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Best Brace For High Ankle Sprain (2024 Updated)

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When looking for an ankle brace to help with a high ankle sprain, there are five key points you should consider. First, you need to ensure that the brace is designed specifically for high ankle sprains. This is because the anatomy of a high ankle sprain is different from a regular ankle sprain and requires a different type of brace. Second, you should look for a brace that is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and maximum comfort. Third, you should look for one that is lightweight and breathable to provide optimum support with minimal restriction. Fourth, you should look for one that provides stability and protection from further injury. Finally, you should make sure the brace is easy to put on and take off for convenience.

When it comes to finding the right ankle brace for high ankle sprains, it is important to consider all of these key points. Choosing the right brace can make a big difference in the healing process and ensure that the injury does not become worse. The right brace will provide stability, protection, comfort, and convenience, and will help to reduce pain and swelling. With the right support, you can get back to doing the activities you love as quickly and safely as possible.

10 Best Brace For High Ankle Sprain

1. Ultra Cts® Ankle Brace For Oa, Injuries & High Sprains: Transition From Boot (S/m).

The Ultra CTS Ankle Brace is the perfect solution for anyone suffering from osteoarthritis (OA), acute ankle injuries, and high ankle sprains. This convertible ankle brace provides total ankle injury and pain management, helping reduce bone-on-bone irritation that causes OA swelling and pain, reduce weight bearing pain to promote early activity after injury, and help prevent external ankle rotation that causes high ankle injuries.

The Ultra CTS provides maximum lower leg and ankle support and stabilization, and requires a 2-3 day break-in period to achieve ultimate comfort and support. The appropriate sizing is determined by measuring the ankle circumference, and the brace can fit either the right or left ankle.

The Ultra CTS is a proven device, and is the official ankle brace of USA Volleyball. It is sold in single units, and is worth the investment for those looking for total ankle injury and pain management. With the Ultra CTS, users can reduce bone-on-bone irritation to reduce OA swelling and pain, reduce weight bearing pain to promote early activity after injury, and help prevent external ankle rotation that causes high ankle injuries.

2. Ultra High-5® Ankle Brace – Reinforce & Recover Instability & Pain – Fits Left/right – Great For Volleyball/basketball/hiking – Fits High-Top Shoes – Black/large

The Ultra High-5 Ankle Brace is designed to reinforce and recover from ankle instability and reoccurring joint pain. It is lightweight and ultra-strong, providing the support needed to tackle even the toughest terrain. Combining ultimate comfort with excellent mobility, the Hinged-Cuff design reinforces unstable ankles while maintaining outstanding mobility.

The Ultra High-5 is easy to use and only requires one strap to secure it. It is the official ankle brace of USA Volleyball and is designed to provide a strong, solid foundation with every step. It is also comfortable enough for daily wear, as it stabilizes the ankle enough to help prevent injuries while keeping the muscles strong and/or helping them regain strength.

The Ultra High-5 is sold in single units and can be used on both the right and left ankle. Sizing should be determined by ankle circumference and a sizing chart is available in the photos. It is great for a range of activities, including volleyball, basketball, and hiking, and it is designed to fit in high-top shoes.

The Ultra High-5 Ankle Brace is an ideal choice for anyone suffering from ankle stability issues or reoccurring joint pain. It is lightweight and strong, providing the support and comfort needed to keep you active and protect your joints. With its Hinged-Cuff design and one-strap securement, it is easy to use and provides a strong and solid foundation with every step.

3. Active Ankle Brace For Sprain Support And Protection – Men & Women

The Brace Direct Semi-Rigid Active Ankle Brace Stabilizer is the perfect choice for athletes looking for optimal protection from sprains or further ankle trauma. The brace features a rigid protective exterior, allowing you to continue playing while protecting weak or injured ankles from jumping and other high impact sports. It also has an anatomical bilateral hinge which allows for foot range of motion while minimizing further injury or sprains and providing superior ankle support.

The adjustable strap allows for a custom fit for both low-top and high-top shoes, while the EVA padding is both breathable and slim for maximum comfort and a dry foot. This versatile brace is suitable for a range of sports, including volleyball, basketball, football, and cheerleading.

For added assurance, Brace Direct offers a Perfect Fit Guarantee, allowing you to book an appointment with a medical professional for a free video fitting and adjustment session. This ensures your brace fits perfectly and provides the best possible protection.

Ideal for athletes of all ages, the Brace Direct Semi-Rigid Active Ankle Brace Stabilizer is designed to help you stay active and injury-free. The brace offers superior protection and support, allowing you to continue playing your favorite sport with confidence. With its adjustable strap and EVA breathable padding, you can be sure of a comfortable and secure fit. And with the Perfect Fit Guarantee, you can be sure you're getting the best possible protection.

4. Zamst A2-Dx Sports Ankle Brace, Right, Medium – High Ankle Sprains & Chronic Instability Protection.

The Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace with Protective Guards is designed to provide superior protection and support for those suffering from high ankle sprains (Grade III) and chronic ankle instability. The innovative design of the protective guards helps to stabilize and prevent excessive inward and outward movement of the high ankle, providing superior three-way support (anterior, lateral, and medial) to the lower ankle.

The brace is designed to be left and right specific to ensure a more comfortable and secure fit on either foot. Additionally, the rear application makes it easy to apply and adjust the brace to suit your individual needs. With breathable fabric and a lightweight design, you can wear this brace with confidence knowing your ankle is well supported.

Whether you’re an avid athlete or just looking for extra protection and stability, the Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace with Protective Guards is the ideal choice. It’s perfect for sports such as basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, and football, helping you stay in the game without having to worry about chronic ankle instability. With superior protection and a snug fit, you can have peace of mind knowing your ankle is safe and secure.

5. Ankle Ice Pack Wrap For Foot Pain Relief – Reusable Gel, Fits Small & Large.

The Vive Compression Ankle Ice Pack Wrap is designed to provide targeted hot or cold therapy for foot and ankle pain relief. The unique shape of the wrap provides maximum coverage and customizable compression to reduce swelling and pain from sprains, strains, sports injuries, arthritis, and muscle fatigue.

The internal air bladder allows you to easily adjust the level of compression using the removable hand pump. The included Arctic Flex gel pack is reusable, made with soft, latex-free vinyl, and filled with nontoxic gel. The wrap remains flexible when frozen, ensuring comfortable and effective therapy.

The universal design of the wrap fits left or right ankle and is adjustable up to US men’s size 14 and women’s size 12 shoe. The neoprene blend of the wrap is soft and latex-free for exceptional comfort.

With the Vive Compression Ankle Ice Pack Wrap, you can rest assured that you will get the relief you need. With a 60 day guarantee, you can purchase with confidence. Start relieving your foot and ankle pain today with the Vive Compression Ankle Ice Pack Wrap.

6. Velpeau Ankle Brace: Large Right Foot, Stirrup Splint For Sprains, Tendonitis, Post-Op Cast Support.

The Velpeau Ankle Brace is designed to provide effective support and relief for ankle injuries, including sprains, tendonitis, and post-op cast support. It features a unique design, with a left and right, inside and outside plastic splint that conforms to the natural shape of the ankle joint for improved comfort. The adjustable heel strap allows for a customized tightness to accommodate various ankle sizes. This ankle brace also comes with either 3D molded foam pads or gel pads, depending on the version chosen.

The foam pads are made of three layers of material that are hot-pressed in the mold at one time, providing a durable, breathable, and warm fit. The gel pads provide superior adhesion and thermal conductivity, and can be used for either ice compress or hot compress. This brace is perfect for any sports injury, and is reusable, detachable, and washable for easy maintenance.

The Velpeau Ankle Brace is an ideal product for those looking for relief from ankle pain and injury. It provides uniform pressure and support for the entire ankle joint, and helps to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, and prevent secondary injuries. It is a great choice for those looking to lead a healthy, active life.

We are confident in the quality and value of our Ankle Brace, and offer a 100% refund guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are here to help and will do our best to offer a solution. We are always open to customer feedback and suggestions to help improve our products and services.

7. Med Spec 264014 Aso Ankle Stabilizer, Black, Medium

The Med Spec 264014 ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the perfect choice for support and stabilization of the ankle. It features a woven elastic cuff closure that enhances support and secures the laces and stabilizing straps into a complete figure-eight configuration. An innovative CoolFlex achilles pad and tongue offers additional comfort and breathability. The high quality nylon boot of the stabilizer provides superior durability and strength. It is designed with a bilateral design, allowing each size to fit either the left or right foot and is also low profile to fit in any type of shoe.

This ankle brace is designed to provide maximum support and comfort, allowing the user to continue to stay active without worrying about ankle instability or injury. It is lightweight, breathable and adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. The stabilizing straps are made from a durable material and the adjustable laces provide a customizable level of support. The coolflex achilles pad and tongue help keep the user comfortable and provide additional breathability.

The Med Spec 264014 ASO Ankle Stabilizer is designed for single patient use only and each ankle brace is sold separately. It is the perfect choice for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who is looking for ankle support and stabilization. It is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to stay active and prevent ankle injury. The Med Spec 264014 ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the perfect choice for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and secure ankle brace.

8. Ankle Support Brace Compression Sleeve With Wrapping For Plantar Fasciitis/achilles Tendonitis/sprained Ankle Pain.

This Ankle Support Brace is designed to provide superior ankle stabilization, support and comfort. Made of high elastic nylon and latex, it is breathable, lightweight, high elasticity, flexible and durable. This adjustable ankle brace has a high compressibility and fits most women and men, with adjustable tightness to meet the needs of different users.

This ankle compression sleeve can provide proper compression force for the ankle, arch and heel, promoting blood circulation and reducing the risk of injury. It can effectively relieve foot pain, swelling and speed up recovery. It is suitable for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon support, sprained ankles, swelling, ankle injuries and other foot discomfort.

This ankle wrap is suitable for daily activities and sports, including gym, basketball, volleyball, football, running, hiking, weightlifting, cycling, climbing and other indoor & outdoor activities. If you have any questions with the sleeve, you can simply consult us and we will arrange a replacement or refund for you.

This Ankle Support Brace is a perfect choice for those who want to protect their feet and relieve foot pain and swelling. With its adjustable tightness and breathable, comfortable design, it makes a great companion for any activity. Get it now and enjoy the superior ankle stabilization and comfort that it offers!

9. Ankle Brace: Lace-Up Support For Running, Basketball, Injury Recovery, Sprain – Men, Women, Children

The Zenith Ankle Brace is a lace-up adjustable support that offers the highest quality of comfort and protection for running, basketball, injury recovery, and sprains. It is designed to fit men, women, and children perfectly, and is proven to reduce or eliminate any ankle pain that may result from an acute injury or sports-related activity.

Made with the highest quality of nylon and neoprene, the Zenith Ankle Brace provides the best possible support and breathability. Double stitched seams also make this brace a more reliable and long-lasting choice for those looking for a more durable and secure brace.

The side straps contour the ankle and provide a secure fit, immobilizing the foot without restricting movement. This makes the Zenith Ankle Brace perfect for any activity, from volleyball and basketball to running and soccer. The lace-up front and straps can be adjusted to customize the level of support desired, ensuring protection against potential injuries.

Accuracy of fit is important for the proper functioning of the brace, which is why Zenith offers a variety of sizes to ensure the best fit possible. Invest in a reliable and durable ankle brace that will last and provide the best support and protection for any activity.

The Zenith Ankle Brace is designed to keep you on your feet and performing at your peak, while providing the peace of mind that your ankle is well protected against any potential injuries. Get the highest quality of comfort and protection with the Zenith Ankle Brace.

10. Adjustable Compression Ankle Brace, Large (Green, 1)

The Cgyqsyk Ankle Brace provides excellent support and stabilization for both men and women suffering from chronic and acute ankle injury symptoms. This adjustable ankle support sleeve is fitted with crisscross reinforcement straps to offer strong support and stabilization for the ankle tendons and joints, helping to improve circulation and relieve ankle strain.

The brace is made from a premium breathable elastic material, such as nylon latex silk, which is designed to retain heat and prevent skin irritation. Therefore, making it the perfect brace for sporting activities, including running, basketball, volleyball, soccer, or golf.

The advanced compression technology used in the ankle sleeve helps to support and provide stabilization to the ankle, offering hug protection and exerting compression on the heel, arch, ankle, and toes, minimizing the risk of injuries while walking.

The Cgyqsyk Ankle Brace is the most popular ankle support seller on Amazon, due to its soft materials and adjustable ankle straps, which are suitable for any foot (left and right) support, and perfectly fit shoes.

Therefore, if you are looking for the support and compression you need most, the Cgyqsyk Ankle Brace is the ideal choice. With its adjustable compression and support, it is designed to help reduce pain and provide comfort. So, be sure to buy with confidence and if you have any questions, contact the seller via Amazon.

Best Brace For High Ankle Sprain FAQs

What is the fastest way to heal a high ankle sprain?

The fastest way to heal a high ankle sprain is to rest, ice, compress and elevate the ankle. Resting the ankle helps to reduce the pain and swelling of the ankle, while icing the ankle helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Compressing the ankle with an elastic bandage or brace also helps to reduce swelling and provide support to the ankle. Elevating the ankle above the level of the heart helps to reduce swelling and promote healing. Additionally, using crutches to avoid putting weight on the ankle can help to reduce pain and swelling. In addition to these measures, it is important to seek medical attention to ensure that the injury is not more serious and to receive proper treatment. Physical therapy may also be beneficial to assist in the healing process and to help prevent further injury.

What kind of brace do you need for a high ankle sprain?

For a high ankle sprain, a hinged ankle brace is typically recommended to provide support and stability to the injured ankle. The brace should be properly fitted by a medical professional so that it provides compression and limits the range of motion of the ankle joint. Additionally, crutches may be necessary for walking in order to reduce the strain on the ankle and prevent further injury. Resting the ankle and applying ice can also help to reduce swelling and pain. Physical therapy exercises may also be prescribed to help strengthen the ankle and restore full range of motion. Ultimately, it is important to follow the instructions of a medical professional in order to properly treat a high ankle sprain.

What should I wear for a high ankle sprain?

When dealing with a high ankle sprain, it is important to wear supportive footwear and clothing to help reduce pain and promote healing. Shoes with a rigid sole and good ankle support are best. A high-top or lace-up style shoe can also help to limit movement of the ankle. Compression socks or braces can be worn to provide additional support and help reduce swelling. Additionally, wearing loose-fitting clothing such as shorts or sweatpants can help to reduce irritation and pressure around the affected area. It is also important to elevate your foot and ankle when possible to reduce swelling and pain. Lastly, use the R.I.C.E. method (rest, ice, compression, and elevation) to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Will a brace help a high ankle sprain?

Yes, a brace can help a high ankle sprain. A brace can provide extra stability to the ankle, which can reduce the pain associated with the injury and help to prevent further injury. It can also help to reduce swelling and provide support to the joint, helping to speed up the healing process. The brace should be fitted properly to ensure that it is providing maximum support. It is also important to wear the brace during activities, as this will help to reduce the risk of re-injury. However, it is important to seek medical advice and make sure that the high ankle sprain is treated properly before attempting to use a brace.

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