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Best Bait For Saltwater Pier Fishing (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to pier fishing in saltwater, the right bait is key to success. There are so many options available, it can be hard to know which one to choose. To help you out, here are five key points to consider when looking for bait for saltwater pier fishing:

1. Know Your Target Species – Different species of fish require different types of bait. Knowing which species you are targeting will help you narrow down your bait options.

2. Consider the Weather – The weather can have a big impact on the types of bait that will work best. In windy conditions, heavier baits will be more successful. In calmer conditions, lighter baits may be more successful.

3. Choose the Right Size – The size of the bait should match the size of the fish you are targeting. Smaller baits will be more successful for smaller fish, while larger baits are better for larger fish.

4. Have a Variety of Baits – Having a variety of baits on hand can help increase your chances of success. Different baits will attract different fish, so having a range of options can help you be more successful.

5. Choose the Right Color – Different colors of bait can be more attractive to different species of fish. Knowing which colors are more attractive to the fish you are targeting can help you choose the right bait.

Overall, when looking for bait for saltwater pier fishing, it’s important to consider your target species, the weather, the size of the bait, having a variety of baits and the color of the bait. By taking these five key points into consideration, you can be sure to find the right bait for a successful fishing trip.

10 Best Bait For Saltwater Pier Fishing

1. Saltwater Fishing Tackle Box – 269 Pcs Surf Kit.

The Dr.Fish Complete Surf Fishing Tackle Kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for saltwater fishing. This kit contains all the necessary items to make successful saltwater catches, from hard lures, soft lures to terminal tackle like fishing weights, fishing hooks and swivel snaps. It features name-brand quality hardbaits, bucktail jigs and soft lures, and enough varieties to cover the most productive fishing techniques.

The kit includes a walking bait, two bucktail jigs, one casting spoon, ten paddle tail swimbaits, forty rig floats, four lead pyramid sinkers, five wire leaders, five bottom rigs, forty hooks, twenty swivels, twenty duo lock snaps, ten 3 way swivels, ten sinker slides, and fifty beads. These components enable anglers to make different productive rigs like bottom rig, pompano rig or fish finder rig to target a wide range of saltwater species like halibut, striper, pompano or flounder.

This Dr.Fish Complete Saltwater Tackle Kit comes with a double layer tackle box for easy storage. It offers a comprehensive solution for the avid saltwater angler, and makes a great gift for any fishing enthusiast. All 269 pieces of high quality tackle are included, so you can be sure you have all the right items for successful saltwater fishing.

2. Eatingbiting 40 Inch 40" Portable Prawn Bait Crab Shrimp Net Drop Landing Fishing Pier Harbour Pond

This 40 inch portable prawn bait crab shrimp net is perfect for any fishing enthusiast. It is made of durable and wear-resistant nylon, braided fabric and soft steel, making it light and portable. It features a top circle diameter of 100cm/40 inches and a down circle diameter of 50cm/19.68 inches, with a height of 40cm/15.75 inches.

The fishing net is incredibly easy to use and requires no installation. All you need to do is pull the string on the top and the net will be automatically opened. This makes it an ideal choice for catching a variety of different fish, including crabs, lobster, minnows, shrimp, and crawfish.

This net is perfect for use in a variety of different environments, from drop landings and fishing piers to harbours and ponds. It is designed to be folded up for easy storage and transport, making it a great choice for trips away and for casual fishing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fisher, the EatingBiting 40 inch Portable Prawn Bait Crab Shrimp Net is perfect for any fisherman looking to make the most of their next fishing adventure. Not only is it easy to use, but it is also incredibly durable, meaning it will last for many years to come. So why not make the EatingBiting 40 inch Portable Prawn Bait Crab Shrimp Net your go-to choice for your next fishing trip?

3. Saltwater Fishing Lures Kit – 150pcs Tackle, Bait Rigs, Hooks, Swivels, Minnow, Jig, Spoon, Sinkers & Accessories

This 150pcs Saltwater Fishing Lures Surf Fishing Tackle Kit is the perfect choice for any angler looking to get the most out of their saltwater fishing experience. With a variety of bait rigs, circle hooks, swivel snaps, hard bait minnow, bucktail jig, metal spoon, sinker weight, and various accessories, the kit includes all the necessary equipment for saltwater fishing on the beach, pier, jetty, or boat.

The tackle set is made of quality material, offering high hardness and good corrosion resistance, so it won't easily rust. Each piece is crafted with great attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and optimal durability. The set is also portable, with a protective box to help keep the equipment organized and protected from rust, and a convenient handle for easy transport.

The kit includes 1 pack bait rig, 1 bucktail jig, 1 minnow lure (random color), 1 metal spoon, 2 egg sinkers, 5 crappie jigs, 5 sinker slides, 6 sinker weights, 6 wire leaders hooks, 10 plastic red hearts, 12 stainless steel wire rigs, 15 three way swivels, 15 barrel swivel snaps, 20 circle hooks, 20 baitholder hooks, and 30 fishing beads. With all these pieces, anglers can create a variety of rigs, have plenty of sinkers and hooks to choose from, and have a variety of lures, including hard bait minnow, bucktail jig, and metal spoon.

This 150pcs Saltwater Fishing Lures Surf Fishing Tackle Kit is a must-have for anglers of all levels, from beginners to experienced pros. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking to maximize their saltwater fishing experience. It also makes a great gift for any fisherman in your life.

4. 136pcs Surf Fishing Tackle Kit – Bait Rigs, Weights, Spoons, Hooks, Swivels, Leaders, Ocean Gear

This Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit is an essential item for any saltwater angler. It includes 136 pieces of gear, which includes 1pcs spoon lure, 1pcs minnow Lure, 6pcs Pyramid sinkers, 6pcs bottom rigs, 6pcs wire leader rig with j hooks, 20pcs Circle Hooks, 10pcs J Hooks, 10pcs Leader Sliders, 20pcs Barrel Swivels, 20pcs duo lock snaps, 5pcs Three Way Swivels, and 31pcs Beads.

The Saltwater Tackle is made from quality materials, which has a high hardness, and is resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is perfect for fishing for striped bass, snook, red-drum, shark, speckled sea trout, blue fish, fluke, corbina, surf perch & croaker.

The tackle kit comes with an organized tackle box, which will help protect the gear from rust and make traveling for beach fishing trips much easier. It is also a great gift for any fishing lover.

The Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit is an all-in-one solution for all your saltwater fishing needs. Whether you are fishing from a pier, jetty, beach, or boat, this tackle set will provide you with the gear you need for a successful day out on the water. It is perfect for both the beginner and the experienced fisherman.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit today and start making the most of your saltwater fishing trips!

5. Multi-Color Fishing Rigs (10 Pack, 60 Hooks) For Cod, Rockfish, Whiting, Pier, Boat, Beach Saltwater Fishing.

This Fishing Feather Rigs 10 Pack/60 Hooks Multi Color Rig Hooks Perch Rig Bait Trolling Rig for Cod Rockfish Whiting Pier Boat Beach Saltwater Fishing is the ideal choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their fishing experience. Featuring a stream of vibrant coloured feathers tied to each hook, this rig provides a natural, lifelike bait to attract any type of fish. The corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated hooks are designed to last, while the low memory fishing line helps reduce the chances of wind knots.

To use, simply lower the Feather Rig to the desired depth where the school of fish are located. Then, by slowly raising and lowering the rod tip, a lifelike action is created that attracts the fish to the rig. Repeat this motion until you feel a fish cling on. This multi-coloured rig is great for catching bait fish at sea and targeting larger fish in the shoreline, pier, beach, jetties, and boat.

Each set contains 10 packs of 6 hooks with feather, professionally tied and ready to use. With its durability, versatility and attractive design, this Fishing Feather Rigs 10 Pack/60 Hooks Multi Color Rig Hooks Perch Rig Bait Trolling Rig for Cod Rockfish Whiting Pier Boat Beach Saltwater Fishing is the perfect choice for any angler looking to improve their fishing experience.

6. Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit (138 Pcs) With Bait, Lures, Hooks, Etc.

This Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit is the perfect companion for any saltwater fishing trip. With all the essential tackle included, you can be sure to have a successful angling experience. The kit includes a Hard Bait Minnow Lure, Spoon Lure, Leader Rigs, Sinkers, Floats, and Terminal Tackle, giving you all the necessary tools to catch the bigger catch.

The tackle box contains 138 pieces of the best saltwater grade fishing gear. The main leader is rated for up to 77 lb and the arms for up to 50.6 lb, and the egg sinker weight rig is 0.5 oz. Furthermore, the box contains 1 Minnow Lure, 1 Spoon Lure, 5 Saltwater Jigs, 4 Sinkers Weights, 24 packs of Wire Leaders, 2 egg sinker weight rigs, 10 Circle Hooks, 10 J Hooks, 10 Wide Gap Hooks, 5 Sinker Sliders, 36 Beads, 10 Barrel Swivels, 10 Three Way Swivels, and 10 Dualock Snaps.

The tackle box is also designed for convenience and portability. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in a backpack, making it the ideal set for beach trips. All the tackle is organized into individual compartments, so you can easily find what you need.

Whether you’re fishing from a pier, jetty, beach or boat, this Saltwater Surf Fishing Tackle Kit has everything you need to have a fun and successful time on the water. With the top grade gear included, you’ll be able to catch the biggest catches with ease.

7. T-Turn Bait Rig – #3a Clear – Saltwater Fish

The Thundermist Lure Company #3A Saltwater Porgy/Snapper/Croaker/Sea Trout/Tautog/Spot/High-Low Rig T-Turn Bait Rig offers a convenient way to fish for small game fish. It is pre-tied with 100% fluorocarbon line, rated at 20 lb. test strength. This bait rig is designed to give you maximum flexibility and minimize line tangles and twists, allowing your bait to move freely. The rig features genuine T-Turn 3-way swivels, as well as quality Mustad hooks.

This bait rig is an ideal solution for saltwater anglers looking for an easy to use and reliable bait rig that offers great flexibility and performance. It is pre-tied, so all you have to do is attach it to your line and you are ready to go. The T-Turn 3-way swivel ensures that your bait moves freely and that it doesn’t twist or tangle when you are casting and retrieving. The 20 lb. test fluorocarbon line and Mustad hooks are designed to handle the toughest fish and stand up to the saltwater environment.

The Thundermist Lure Company #3A Saltwater Porgy/Snapper/Croaker/Sea Trout/Tautog/Spot/High-Low Rig T-Turn Bait Rig is a great choice for any angler looking for a reliable and convenient solution for fishing small game fish. It is easy to use, is pre-tied and features quality components that are designed to stand up to the harsh saltwater environment. The T-Turn 3-way swivel ensures that your bait moves freely and that it doesn’t twist or tangle when you are casting and retrieving. This bait rig provides anglers with a great way to catch small game fish with ease.

8. Florida Pompano Beach Pier Fishing Rig – 3 Hook, 54

The Rite Angler Pompano Rig is the perfect choice for inshore fishing near beaches and channels and is specifically designed for Florida Pompano. Made of superior quality materials, these pre-tied rigs are constructed with 40lb test monofilament, #5 swivel and snap on the bottom for your sinker. You'll also find bright yellow floats and pink beads to help lure in Pompano. With two sizes available, the 2-hook Rig is 35" long and features a 2/0 hook, while the 3-hook Rig is 54" long and has a 2/0 hook.

When it comes to what to bait these rigs with, Pompano Fish love sand fleas as well as small shrimp or parts of larger ones. To give yourself the best chance of success, try using different baits on each hook. With the Rite Angler Pompano Rig, you'll save time when you're heading outdoors. Each rig is already pre-rigged and ready to go right out of the package. Just add a sinker on your line above the swivel and you're ready to fish!

Florida Pompano are found in schools inhabiting the coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Brazil and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. With the Rite Angler Pompano Rig, you'll have the best chance of success when fishing for these Pompano. Prepare yourself for any hunting or sport fishing trip by taking extras of everything, including your Pompano Rigs and terminal tackle, lures, baits, and attractants.

9. Fishing Rod Combo With Spinning Reel, 1.8m/5.91ft

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos provide an all-in-one solution for the avid angler. This set includes a high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass telescopic fishing rod, a fishing reel, a carry bag, three fishing lures, fishing line, and all the necessary accessories. The fishing rod is designed with a hard and lightweight guide ring made of SIC ceramic, which has a lower friction coefficient and excellent heat dissipation.

The reel is equipped with 13 + 1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings and a powerful 5.5:1 gear ratio. The interchangeable right and left hand CNC machined aluminum handle and the extra exquisite aluminum spool are made with aerospace-grade aluminum honeycomb design, which is light and strong. The EVA knob ensures a non-slip and comfortable grip during long fishing sessions.

The compact and lightweight design of the Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos make it an ideal choice for travelling anglers. The set easily fits in car trunks, boats, and backpacks. You can take it to your favorite fishing spots and enjoy fishing anytime and anywhere. The set also comes with a 1-year worry-free service. If you have any problems, you can contact the customer service and they will be happy to help you.

Best Bait For Saltwater Pier Fishing FAQs

Does fish bait work for pier fish?

Yes, fish bait can be used for pier fishing. However, the type of bait used depends on the type of fish that you are hoping to catch. Generally, live bait such as worms, minnows, shrimp, and squid can be used for most species of fish. Artificial baits, like spoons and jigs, can also be effective for some species. It is important to select bait that is the most natural to the fish species you are targeting. Additionally, the location of your pier can also determine what bait will be most successful. For example, if you are fishing near a reef, artificial lures may be more effective than live bait.

How do I attract saltwater fish to my dock?

The best way to attract saltwater fish to your dock is to create a suitable habitat with plenty of cover and food. Start by adding some structure to the area, such as brush piles, rock piles, or artificial reefs. These provide hiding places for fish, increasing their comfort level in the area. Adding a pier light also helps attract marine life. Next, make sure the water is of good quality; oxygen levels should be high and there should not be too much pollution. Finally, use bait such as squid, shrimp, or other natural food sources to draw the fish in. Chumming can also be effective, particularly when combined with the other steps. Once the fish start coming, you can use nets, rod and reel, or other fishing methods to catch them. With a little patience and effort, you can create a thriving saltwater fishery at your dock.

How do you catch a saltwater fish from a pier?

To catch a saltwater fish from a pier, you will need the proper gear and bait. First, you need to select the right fishing rod and reel for the type of fish you are targeting. Next, pick the right bait for the species of fish you are trying to catch. Live bait such as shrimp or small fish works best for most saltwater species. You will also need hooks, weights, swivels, and a leader line to attach your bait. After you have the proper gear and bait, you can start fishing. Cast your line out and wait for the fish to bite. Once you have a bite, slowly bring the fish in, making sure to keep tension on the line. When the fish is close enough to the pier, use a net to bring it onboard. After the fish is on the pier, remove the hook and release it back into the water.

What lures to use on a pier?

When fishing from a pier, one of the most popular lures to use is a jig. Jigs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be used to target different types of fish, depending on the species that inhabit the water in the area. A spoon, such as a Kastmaster or a Johnson Silver Minnow, is another great lure to use on a pier. These lures are designed to mimic the movement of a baitfish, and can be effective in attracting a variety of fish. Another great option is a soft plastic lure, such as a curly tail grub or a paddle tail swimbait. These lures are incredibly versatile and can be used to target both saltwater and freshwater species. Lastly, a topwater lure can be effective when fishing from a pier. Topwater lures, such as a popper, will create a loud splash when retrieved and can be used to target gamefish that are feeding near the surface.

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