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Best Audiobooks For Family Road Trips (2024 Updated)

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Audiobooks can be a great way to pass the time on a family road trip. Whether you're looking for a story to keep your kids entertained, a way to listen to a book while you drive, or just a way to make the time fly, audiobooks are a great option. Here are five key points to consider when looking for audiobooks for your family road trip:

1. Choose stories that everyone in the family will enjoy. Whether it's an exciting adventure, a classic story, or a funny tale, make sure the audiobook you choose will capture the attention of everyone in the car.

2. Look for audiobooks that are well-narrated. The narrator can make or break an audiobook experience, so make sure you find one with a clear and engaging voice.

3. Consider the length of the audiobook. Longer stories can be great for longer trips, but for shorter drives, look for audiobooks that can be completed in a few hours or less.

4. Look for a variety of genres. Choose a mix of genres so everyone can find something they'll enjoy.

5. Look for audiobooks that are free or inexpensive. Many libraries and streaming services offer free or low-cost audiobooks, so you can find something great without breaking the bank.

By following these five key points, you can find the perfect audiobook for your family road trip. Whether you're looking for a classic story, a modern adventure, or something funny and light, you can find an audiobook that everyone in the car will enjoy. With the right audiobook, your family road trip can be a fun and memorable experience.

10 Best Audiobooks For Family Road Trips

1. Chronicle Books: On-The-Go Amusements: 50 Car Activities For Summer Travel.

Chronicle Books On-The-Go Amusements: 50 Cool Things to Do in The Car is the perfect way to keep kids 5 and up entertained while on the road. Whether you’re taking a road trip or just running daily errands, this tin full of 50 fun activities is the perfect way to make your journey more enjoyable.

This petite tin is the ideal size to store in the cup holders or your bag, making it easily portable and great for taking on vacations. With Screen-Free Boredom Busters, your family can have a blast with games like Brain Quest or Mad Libs. It’s a great gift or stocking stuffer for road-tripping families or campers looking for a fun conversation game to play by the fire.

Chronicle Books On-The-Go Amusements: 50 Cool Things to Do in The Car is guaranteed to deliver hours of family fun. It’s the perfect way to keep everyone entertained and make time fly by a little faster. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a long car ride or just seeking a creative way to pass the time, this tin has you covered. It’s great for keeping little ones occupied and out of trouble and is sure to be a hit with parents, too!

This collection of activities is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. From creative drawing tasks to educational word games, Chronicle Books On-The-Go Amusements: 50 Cool Things to Do in The Car has something for everyone. The activities are designed to keep kids engaged and help them develop their problem-solving and communication skills.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to keep your kids occupied on the go, look no further than Chronicle Books On-The-Go Amusements: 50 Cool Things to Do in The Car. It’s the perfect way to make travel a little more enjoyable and ensure that everyone has a blast on the road.

2. What Do You Meme? Shotgun! – The Hilarious Family Card Game For Road Trips Family

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Shotgun! – The Hilarious Family Card Game for Road Trips Family is the perfect way to entertain your family during a long drive. This game is designed for 2 or more players ages 12 and up. To play, start by nominating someone to be the card reader. The card reader will read the prompt on the card and everyone will play based on the prompt. The game can be played until you reach your destination or until you make a stop for food.

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Shotgun! includes 200 cards, a drawstring pouch, and instructions. It is ideal for a family of all ages, and makes a perfect gift. It is brought to you by What Do You Meme? Family, who also make other hilarious family-friendly party games inspired by pop culture.

WHAT DO YOU MEME? Shotgun! is designed to be fun and entertaining for the whole family. It is a great way to pass the time during a long drive and make the most out of your time together. With 200 cards to choose from, there is something for everyone and the prompts can be adapted to different ages and interests. Plus, the game is easy to set up and take down, so there is no need for a complicated setup.

With WHAT DO YOU MEME? Shotgun! you can create an enjoyable and memorable family experience with your loved ones. It is sure to be a hit with everyone in the car, and will make the drive much more bearable. So, if you’re looking for a way to make your road trip enjoyable and memorable, grab this game and get ready to laugh and have fun.

3. Skillmatics Card Game: 6+ Train Of Thought, Family Connection & Conversation Starters

This card game is the perfect way to create meaningful connections and learn more about those you love. Suitable for ages 6 and up and ideal for 2-6 players, Skillmatics Card Game – Train of Thought, Family Connection & Conversation Starters is an award-winning product that is sure to make family game night a hit.

Each player draws a card from the center and takes turns answering questions. The cards come in three colors, each representing a “train compartment”. The goal is to be the first player to complete the “Train of Thought” by collecting three complete compartment sets. This easy-to-learn card game is designed to encourage thoughtful conversations and have fun together.

The game includes 110 Thoughtful Question Cards, 20 Wild Cards, 20 Action Cards, an instruction manual, and a handy box to store it all. Questions range from silly to heart-felt, from “If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?” to “Who do you think knows you best?”. It's a great way to bring everyone together and foster honest conversation and build trust.

Skillmatics Card Game – Train of Thought, Family Connection & Conversation Starters is the perfect gift for game nights, birthdays, get-togethers, camping trips, team building activities, and icebreakers. With this game, you can create emotional connections as you ask and answer thoughtful questions and complete fun challenges. Winner of the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA), it's sure to be a hit with the whole family.

4. Family Conversation Cards: Questions & Games For Kids & Adults.

This family conversation card game is the perfect way to get your family talking and bonding! The deck contains 200 questions and topics that are family-friendly, age-appropriate and sure to get the conversation flowing. These cards are divided into four categories: ‘Get to Know You’, ‘Family Time’, ‘What Makes You, You’, and ‘Fun & Random’.

The cards are designed to encourage meaningful conversations and help shy family members find their voice. This game is perfect for family game nights, road trips, or just to spend quality time together. Through these conversations, your family can learn about each other, come to a greater understanding, and create wonderful memories.

The cards come with a professional-grade finish, which keeps them protected against food stains, repeated use and humidity. The deck is also conveniently packaged in a slim, portable box, making it easy to take on-the-go. So, whether you’re in the car or at home, you’ll be able to enjoy the conversations this game brings.

Bring your family closer together with 200 Family Conversation Cards. With these cards, you can create an environment of trust and confidence, and have meaningful conversations with your family. So, dust off the game night box and get ready for some fun, quality time with your family.

5. Group Game – 5 Second Guess

Group Game – 5 Second Guess is a fun and exciting game for up to 20 players. It offers hundreds of challenges that are sure to keep the game interesting and enjoyable. Additionally, players can add their own 5 Second challenges to make the game even more unique.

This game is completely free to play and is great for a variety of occasions and events. Players can choose how many rounds to play, each round offering a new and exciting challenge. The game also allows players to keep track of their scores, which helps to make the game even more competitive.

What's more, Group Game – 5 Second Guess is frequently updated with new content, giving players additional challenges and more opportunities to outsmart their opponents. With a wide variety of challenges, the game is sure to keep the players entertained for hours on end!

So, if you're looking for a fun and exciting game for up to 20 players, Group Game – 5 Second Guess is the perfect choice. With hundreds of challenges and the ability to add your own custom challenges, you'll never run out of new and exciting content. Plus, with it being completely free and easy to keep track of scores, it's an ideal game for any occasion.

6. What Do You Meme? Shotgun Junior – The Family Road Trip Game For Kids

Road trips can be a challenge for parents, but Shotgun Junior offers a solution! This family game is designed for kids ages 5 and up, and provides hours of entertainment for the whole family. The game has a simple concept: players draw a card and then try to spot the corresponding spectacle in their environment. Whether it be a horse, a gas station, or a funny shaped cloud, the game encourages kids to stay engaged with their surroundings throughout the journey.

The game includes 74 cards and instructions, and requires no additional materials. Kids can play on their own, or with family and friends. It's a fun, creative way to pass the time and keep the whole family entertained. It's like "I Spy" but with a twist.

Shotgun Junior is a great way to encourage little travelers to explore their environment while having fun. It's perfect for long car rides, and keeps kids from getting bored and restless. It's easy to learn and entertaining for everyone.

It's time to hit the road and have a blast with Shotgun Junior! This family game is sure to make your next road trip a breeze. Get ready for hours of fun, giggles and exploration!

Best Audiobooks For Family Road Trips FAQs

Are audiobooks good for driving?

Yes, audiobooks are a great way to pass the time while driving, especially if you are alone. Audiobooks can make long trips more enjoyable and help you stay alert and focused on the road. Listening to audiobooks can also help to reduce stress and anxiety while driving and make the experience much more pleasant. As long as you are comfortable with the volume level and don't become too engrossed in the story, listening to an audiobook can be a great way to pass the time and stay safe while driving.

Are there read-along audio books?

Yes, there are read-along audio books. Read-along audio books are a great way to engage and entertain children, particularly younger ones, during storytime. They are typically unabridged versions of classic children's books that are accompanied by a narrator who reads the story aloud, with a corresponding audiobook to go along with it. This helps to promote literacy, as children are able to follow along with the narrator and pick up on words and phrases as they hear them. Additionally, read-along audio books can help to improve children's auditory processing skills, as they learn to pick up on the nuances of the narrator’s voice and inflection. This can also help to expand their language skills, as they are exposed to more words and phrases than they would be if they just read the story on their own.

Can you share audiobooks with family?

Yes, you can share audiobooks with family. Many audiobook services offer family plans, which allow multiple family members to have their own accounts and access the same library of titles. When setting up a family plan, you can choose which family members will have access to the account and which titles they will be able to download. Additionally, some services allow you to share access to single titles with multiple family members, so that everyone can listen to them. Sharing audiobooks can be a great way to bond with your family and keep up with the same books, while enjoying the convenience of the audiobook format.

What do you listen to on a family road trip?

On a family road trip, it's important to bring along music that everyone can enjoy. A great way to do this is to create a playlist with a variety of songs from different genres that everyone can enjoy. This could include classic rock, classic pop, country, and even some classic hits from the 80s and 90s. Additionally, it's always fun to include some of the latest hits from popular artists. Depending on the age of the family members, it may also be a good idea to bring along some audio books or podcasts to keep everyone entertained. With these options, everyone in the car can enjoy the journey and create lasting memories.

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