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Best Body Pillow For Shoulder Pain (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to finding a body pillow for shoulder pain, there are a few key points to consider. First, you want to make sure that the pillow is made of a comfortable material that won’t cause you any discomfort. Memory foam is a popular option as it is supportive while remaining soft and comfortable. Second, you want to look for a pillow that is designed to provide targeted support to the neck and shoulders. This can help to reduce pain and ensure that your neck and shoulders are properly supported. Third, you want to make sure that the pillow is adjustable so that it can provide the right amount of support for your individual needs. Fourth, you will want to consider the size of the pillow to make sure that it fits your body type and size. Lastly, look for a pillow that is easy to clean and maintain.

To summarize, when looking for a body pillow for shoulder pain, you want to make sure that it is made of a comfortable material, provides targeted support, is adjustable, fits your body type, and is easy to clean and maintain. With these five key points in mind, you can find the perfect body pillow that will provide you with the support and comfort you need to help relieve shoulder pain.

10 Best Body Pillow For Shoulder Pain

1. Memory Foam Pillow – Adjustable Neck & Shoulder Support For Pain Relief.

The 5X Pain Relief Cervical Pillow from Ridofty is an ergonomic neck pillow specially designed to provide neck pain relief. It has a unique butterfly shape, combining the traditional bed pillow and contour pillow, to cradle the head and maintain the natural curve of the neck and spine. The multifunctional pillow area provides full support to the neck and shoulders, relieving cervical spine pain and muscle stiffness.

The memory foam core of the pillow is 95% open cell, with a 3D mesh pillowcase that provides three times the breathability of other contour pillows. This ensures a cooling and dry night's sleep. The pillow is non-toxic and odorless, certified by OEKO-TEX, CertiPUR-US, and ISPA. The slow rebound memory foam won't change its shape and firmness due to season, providing long-lasting support.

The cervical pillow provides adjustable height liberty, allowing the user to achieve the 15-degree golden ratio of the sleeping position. This helps the restoration of the body's natural curves and extends the duration of deep sleep by 45 minutes.

Ridofty is a brand specializing in providing neck and shoulder pain relief. The 5X Pain Relief Cervical Pillow comes with a 100-night free trial and a no-worry after-sale support. This pillow is the perfect gift for yourself, your parents, friends and colleagues, and will greatly improve the quality of sleep.

2. Memory Foam U-Shaped Body Pillow For Side Sleepers – Removable Washable Cover For Pain Relief.

The HOMCA Pillow for Side Sleeper is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and support to those who sleep on their sides. Its unique U-shaped design conforms to the ergonomic shape of the body and helps to align the neck, buttocks, and body for a neutral joint fixation. Additionally, the arm contour design offers the perfect length and width to accommodate the arms of most people, allowing for a comfortable position and helping to reduce pressure on the shoulders and arms.

The pillow also features a slope buffer design, providing high enough support for side sleeping and helping to relieve headaches, cervical strain, and shoulder pain. Furthermore, the high-density memory foam pillow is designed to sense body temperature and match the softness for stable comfort, with slow rebound characteristics and no deformation under heavy pressure.

The pillow also features a widened ear hole pressure relief design on both sides, increasing the ear movement space and reducing ear friction and pressure. Additionally, the hypoallergenic rayon/polyester blend pillowcase is easy to clean and machine washable and its breathable structure allows air to circulate and keep users cool all night.

This upgraded version of the pillow also features drop-shaped ear holes, allowing for a more comfortable angle of support for the head. The softer memory foam and gentler slope also adds to the comfort and the pillow is sure to provide neck, back, and shoulder pain relief, making it the perfect choice for those who sleep on their sides.

3. U-Shaped Memory Foam Pillow For Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief, With Removable Pillowcase.

The AMZDOTD Side Sleeper Pillow is designed specifically to provide relief from neck and shoulder pain, as well as to help improve sleep. Its contoured design supports the head, neck, shoulder, and back, reducing stress on the cervical vertebrae and spine. It also features an ear hole pressure relief design on both sides, which increases the ear movement space and reduces ear friction and pressure.

Made with high-quality memory foam, the pillow measures 21.7” (H) x 17.3” (W) x 5” (Thick) and provides a perfect balance between support and softness, ensuring that your spine stays aligned and that pressure is alleviated. The breathable structure of the pillow allows for increased air circulation and helps keep you cool during the night.

The pillow also features a removable and washable luxury pillowcase, made with hypoallergenic rayon/polyester blend. This makes the pillow perfect for travel, as the pillowcase fits in a suitcase and allows for a good night’s rest anywhere.

The AMZDOTD Side Sleeper Pillow is backed by a hassle-free replacement and warranty policy. If you have any questions or need any assistance with the product, please contact us at [email protected]. We promise to provide top-notch product and customer service for every customer.

4. Pregnancy Pillow – U-Shaped Full Body, 55in, Removable Cover.

Chilling Home presents this U-Shaped Full Body Pillow for Pregnancy, designed specifically for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. This 55-inch maternity pillow is a must-have for expecting mothers and provides much-needed body support and relaxation. This pregnancy pillow can be used in a variety of ways and is perfect for people looking for a comfortable and supportive sleep.

This u-shaped full body pillow is filled with premium, high-density filling that offers extra comfort and support. Furthermore, the removable and washable cover ensures that you can always keep the pillow clean and hygienic. This pillow is an ideal pregnancy gift for first-time mothers, and it can also be used as room décor.

The pillow measures 55×28 inches, making it long enough to stretch and support the body while sleeping. Its inner curves contour to the body, enabling alignment of hips for neutral joint positioning. This full body pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support while pregnant, and it can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow.

Chilling Home’s U-Shaped Full Body Pillow for Pregnancy is a must-have for all expecting mothers. This pillow is filled with premium, high-density filling that provides extra support and comfort. Its removable and washable cover makes it easy to keep clean and hygienic. Furthermore, its inner curves contour to the body for better positioning and comfort. This full body pillow is an ideal pregnancy gift for first-time mothers, and it can also be used as room décor.

5. Contour Memory Foam Pillow With Pillowcases For Neck & Shoulder Support.

The DOWUDO Contour Memory Foam Pillow is an ergonomically designed pillow that provides superior support and alignment for your head, neck, shoulders, and back. This pillow features a unique hollow butterfly shape with a head support area, side sleeping area, and neck support area to reduce neck pain and shoulder stiffness. The high-quality memory foam with moderate hardness and softness distributes pressure evenly to gently stretch and relax the shoulder muscles, resulting in a more restful sleep and refreshed body.

The DOWUDO Contour Memory Foam Pillow also features an armrest design with specific grooves that allow your arms to go underneath for a comfortable sleep. The breathable surface allows air to flow freely to keep the pillow cool. This pillow is suitable for all types of sleeping postures and comes with two washable pillowcases for convenience.

The DOWUDO Contour Memory Foam Pillow is made of high-quality memory foam and Certified by CertiPUR-US. It has a rebound time of 3-5 seconds, so it keeps its shape after regular use. The pillow is also skin-friendly and chemical-free. The luxurious micro-vented cover is removable and machine washable and offers long-lasting comfort for sensitive skin.

This cervical pillow is the perfect gift for elders, office workers, teachers, and those who suffer from sleep disorders. It also provides relief from chronic cervical spondylosis and is an excellent choice for Valentine's Day. The pillow measures 24 inches in length, 14.5 inches in width, and 5.1 inches in height. With its superior quality and design, the DOWUDO Contour Memory Foam Pillow will provide you with years of comfortable and restful sleep.

6. Adjustable Memory Foam Neck Pillow For Pain Relief & Cooling Pillowcase.

Are you looking for a pillow that can help to relieve your neck pain during sleep? ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Memory Foam Pillow is a great choice for you. This ergonomically shaped pillow offers excellent support for your head and neck, and fits side, back, and stomach sleepers.

It is made with high-quality odorless memory foam that is CertiPUR-US certified, providing firm support with amazing comfort and softness when sleeping. Its special butterfly shape gives your arms special armrests and the contour design holds your neck at the right height and offers excellent support during sleep. The central cavity properly supports the head, facilitating alignment of the head with the body and spine. The removable piece in the bottom lets you freely adjust the height of the pillow.

The outer cover of this neck pain pillow is made of moisture-wicking bamboo and polyester, a highly breathable material that helps keep sleepers cool and is machine-washable for easy cleaning. It comes with double pillowcases(stretchy polyester liner) which aims to help to protect the pillow, and both of the covers have zippers for easy disassembly.

ZAMAT Adjustable Cervical Memory Foam Pillow is an ideal choice for those looking for a personalized pillow for a healthy neck. It can slow rebound its shape within a few minutes and keep its shape and firmness for long-term use. Moreover, we provide a 100% satisfaction solution in the rare case you do not enjoy the product, if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us. Get this pillow and enjoy a comfortable and healthy sleep!

7. Maternity Pillow For Pregnant Women, U-Shape 55in, Cooling Jersey Cover.

The AngQi Pregnancy Pillow is the perfect choice for expecting mothers looking for a good night’s rest. This u-shaped pillow is designed to follow the natural shape of your body to provide optimal support while you sleep on your side. It helps to reduce sleep disruption by replacing multiple bed pillows and improves circulation through the night.

The AngQi Pregnancy Pillow is also extremely versatile. Its two U-shaped legs allow you to form a variety of positions, serving as the perfect support for sleeping, nursing, reading in bed, watching TV, or simply relaxing. The high-density filling cotton provides the perfect balance between comfort and support, making it ideal for repeated use throughout the night. Plus, its ultra-soft cooling jersey fabric cover is full stretch and durable, and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

The AngQi Pregnancy Pillow is not just for pregnant mothers, but for anyone looking for a good night’s rest. It can help to soothe those recovering from surgery, and can even relieve discomfort related to sciatica, fibromyalgia, and gastric reflux. It is the perfect gift for expecting mothers, and an incredibly helpful addition to any nursery.

Experience the comfort and support of the AngQi Pregnancy Pillow. Its unique design allows you to curl up and feel secure while providing optimum support for your head, back, belly, sides, knees, hips, and legs. Defeat poor sleep during pregnancy nights and enjoy a deep night’s rest with the AngQi Pregnancy Pillow.

8. U-Shaped Memory Foam Pillow With Cool Cover – 54

The Milliard U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow is the perfect way to get the support and comfort you need for a restful night's sleep. This ergonomic pillow provides long, body-length positioning to help you relieve pressure from your arms, back, neck, head, and legs.

The inside of the long body pillow is filled with thick, cushioned memory foam that can be added or removed to customize your comfort level. Its full-body design is like a hug all through the night and makes it great for watching TV, nursing children, reading, or simply sleeping.

This U shaped body pillow is also an ideal choice for pregnant women. It helps to relieve belly pressure, back pain, or any other discomfort that comes with carrying a baby. With its multiple sleeping positions, you can use it while lying on your side, back, or stomach, or while sitting up in various positions. It can even be used while resting on the couch.

The Milliard U Shaped Total Body Support Pillow is designed to provide optimal comfort and support throughout the night. Its ergonomic design and customizable memory foam cushioning make it a great choice for those who need a little extra support. Plus, it comes with a cool, breathable, and washable cover for added convenience. Get the restful sleep you deserve with this U shaped body pillow.

9. Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain Relief, Memory Foam Ergonomic Orthopedic Support Pillow W/ Pillowcase.

The DONAMA Cervical Pillow was designed to help provide relief from neck pain and insomnia. Its ergonomic design offers contoured memory foam support for the head, neck, shoulders, and back, allowing your spine to align correctly as you shift between different sleeping positions. The pillow also has two different heights on either side to allow you to choose the right height for your sleeping posture.

The DONAMA Cervical Pillow is made with high quality CertiPUR-US certified rebound memory foam and is firm enough to provide the maximum comfort and great relaxation for the head, neck, shoulders, and back muscles. It also has a double layer pillowcase that is made from hypoallergenic cotton and polyester, making it soft, breathable and stretchy. The pillowcase is also removable and machine washable.

The DONAMA Cervical Pillow is perfect for all kinds of sleeping positions, including stomach, back, and side sleeping. It also has armrest grooves that allow your arms to go under for comfortable sleep. The high quality memory foam may have a slight polyurethane smell, but this is normal and will go away within 7-10 days if placed in a cool and ventilated area.

The DONAMA Cervical Pillow is perfect for the elderly, IT professionals, and those with sleep disorders. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can trust that you’re buying a quality product. With its ergonomic design, high quality memory foam, breathable pillowcase, and armrest grooves, the DONAMA Cervical Pillow is sure to help you get the best sleep of your life.

10. Memory Foam Neck And Shoulder Pillow For Pain Relief.

Experience the best sleep of your life with the CushionCare L Shaped Boomerang Pillow. Developed with a proprietary blend of shredded memory foam that can easily be adjusted to fit your body’s natural neck and shoulder curve, this revolutionary pillow helps to eliminate painful pressure points for a fully restful sleep.

The pillow is designed to be adjustable, with memory foam that can be added or removed to modify the height and feel of the pillow, making it extra firm, medium, or soft. Furthermore, the temperature sensitive cooling foam adjusts to your body’s heat and weight to provide just the right amount of support while keeping you cool and comfortable.

The pillow also features an exclusive L Shaped design that cradles your neck and head to keep you from tossing and turning while keeping your head in line with your spine to reduce neck and shoulder pain, snoring, and soreness post surgery. With its unique shape, this pillow can be hugged while supporting both your head and arms.

The CushionCare L Shaped Boomerang Pillow is perfect for all sleeping positions, including side, back and stomach, and comes with a luxurious thick outer pillow case cover in a modern white and mesh fabric design. Additionally, the heavy inner cover keeps the memory foam clean and safe for you and your family.

As an added bonus, CushionCare also includes a free sutera sleeping mask to keep every hint of light out! Plus, the sleeping pillow comes in its own beautiful, custom box that makes it the perfect gift for anyone in your life who needs relief from endless restless nights.

Best Body Pillow For Shoulder Pain FAQs

Are body pillows good for shoulder pain?

Body pillows can be beneficial for those suffering from shoulder pain, as they help to maintain proper posture and provide additional support for the neck and shoulders. The extra support provided by the body pillow helps to keep the shoulders in a more comfortable position, which can reduce tense muscles and decrease the risk of developing chronic shoulder pain. Additionally, the pillow can be used to prop up the arm and shoulder while sleeping, reducing strain on the shoulder muscles and joints. It is important to choose a body pillow that is the right size and shape for the individual's body and needs, as well as selecting a pillow that has a firm, supportive filling. Consulting a doctor or physical therapist can help to ensure that the body pillow is the best option to reduce shoulder pain.

How do I stop my shoulder from hurting when I sleep?

There are several ways to stop shoulder pain when sleeping. Firstly, changing sleeping positions may help. Try to sleep with your shoulder supported in an elevated position, such as by sleeping with a pillow between your arm and body. Additionally, sleeping on your back or side can help reduce pressure on the shoulder joints and muscles. Secondly, stretching exercises can also help reduce shoulder pain. This can be done by extending the arm out in front of the body and gently rotating the shoulder in a circular motion. Thirdly, using a cold or hot compress on the affected area can help reduce inflammation and pain. Cold compresses can be applied for 15-20 minutes at a time, while hot compresses can be used for up to 30 minutes. Finally, over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen can help reduce pain and inflammation. However, it is important to consult a healthcare professional before taking any medications.

How should I sleep with a body pillow for shoulder pain?

The best way to sleep with a body pillow for shoulder pain is by positioning the pillow between your knees and ankles, and in front of your chest. This will help to align your spine and reduce the pressure on your shoulders. Additionally, it's important to make sure your head is properly supported. You can use the pillow to support your head and neck in a slightly elevated position, or you can use a separate pillow for this purpose. You may also want to consider lying on your back, with your arms at your sides and the pillow supporting your neck and upper back. Make sure to adjust the pillow as needed to ensure your body is comfortable and your spine is properly supported.

What is best pillow to relieve shoulder pain?

The best pillow to relieve shoulder pain will depend on the individual's body type, sleeping position, and the severity of the shoulder pain. For side sleepers, a pillow that is thicker and firmer near the neck and thinner and softer near the shoulder can help keep the spine in alignment and reduce shoulder pain. For stomach sleepers, a thinner pillow that supports the natural curve of the neck is recommended. Memory foam, buckwheat, and latex are all popular materials for pillows that can help with shoulder pain. In addition, a pillow placed between the knees can help keep the spine in alignment and reduce shoulder discomfort. It is important to find a pillow that is comfortable to sleep on and does not aggravate the shoulder pain further. A visit to a physical therapist or doctor can help determine the best pillow for an individual's specific needs.

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