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Best Body Pillow For Stomach Sleepers (2024 Updated)

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If you’re a stomach sleeper, you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect body pillow to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep. It’s essential to find a pillow that is supportive and comfortable, so you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. When looking for a body pillow for stomach sleepers, there are a few key points to consider.

First, it’s important to find a pillow that is the right size for your body. A pillow that is too big or too small can be uncomfortable and can throw off your alignment, leading to a restless night. Second, the pillow should be made of a breathable material, such as cotton or bamboo, so your body can stay cool and dry throughout the night. Third, it should have the right amount of support for your neck and back, as well as your stomach. Fourth, the pillow should be adjustable, so you can customize the height and firmness to your liking. Finally, the pillow should be easy to clean and maintain, so you can keep it in good condition for years to come.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect body pillow for stomach sleepers. With the right pillow, you can sleep comfortably and wake up feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

10 Best Body Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

1. Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillow – 21"x54

The Oubonun Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows are designed to provide superior comfort and support for all types of sleepers. Whether you're a side sleeper, a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper, or just need more or less loft, these pillows are adjustable for optimal alignment of the spine. Crafted with a high-quality quilted top and 7D polyester fill, these pillows are the perfect addition to any bedroom, dorm, or hotel. Plus, the breathable cotton pillowcases provide an extra layer of comfort.

For easy cleaning, simply press, squeeze, and fold the pillow to get it back to its normal full fluffy shape. Allow up to 48 hours for the pillow to expand to full shape, and then machine wash and dry it. This will make the pillow even more fluffy and supportive. Make sure to give your friends and family the gift of a good night's sleep with this luxurious pillow, providing the perfect balance of firmness and plushness.

The Oubonun Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows are sure to provide a comfortable and restful sleep. Enjoy the perfect combination of support, comfort, and luxury with this pillow. With its adjustable loft and breathable cotton cover, this pillow is sure to exceed your expectations. Get ready for the best sleep of your life with the Oubonun Premium Adjustable Loft Quilted Body Pillows.

2. Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow For Comfort And Back Pain Relief

The ComfiLife Lumbar Support Pillow is designed to provide optimum back pain relief and comfort for side, back, and stomach sleepers. Made with 100% premium quality high-density memory foam, the pillow provides long-lasting support and spinal alignment for hours. The ergonomic design of the pillow is perfect for those who suffer from lower back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and joint pain.

The breathable and easy-to-clean cover of the pillow provides ultimate comfort and prevents the pillow from overheating. The cover is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

The ComfiLife Lumbar Support Pillow is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a way to alleviate lower back pain and improve their quality of sleep. The pillow can also be used as a leg elevation bolster to provide further comfort and effective pain relief. The high-density memory foam ensures the pillow will not go flat over time, and provides optimal support and spinal alignment.

The ComfiLife Lumbar Support Pillow is trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world, and your complete satisfaction is the top priority. If you are not 100% satisfied, ComfiLife offers a lifetime money back or replacement guarantee with no questions asked.

3. 2.6" Memory Foam Pillow For Stomach & Back Sleepers | Neck & Back Support | Gel-Infused Foam & Washable Bamboo Cover.

The BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and support for stomach and back sleepers. Its 2.6-inch memory foam is gel-infused to provide a soft, cooling sleep experience. The foam is designed with ventilation holes to help keep you cool and comfortable. The flat design of this pillow also helps to stabilize your head, reducing strain on your back and neck.

This pillow is made from premium CertiPUR-US memory foam and is free from dangerous chemicals and flame retardants for a safe and restful sleep. The pillow also comes with a double weave bamboo polyester pillowcase that “wicks away” moisture, available in white or grey to match any bedding. It also comes with a handy carry case so you can roll it up and take it with you wherever you go!

For stomach and back sleepers looking for a pillow to provide the right level of support and comfort, the BLISSBURY Stomach Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow is an ideal choice. Its contoured design helps reduce strain on your neck and back, while its cooling gel-infused foam helps keep you comfortable throughout the night. Plus, the pillow comes with a handy carry case for easy transport and a bamboo-textured pillowcase for added softness and breathability.

4. Cooling Gel Body Pillow – Firm Support & Comfort For Stomach & Side Sleepers

The Mindful Design Cooling Body Pillow is the perfect choice for a comfortable night’s sleep. This body pillow is designed to provide support and comfort for stomach and side sleepers, with a cooling gel panel that helps dissipate body heat. The pillow measures 48 inches x 16 inches x 9 inches and is made of 100% polyester with a firm fill density for extra support. The flexible shredded memory foam filling contours to any sleeping position, so you can rest easy.

This body pillow is designed to keep you cool and comfortable. The cooling gel panel measures 39 inches x 12 inches and is designed to help keep you from overheating while you sleep. The gel panel helps to dissipate your body heat, so you can stay comfortable throughout the night. The outer layer of the pillow is made of 100% polyester and filled with a firm fill density, providing extra support and comfort.

The Mindful Design Cooling Body Pillow is easy to maintain and clean. It is recommended to spot clean and air dry only. This body pillow is designed to be flexible and contours to any sleeping position, so you can find the perfect spot for a restful night’s sleep. With the Mindful Design Cooling Body Pillow, you can enjoy the comfort and support of a full body pillow with the added bonus of cooling gel technology.

5. Maternity Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

This Belly Pillow Pregnancy Pillow is the perfect solution for pregnant moms who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. No need to use multiple pillows to get comfortable and no need to use a full-body pregnancy pillow that takes up half of the bed. This pillow was designed by an experienced Chiropractor who has helped hundreds of pregnant moms sleep more comfortably.

The Belly Pillow Pregnancy Pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers. It comfortably supports the pregnant belly and prevents aches and pains in the hips, shoulders, and back, allowing for a more restful sleep. This pillow is the ideal solution for pregnant moms looking to enjoy the comfort of sleeping on their bellies.

This pillow is made in the USA and comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with this pillow, you may return it for a full refund. However, please note that this pillow may not work for every woman as much depends on the mother's size, the baby's size, and how the baby is positioned. It is important to review all pictures, dimensions, and size of the pillow and hole (16 inches x 12 inches) to determine if it will work for you.

The Belly Pillow Pregnancy Pillow is the perfect solution for pregnant moms looking to enjoy the comfort of sleeping on their bellies. This pillow was designed to help pregnant moms get a good night's sleep and wake up well-rested. Try it today, risk free, and enjoy the comfort of sleeping on your stomach while pregnant.

6. Ergonomic Belly Sleeper Pillow W/ Cooling Gel Memory Foam & Cover.

The Belly Sleeper Pillow is the perfect slim pillow for stomach sleepers, providing ideal support and comfort to keep your neck, shoulders, and back aligned throughout the night. Ergonomically designed, it evenly supports your spine, reducing pressure points and helping to maintain spinal alignment.

Made with a polyurethane foam infused with temperature-regulating cooling gel, our stomach sleeper pillow keeps you cool and comfortable, encased in an ultra-breathable bamboo pillowcase. This luxury pillow is designed with a unique shape that hugs the natural curves for support and comfort. The slim 2.5-inch memory foam pillow is also portable, making it perfect for travel.

At Belly Sleepers, we understand the lack of product options for stomach sleepers. That's why we designed the Belly Sleeper Pillow; to help make stomach sleeping as comfortable as possible. This pillow is an excellent long-term investment for consistent stomach and back support every night.

Whether you're looking for a pillow for your home or one to travel with, the Belly Sleeper Pillow is the perfect solution. With its contoured and supportive design, cooling memory foam, and ultra-breathable bamboo pillowcase, you'll wake up each morning refreshed and free of aches and pains. Make your nights more comfortable with the Belly Sleeper Pillow.

7. Shredded Memory Foam Full Body Pillow For Adults, 20" X 54" Long With Cooling Bamboo Cover.

The ELEMUSE Full Body Pillow is the perfect solution for adults who need extra support and comfort while sleeping. Its plush, shredded memory foam filling ensures that the pillow is not easily shifted or lumped, providing optimal resilience and softness that keeps you supported no matter which side you sleep on.

The ELEMUSE Full Body Pillow also features a unique, zippered cooling bamboo cover which uses innovative weaving technology to absorb heat and provide three-and-a-half times more breathability than other pillows. This makes it a great choice for hot sleepers who need to stay cool even on the hottest nights.

In addition, this body pillow is also made with eco-friendly and odorless materials to provide complete safety, quality, and comfortability for both kids and pregnant women. The pillow is designed to never go flat, and ELEMUSE promises a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. The pillowcase is also conveniently zippered for easy care and durable use.

For those who suffer from sleep-related issues, the ELEMUSE Full Body Pillow offers unparalleled comfort and support. Its unique combination of memory foam and bamboo cover provides softness, breathability, and comfortability that is sure to keep you comfortable and pain-free throughout the night.

8. Pregnancy Pillow & Maternity Support – U-Shape Full Body For Back, Hips, Legs, Belly.

PharMeDoc has the perfect solution for pregnant women and anyone else in need of full body support. Our U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow is designed to provide relief from the discomfort associated with pregnancy, sciatica, fibromyalgia, gastric reflux, and more.

This maternity pillow measures 53" inches long, 31" inches wide, and 7" inches high, making this the ideal contoured support pillow for your back, belly, legs, and neck. What makes this pillow even better is that it features a detachable extension. This extension can be used as its own full body pillow, or attached to the main body pillow for additional back or belly support.

This full body pillow offers more than just comfort for pregnant women. It is perfect for anyone needing more support, recovering from surgery, or tired of having to use separate pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back. With our U-shaped body pillow, you can enjoy comfort and support in one product.

We stand by the quality of our product. That’s why we offer a lifetime manufacturer warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Try PharMeDoc’s U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow today, risk-free! You’ll be glad you did.

9. Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow For Stomach/back Sleepers, Cervical Neck Alignment, Standard Size

The Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect choice for stomach, back, and even small-framed side sleepers. With a low profile of only 2.75” high, it is the ideal pillow for cervical neck alignment and deeper sleep. The pillow is filled with a premium, supportive memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified. This provides medium firm support without excessive height, while also improving breathing, reducing snoring and alleviating pain on your shoulders, neck, and back. The foam is infused with gel to absorb and move excessive heat away from the sleeping surface. Ventilation holes increase air circulation to keep you cool all night long.

The pillow also comes with a zippered, removable bamboo polyester cover. This cover is extremely soft yet durable, and is machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning. Bluewave Bedding is a family owned business committed to innovation and exceptional customer support. They offer three different lofts, 2.25", 2.75", and 3.25", and come in standard or king sizes. Advanced CarbonBlue cooling technology is also available in certain models.

For those who are looking for a slim memory foam pillow for stomach, back, and small-framed side sleepers, the Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Memory Foam Pillow is the perfect choice. With its low profile and advanced cooling features, it is sure to provide you with a comfortable and restful sleep.

10. Inflatable Bbl Pillow For Face-Down Sleeping Post-Surgery

This socivis Face Down Pillow is the ideal post-BBL surgery solution for those who are looking to avoid butt squeezing while sleeping. The ergonomic design is specifically crafted to adapt to female body curves and reduce pressure on the face, chest, and abdomen. It also features a 8.26in * 5.9in hole in the face position, and the face is 2.36in from the bed, providing extra support and height while allowing for improved air circulation.

The pillow is made of thickened PVC material and is 0.4mm thick, making it 50% more air-holding time than other inflatable pillows. The upgraded one-way inflatable flip cover valve prevents air from leaking out, ensuring that the pillow stays inflated for longer. It also provides excellent support with its high-elastic and soft PVC material, making it as comfortable as sleeping on an elastic bed.

This face down pillow for sleeping is the perfect solution for those who are looking to recover from BBL surgery and shape their butt better. It is an essential post-surgery supply that can help you sleep comfortably and avoid butt squeezing while you recover. With its ergonomic design and improved air circulation, this pillow is a must-have for any BBL surgery recovery.

Best Body Pillow For Stomach Sleepers FAQs

How do I stop sleeping on my stomach?

The best way to stop sleeping on your stomach is to make a conscious effort to train yourself to sleep on your back. Start by sleeping on your back for a few nights, and if that doesn't work, try focusing on your breathing when you're in bed. Taking deep, slow breaths can help to relax your body and make it easier to sleep on your back. You can also try using a pillow to support your lower back and prevent you from rolling onto your stomach. Place a pillow under your knees to reduce the strain on your back, and make sure your head is in a comfortable position. If you are still having trouble, talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist, as they may be able to recommend specific exercises or therapies that can help.

Is a body pillow good for stomach sleepers?

Yes, a body pillow can be beneficial for stomach sleepers. Because a body pillow is larger than a traditional pillow, it can provide support to the stomach and help to keep the spine in alignment. It can also help to reduce back pain and improve breathing by relieving pressure on the chest. Additionally, it can help to reduce tossing and turning at night and keep the stomach sleeper comfortable. When selecting a body pillow, be sure to choose one that is the correct size for your body, since a pillow that is too large or too small may not provide the necessary support.

What is the best pillow to stop stomach sleeping?

The best pillow to stop stomach sleeping is a firm pillow with a contoured shape. A contoured pillow provides support for the head and neck, helping to keep the spine in a neutral position and off the stomach. This type of pillow also helps to keep the airway open, reducing snoring and sleep apnea. The pillow should also be thick enough to provide adequate support while not being too high, which can put strain on the neck. A good pillow should also be breathable so that it doesn't get too hot and uncomfortable to sleep on. Lastly, look for a pillow that is hypoallergenic and machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Where should I put pillows if I sleep on my stomach?

When sleeping on your stomach, it is important to support your lower back and neck. The best way to do this is to use a pillow that is thin enough to keep your neck in a neutral position. Place the pillow directly under your stomach, so that it supports your mid-back and keeps your spine in a neutral position. You can also place a small pillow beneath your knees to help keep your hips in a neutral position. If you prefer more support, you can use a body pillow that is curved to fit around your body and provide extra support to your lower back and neck. Additionally, if you are a side-sleeper, you can use a thicker pillow to support your head and neck in a neutral position.

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