So, if you are looking for a great set to create an optimal recording effect, the Riworal Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield with Pop Filter and Tripod Stand Kit is the perfect choice for you.

6. Audio-Technica At2020 Studio Xlr Mic, Home Studio

The Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone is a professional-grade device that provides excellent sound quality and is ideal for project/home studio applications. It is designed to be a reliable and cost-effective choice for recording professionals and sound enthusiasts.

The AT2020 features a low-mass diaphragm that is custom-engineered to provide an extended frequency response and superior transient response. It also features a cardioid polar pattern that reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, allowing for improved isolation of desired sound sources. The microphone is capable of handling high sound pressure levels and offers a wide dynamic range, making it incredibly versatile.

The AT2020 has an integrated 3-pin XLRM type connector, allowing for easy connection to audio interfaces and other recording equipment. The noise level is rated at 20 dB SPL, making it suitable for a variety of recording situations. The size and weight of the microphone make it easy to use and handle in any recording environment.

Overall, the AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone is a great choice for anyone looking for a professional-grade device that can provide top-notch sound quality. It is designed to provide excellent sound capture and features a durable construction that ensures that it can be used in any recording environment. The extended frequency response, wide dynamic range, and low noise level make it an ideal choice for any project/home studio applications.

7. Shure Sm58 Vocal Mic With Pneumatic Shock Mount, Mesh Grille & Pop Filter, A25d Clip, Bag & Xlr Connector (Sm58-Lc)

The Shure SM58 is the industry standard for vocal microphones, providing professional-grade sound quality and reliable performance for performers around the world. Its uniform cardioid polar pattern provides clear and consistent reproduction of every note, delivering warm, crisp sound that stands out in any mix.

The SM58's robust construction and break-resistant stand adapter make it the perfect companion for the road, going strong through the toughest performances. Its spherical mesh grille and built-in pop filter keep any unwanted noise out of the mix, allowing you to focus solely on the performance.

The SM58 is equally at home onstage or in the studio, isolating between vocals and instruments. Its durable construction makes it the perfect choice for professional-level use in any setting.

The SM58 comes with a A25D swivel stand adapter, a 95A2313 storage bag, and a free 2-YEAR WARRANTY included. So whether you're performing in the club or rocking out in the stadium, the Shure SM58 is ready to bring your performance to life.

8. Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield With Stand, Pop Filter & Foam.

The ZOSTA Studio Recording Microphone Isolation Shield is a great choice for recording and broadcasting audio. This package includes a microphone shield, a pop filter, a desktop tripod stand, and a storage bag with all the necessary accessories and an instruction manual.

The high-density foam insulation inside the microphone shield eliminates interference and reduces sound reflections and diffuses sound waves for an enhanced recording experience. This foldable and lightweight shield has five panels and two adjustable end panels to adjust angles. The exterior reflection filter is made of premium steel and is equipped with high quality screws for durability and strength.

The ZOSTA microphone shield can be placed on a countertop or tabletop and can also be mounted to a floor stand. This makes it a versatile tool for studio sound recording, podcasts, singing, and broadcasting.

We are committed to providing excellent customer service and are responsible for any losses or defects that may arise. We provide a lifetime warranty and after-sales service with no delays. If you have any issues, please contact us immediately so that we can resolve it.

9. Xlr Microphone Kit For Home Studio, Dc-20

The Donner DC-20 condenser microphone is an ideal choice for those just starting out in the recording world. With a wide frequency range of 20-20kHz, it offers a detailed and smooth sound. The microphone's large 16mm diaphragm capsule adds a warm and mellow tone to your recordings. The DC-20 also has an optimized frequency at 3kHz and 6kHz, to deliver a full and rich sound.

The cardioid pickup pattern, 100Ω impedance and 74dBa signal-to-noise ratio provide excellent sensitivity and anti-interference. This makes the Donner mic perfect for studio vocal recording, as it produces a clean and natural sound with minimum background noise.

The DC-20 is made of a durable zinc alloy and comes with a shock mount and pop filter, so you don’t need to purchase any additional accessories. This makes it a great choice for those on a budget who want professional results.

Please note that external power is required for this microphone, such as a phantom power or a sound card. However, these are not included in the package.

Overall, the Donner DC-20 condenser microphone is an excellent choice for both beginners and professionals alike. It offers a wide array of features and accessories, allowing you to produce exceptional sound without compromising on quality or price.

10. Logitech Yeti Game Streaming Kit With Blue Vo!ce Software, Streamlabs Themes, & Custom Blue Pop Filter – Pc/mac/ps4/ps5

This Logitech Blue Yeti Game Streaming Kit is the ultimate package for gamers looking to take their streaming to the next level. Featuring the iconic Blue Yeti USB Gaming Microphone, this bundle equips gamers with the tools to enhance their sound and stream.

This microphone utilizes a groundbreaking three-capsule array and is isolated by an internal shockmount to help ensure clean, articulate sound. With Blue VO!CE effects, gamers can use the Yeti USB condenser microphone to enhance their sound with fun vocal effects, HD samples, and studio tools like EQ, limiter and Noise Removal, powered by NVIDIA Broadcast.

In addition to the microphone, this streaming kit includes a custom Blue Yeti Microphone Pop Filter to ensure your stream remains clean. And to give your game stream a custom look, the kit also includes three exclusive downloadable Streamlabs themes, plus an unlock code.

Podcasting enthusiasts will love the ability to alter, morph, and transform their voice to excite and entertain their stream audience with advanced voice modulation. And the included treasure trove of HD audio samples provides gamers with a range of options to accentuate their content, set an ambient vibe or make their audience laugh.

Finally, the Blue Yeti USB microphone is PlayStation compatible, making it an ideal choice for gamers looking to upgrade their PS4 or PS5 audio. So if you’re looking for the ultimate gaming and streaming bundle, then the Logitech Blue Yeti Game Streaming Kit is the perfect choice.

Best Budget Mic For Recording Vocals FAQs

Is SM57 good for vocals?

The Shure SM57 is a popular and versatile microphone, and is often used for both vocals and instruments. It is known for its strength in being able to provide a clear and natural sound, and is often used in live performances. It is also great for recording, as it can provide a clear and clean sound. The SM57 has a cardioid pickup pattern, which helps it to reduce background noise and concentrate on the sound source, making it ideal for vocal recordings. Additionally, the SM57 has a frequency response of 40Hz-15kHz, which allows it to capture a wide range of frequencies for a full and rich sound. All in all, the SM57 is a great choice for vocal recordings, as it is able to provide a clear, natural sound while still reducing background noise.

What is the best cheap microphone for recording?

The best cheap microphone for recording depends on your budget and your needs. For those on a tight budget, the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone is a great option. It's a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern, which is great for recording vocals, instruments, and podcasts. It also has a USB output, making it easy to connect to your computer or laptop. It's also extremely affordable, costing around $50. For those looking for a higher quality microphone, the Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Microphone is a great choice. It's a classic microphone that has been used to record some of the best music in the industry, and provides excellent sound quality. It has a flat frequency response, making it suitable for recording everything from vocals to instruments. It's also relatively affordable, costing around $400.

What mic should I use to record vocals?

For recording vocals, you'll want to invest in a good quality condenser microphone. Condenser microphones are sensitive and pick up more detail than dynamic mics, making them ideal for recording vocals. Look for a cardioid condenser mic with a wide frequency response and low self-noise. To get the best sound out of your recording, you'll also need to invest in a good preamp and a pop filter. A preamp will help boost the signal from your mic and a pop filter will help reduce plosives (hard consonants like 'p' and 'b') that can distort your recording. Additionally, make sure to set up your mic in a quiet room with good acoustics, as this will help your recording sound as natural as possible.

Which mic is best for singing for beginners?

For beginners, the Shure SM58 is one of the best microphones for singing. It's rugged and dependable, making it a great choice for live performances. The SM58 also has a cardioid pickup pattern, which is designed to reject noise from the sides and rear, allowing you to focus on your vocal performance. It also has a built-in pop filter to reduce plosives, making it great for singers who need to reduce unwanted noise. Additionally, the SM58 has great sound quality and a relatively low price point, making it an ideal choice for beginning vocalists. All in all, the Shure SM58 is a great entry-level microphone for singers and is one of the best value buys for beginner vocalists.

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