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Best Bluetooth Speaker With Charging Dock (2024 Updated)

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Bluetooth speakers with charging docks are a great way to get your music on the go. Whether you’re travelling, taking a hike, or just enjoying a day out, having a Bluetooth speaker with a charging dock will ensure you can enjoy your tunes on the go. Here are five key points to consider when looking for a Bluetooth speaker with a charging dock:

1. Sound Quality: The sound quality of the speaker is important and should be the first thing you consider. Check the speaker’s power rating, frequency response range, and sound quality to ensure you get the best sound possible.

2. Battery Life: The battery life of the speaker is also important. Look for a speaker with a long battery life and one that offers fast charging capabilities.

3. Connectivity: Look for a speaker that supports multiple Bluetooth devices, so you can connect multiple devices and enjoy your music.

4. Durability: Make sure the speaker is durable and water-resistant. This will ensure that your speaker can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions, and will last you for years.

5. Price: Price is always a factor, so make sure to compare different speakers and find the best value for your money.

In conclusion, Bluetooth speakers with charging docks are a great way to enjoy your music on the go. Make sure to consider the sound quality, battery life, connectivity, durability, and price when looking for the perfect speaker. With the right speaker, you’ll be able to enjoy your music wherever you are.

10 Best Bluetooth Speaker With Charging Dock

1. 15w Wireless Charger Sound Hub Bluetooth Speaker With Mic, Handsfree Calling, 2 Usb Ports, Upright View.

Introducing the revolutionary new device, the DockAll – the perfect combination of dock, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker and hands-free calling. This all-in-one device features fast wireless charging, an exceptional dual-Bluetooth speaker system with 5 Watts of premium HD sound per speaker, and a built-in mic for hands-free calling.

The DockAll is designed to charge compatible phones vertically or horizontally, and is even case-friendly – tested to charge through some of the toughest plastic phone cases up to 5MM thick (wireless charging can’t penetrate through metal material). It also has a power-save mode – Bluetooth will disconnect after 15 minutes of non-use. Simply press the Play/Pause button to reconnect the device.

The DockAll is packed into a stylish innovative design with an upright positioning, allowing you to stream music or movies, chat or Skype as it charges. This versatile device fits perfectly into small spaces, saving you time and energy, and making it an ideal accessory for your home, office or bedroom.

The DockAll is the perfect way to add a touch of style to any room, with its sleek and modern design. The unbeatable combination of fast 15W wireless charging, two USB ports, upgraded mic and hands-free calling, and premium HD sound, makes the DockAll the perfect choice for all your streaming, charging and listening needs.

Experience convenience and versatility like never before with the DockAll. Get one now and enjoy the ultimate all-in-one dock, charger, speaker and hands-free calling device. With its fast and efficient wireless charging, upgraded mic and hands-free calling, two USB ports, and space-saving design, the DockAll is the perfect way to make your life simpler.

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker End Table W/ Wireless Charger, Usb Dock, Digital Display & Fm Radio (White Oak)

This Portable Smart End Table Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger and USB Charging Dock, Digital Screen Display and FM Radio is the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room or office. Its classic wooden round design features a brightness-adjustable screen display, making it suitable to be placed next to the bed without interrupting sleep. It also has a built-in FM tuner to receive high-quality sound stations.

The integrated charging station makes it easy and convenient to charge mobile devices, including laptops. Simply place your compatible smartphone on the marked charging area of the table and you're good to go. Moreover, it has a USB port for added convenience. It also has an alarm clock so you won't miss any important appointments.

The size of this smart side table is L 15.16'' x W 15.55'' x H 23'', making it suitable for any space. Plus, it comes with a fully illustrated instruction manual for easy installation.

With its classic design, integrated charging station, Bluetooth, FM radio, alarm clock, USB port and adjustable screen display, this Portable Smart End Table Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect addition to any home. It is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that will make your life even more comfortable.

3. 10w Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker With Bedside Night Light – Birthday Gift Ideas For Teenagers.

This SIDVAR Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect gift for any occasion. It has a classic white design and features 4-in-1 functionality – Bluetooth speaker, night light, wireless charging station and phone holder. With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, it ensures more stable and instant pairing and has a wireless range of up to 33 feet, allowing you to connect to any Bluetooth enabled device.

The speaker also features 7 solid colors and 2 dynamic lights, allowing you to switch between warm white light mode and rich mixed lighting with just a few clicks. It also has a Qi certified wireless fast charging up to 5W, with overcurrent, overcharge, overvoltage, overheating and other functions and temperature control functions, as well as automatic shutdown and foreign object and metal object recognition.

The speaker is made of toy grade PP and ABS, making it safe and reliable. It is perfect for bedrooms, yoga, modern offices or baby rooms. It is also perfect for teenage boys and girls of all ages and makes for a great gift for any occasion, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, or Wedding.

This SIDVAR Wireless Charging Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a unique and stylish gift. With its multifunctional capabilities and cutting-edge technology, it is sure to bring a smile to the face of your friends and family.

4. Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Sunset Red Bundle With Dock & Case.

This Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Waterproof Wireless-Bluetooth Portable-Speaker (Sunset Red) is the perfect bundle for your next adventure. The included cable & wall plug allow you to easily connect it to your device and get started listening. The MEGABOOM 3 is equipped with two 2-inch full-range drivers in an iconic cylindrical design to deliver immersive, stereophonic audio that radiates evenly in all directions. That means that you get a balanced and perfectly clear audio no matter where you’re listening.

The MEGABOOM 3 is also equipped with a larger woofer and extra size to create intense bass without any exaggeration or distortion. The bluetooth connection is also easy to use, allowing you to pair the speaker with any device that supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart wireless Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) audio profile.

But that’s not all – this speaker is also built to last. It is tested for more than 25 rigorous durability tests including 1000s of button pushes, tumbles, drop tests and more. That means that it can withstand drops, kicks, headbangs, and even spills. So you can take it with you wherever you go and be confident that it will last.

The bundle also includes the Ultimate Ears Power Up Wireless Charging Dock and the Knox Gear Hard Padded Case, so you can keep your speaker safe and charged up. Whether you’re in the backyard, the beach or on the road, this bundle has everything you need to keep the music going.

5. Dockall D108 Wireless Charger Dock With Bluetooth Speakers – Iphone 14/13/12/11, Samsung S22/note 22/s21/note 20/s10/s9.

The Azpen Dockall D108 Wireless Charger is a revolutionary charging device that allows you to charge your phone or other compatible devices quickly and easily. This powerful dock features 3 charging coils that support both vertical and horizontal charging, providing up to 10W of fast wireless charging for most newer phones such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, and iPhones at 7.5W.

Not only does it provide fast wireless charging, but it also features an exceptional dual-Bluetooth speaker system with 5 Watts of premium HD sound. The built-in mic allows it to be used as a speakerphone, and the easy connect feature means that if the Bluetooth connection is lost, you can simply hold down the Press/Pause Button to reconnect.

The Dockall is also case friendly, tested to charge through some of the toughest plastic and rubber phone cases up to 5MM thick. However, please note that wireless charging is not possible through metal or stick on attachments like pop-sockets. Additionally, it features two USB charging ports built in for additional charging options or non-Qi compatible phones, allowing you to charge three devices at the same time.

If you’re looking for a powerful, fast, and reliable charging dock, the Azpen Dockall D108 Wireless Charger is the perfect choice. With its exceptional dual-Bluetooth speaker system, case friendly design, and ability to charge three devices at once, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power again.

6. Metal Portable Wireless Usb Stereo Speakers + Charging Dock – Sports Use – Smartphone, Tv, Laptop, Mac, Pc, Tablets, Samsung, Android, Iphone.

This Mini Bluetooth Speaker Set is a must-have for anyone who loves to enjoy their favorite tunes while exploring the outdoors or lounging at home. With its powerful 2x3W drivers, it provides deep-impact bass and crisp surround sound with less than 1% total harmonic distortion, even at max volume. The robust metal construction ensures that it can handle any outdoor excursion, while the stylish charging dock allows you to charge both speakers simultaneously.

The Mini Bluetooth Speaker Set is universally compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, and provides a stable connection up to 33 feet away. With its simple connectivity and last-device automatic connection feature, it's easy to connect and enjoy your favorite songs, movies, podcasts, and TV shows wherever you are. Plus, with up to 8 hours of playback time, you can enjoy your music all day long.

No matter where you are – at home, outdoors, or in your car – the Mini Bluetooth Speaker Set will be there to provide you with your life’s soundtrack. Its small, portable size makes it easy to take with you on any adventure, and its powerful sound quality ensures that you’ll never miss a beat. Whether you’re chilling or exploring, let the Mini Bluetooth Speaker Set take your music to the next level.

7. Devialet Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger (Alexa, Bluetooth, Fast Charge For Iphone/samsung) – White

The Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger is the perfect choice for any music enthusiast. With advanced sound technology by Devialet, this speaker delivers full resonant bass and crystal-clear tones, for a truly high-fidelity audio experience.

The SoundForm Elite is a wireless speaker with Bluetooth, so you can play and control your music without having to be tied down to a single spot. It also features integrated fast wireless charging for iPhone at 7.5W, Samsung at 9W, and Google at 10W. Vibration-canceling technology in the speaker ensures your device charges steadily without interruption.

You can also create a whole-home audio experience with the SoundForm Elite, allowing you to play music in multiple rooms at once. And if that wasn’t enough, you can even connect with Alexa to find answers online, manage everyday tasks, and easily control smart devices around your home—just by using your voice!

The Belkin SoundForm Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker + Wireless Charger is the perfect choice for any music lover. With superior sound quality, wireless charging capabilities, and Alexa voice control, you’ll experience audio like never before.

8. Ue Boom 3/megaboom 3/blast/megablast Charging Cradle W/ Usb Cable (5ft/150cm)

The TUSITA Power Up Charging Cradle is the perfect accessory for your Ultimate Ears Boom 3, Megaboom 3, Blast, or Megablast Bluetooth Speaker. The charging dock offers a convenient home base for your device and allows you to play music while charging. Constructed of high-quality wire, the charging cradle ensures a stable current transmission and a reliable charging experience for your device.

This charging cradle is fast and stable, providing a high-efficiency and high-stability charging experience. To ensure safe charging, the cradle has voltage regulator and PTC inside to protect your device from being damaged by overcurrent when connected to a power source. The over-voltage and over-current protection will also ensure your speaker is not damaged while it is charging.

The design of the TUSITA Power Up Charging Cradle is both durable and premium quality, making it the perfect accessory for your speaker. It is made of a high-quality ABS + PC material, providing your device with a stable base for charging. The 5ft/150cm USB cable makes it easy to access a power source, allowing you to charge your speaker and phone at the same time.

Whether you need to charge your Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker or your phone, the TUSITA Power Up Charging Cradle is the perfect device for you. With its fast and stable charging speed, over-voltage and over-current protection, and durable design, it is the perfect accessory for your home or office. Charge your devices quickly and safely with the TUSITA Power Up Charging Cradle.

9. Emerson Smartset Radio Alarm Clock With Bluetooth Speaker, Usb Charger & Phone Dock.

This Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station/Phone Chargers with USB port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Tablets is the perfect way to stay up to date throughout the day. It features Bluetooth V4.1, a USB output for mobile charging 2.1a 5V, and a button cell battery that maintains time and alarm settings.

The clock comes with a digital tuning FM radio and 20 station memories, as well as a patented smartest automatic time setting system that automatically sets itself to the correct year, month, date, day and time as soon as you plug it in and after every power interruption. The easy-to-read 1.4” Cyan LED clock display also has a dimmer control that makes it easier to program. The soft blue night light is an added convenience.

The alarm can be programmed to operate on weekdays only, weekends only, or all seven days of the week. You can set the alarm to wake you up to your favorite FM music or news station, or to just the buzzer. To make sure you’re always on time, the Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station/Phone Chargers with USB port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Tablets is the perfect alarm clock to have.

10. 2-Pack Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 Wireless Speakers + Accessories

Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM 3 Wireless Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice for music lovers. This bundle contains two speakers, two Ultimate Ears PowerUp Wireless Charging Docks, two Signature Series Hard Cases for Ultimate Ears Speakers, and two Signature Series Microfiber Cloths.

The all-new Magic Button on MEGABOOM 3 allows you to play, pause, and skip tracks directly on the speaker with a single push. You can also use the PartyUp mode on the Ultimate Ears app to pair up to 150 speakers for the ultimate sound experience. Plus, you can pair any generation of BOOM and MEGABOOM together.

MEGABOOM 3 is built tough and ready for adventure. It has passed more than 25 rigorous durability tests, including thousands of button pushes, tumbles, and multiple drop tests. It also has an IP67 water and dustproof rating, meaning it can be totally submerged in water for up to 30 minutes and still keep booming.

In addition, the Ultimate Ears POWER UP makes charging a breeze. Simply place the speaker on the dock, and it will start charging immediately. With POWER UP, you can enjoy music at any moment, as it is also powered when docked.

The MEGABOOM 3 Wireless Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect choice for music lovers, offering convenience, durability, and quality sound.

Best Bluetooth Speaker With Charging Dock FAQs

Can I charge my Bluetooth speaker through the USB port?

Yes, you can charge your Bluetooth speaker through the USB port. USB ports are a convenient way to power up your speaker and provide a reliable source of power. To charge your speaker, simply connect the USB cable to the USB port on your speaker and then plug the other end into an available USB port on your computer or laptop. Depending on the model of your speaker, the charging speed may vary, but most speakers will charge within a few hours. It is important to note that not all USB ports are equal, and some may provide more power than others. Additionally, some speakers may require a special adapter to be used in order to charge through a USB port.

Can you charge a Bluetooth speaker on a charging pad?

Yes, it is possible to charge a Bluetooth speaker on a charging pad. Charging pads, also known as wireless chargers, use a technology known as inductive charging to transfer energy from the pad to the device. In order to use a charging pad, the device must be compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. Most modern Bluetooth speakers are Qi compatible, so they can be charged on a wireless charging pad. To charge the Bluetooth speaker, simply place it on the pad and ensure that the two devices have a good physical contact. Once the charging is complete, the speaker will indicate that the battery is full. Wireless charging is a convenient way to keep Bluetooth speakers powered up at all times.

Can you keep a Bluetooth speaker plugged in?

Yes, it is possible to keep a Bluetooth speaker plugged in. Most Bluetooth speakers come with a USB charger, which allows you to keep the speaker plugged in and ready for use at all times. The USB charger is usually connected to a power source, such as a wall outlet or USB port. It is important to note that when plugged in, the speaker will still need to be paired with a device in order to be used. Additionally, some Bluetooth speakers also have a built-in battery, which can be used for a limited amount of time when not plugged in.

Which Bluetooth speaker has the best battery?

The Bluetooth speaker that has the best battery life depends largely on the individual's needs. Some speakers are designed for portability and have smaller batteries but longer battery life, while others are designed for larger sound and have bigger batteries but shorter battery life. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker with the best overall battery life, the Anker Soundcore 2 offers 12 hours of playtime from a single charge, making it one of the longest-lasting Bluetooth speakers on the market. It also has a bassup technology that enhances the low frequencies for a richer and more powerful sound. Additionally, the Anker Soundcore 2 is IPX7 waterproof, so it can withstand spills, rain, and even submersion in water. So if you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker with great battery life and powerful sound, the Anker Soundcore 2 is an excellent choice.

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