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Best Audio Interface For Voice Over (2023 Updated)

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When looking for an audio interface for voice over, there are five key points to consider: budget, connectivity, portability, recording quality, and audio monitoring.

Budget is an important factor when selecting an audio interface for voice over. Many audio interfaces are priced differently depending on their features, so it’s important to determine how much you are willing to spend.

Connectivity is another important factor. Different audio interfaces have different types of ports for connecting mics, headphones, and other devices. Make sure to look for an audio interface that has the ports you need.

Portability is also important if you plan to use your audio interface for voice over on the go. Look for an audio interface that is lightweight and easy to transport.

Recording quality is an important factor to consider when selecting an audio interface for voice over. Look for an interface that offers high-quality recording and low latency.

Finally, make sure to look for an audio interface that offers audio monitoring. This feature allows you to listen to your recordings as you record them, so you can make sure your voiceover is sounding its best.

In summary, when looking for an audio interface for voice over, make sure to consider your budget, the type of ports you need, portability, recording quality, and audio monitoring. By taking these factors into account, you can find the perfect audio interface for your voice over needs.

10 Best Audio Interface For Voice Over

1. Maono Podcast Bundle: Ame2a Audio Interface, Xlr Condenser Mic & Maonocaster Studio.

This Podcast Equipment Bundle is an all-in-one production studio solution for podcasting, streaming, and content creation. It features an audio interface with plug-and-play use, crystal-clear audio recording, and fashionable design that takes your home studios to a professional level. Compatible with PC, smartphone, tablet, camera, Windows, Mac OS, and more, it offers excellent performance with superior preamps and phantom power for XLR microphone, as well as customizable sound pads, 6 reverb modes, and 3 modifiable tones for a personalized podcast atmosphere.

The bundle includes a premium condenser microphone for clear sound recording, with high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio that captures every word clearly. The cardioid polar pattern will pick up audio in front of the sound source while rejecting unwanted noise, to guarantee a clear and rich sound to be recorded. Moreover, it has 11 customized sound pads to enhance your podcast atmosphere, with 3 sound pads supporting recording a max 60s audio effect each and one-key looping, while 8 ones for 20s audio effect. The sound effects can be adjusted in volume and uploaded with your favorite audio for podcast recording via smartphone, PC, microphone, or Bluetooth device.

Designed for live-streaming, you can use USB-C to connect your computer or tablet, LIVE-OUTPUT1/2 to connect your smartphone, MONITOR SPK to connect a studio monitor for sound output, AUX-IN jack to connect your input accompaniment, MIC1/2 to connect your favorite XLR condenser/dynamic microphone, and INST to connect your guitar/bass or other instruments.

The package list includes an audio interface, an XLR condenser mic, an earphone, an XLR microphone cable, a shock mount, a table stand, a windscreen muff, a metal pop filter, a USB A-C charging cable, two 3.5mm TRRS audio cables, and a user manual. We provide a 12-Month warranty. For a better user experience, please download more instructions and read the user manual before setting up. This Podcast Equipment Bundle is an ideal solution for podcast recording, streaming, voice-over, and content creation.

2. Podcast Equipment Bundle: Audio Interface, Dj Mixer, Studio Mic For Pc/smartphone/ps.

This Podcast Equipment Bundle is the perfect choice for recording, live streaming, and gaming. It includes an audio interface with an all-in-one DJ mixer and a studio broadcast microphone. This setup is easy to use and provides rich sound effects and voice-changing options to add more fun to your live streaming. The condenser microphone is equipped with a DSP chip that eliminates background noise and captures your voice precisely. The mic arm stand and shock mount isolate the mic from noise, shock, and ambient vibration for a clear sound.

The DJ mixer is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, PCs, and Play Stations. It is compatible with multiple operating systems, like Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Chrome OS. The sound board is highly compatible with applications, such as OBS, Audacity, and iMovie, to meet your various needs. The bundle is plug and play, and no driver installation is required.

The package includes a DJ mixer, condenser microphone, mic suspension boom scissor arm, 3.5 mm earphone, mic shock mount, mic spray guard, mic head cover foam, XLR cable, USB data cable, two 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm audio cables, two hoop and loop, and a user manual. With this bundle, you can start your live streaming easily and quickly. The high-quality sound and multiple features make this bundle perfect for podcasts, streaming, and other applications.

3. Nbc

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4. Ua Volt 1 Usb Audio Interface, $400 In Uad Plug-Ins Included.

The UA Volt 1 USB Audio Interface is the perfect tool for those looking to record, podcast, and stream with the highest quality audio. With 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion, this interface is perfect for professionals and hobbyists alike.

The UA Volt 1 comes with a range of essential audio software, including $400 of UAD plug-ins. This allows users to easily create music productions, livestreams, and podcasts on Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone.

The Vintage Mic Preamp mode provides users with rich, full sound when recording vocals and instruments. In addition, users can produce with industry-leading software such as Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM's Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg, and more.

When recording on-the-go, the UA Volt 1 harnesses USB bus power to deliver high-quality audio. It also has a studio-quality headphone amp, MIDI connections, 48V phantom power, and Direct Monitoring for latency-free recording.

For those who want to take their audio recording to the next level, the UA Volt 1 also has a 30-day Free Trial Subscription to UAD Spark. This ever-expanding library of world-class plug-ins and instruments runs on Mac, and no hardware is required.

Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, the UA Volt 1 USB Audio Interface is the perfect tool for recording, podcasting, and streaming with the highest quality audio.

5. Professional Podcast Microphone Kit W/sound Card, Condenser Mic, Mixer & Voice Changer.

The Podcast Microphone Sound Card Kit,Professional Studio Condenser Mic&G3 Live Sound Mixer/Voice Changer/Audio Interface/Audio Mixer for Streaming/Gaming/Recording/Singing/Tiktok/YouTube/PC/Computer is the perfect tool to get your podcast, broadcast or live streaming off the ground. This soundboard set is ideal for professional or funny podcasts, online shows, and gaming with voice changing capability. It is the perfect digital gift for family, children, friends, and anyone who loves to live stream.

This kit is an all-in-one package, boasting a USB sound card and audio DJ mixer equipment, delivering wonderful high-fidelity sound quality. The G3 sound board comes with a studio recording microphone, plug-and-play, no driver required, making it easy to start podcasting or live streaming.

The G3 live sound card and L9 microphone kit are professional live broadcast combinations. It features five live streaming modes, allowing you to change your voice to an uncle, godness, or baby. There are two microphone inputs, and Bluetooth wireless accompaniment input, as well as real-time monitoring of your voice.

This sound card has built-in high-performance 32-bit DSP noise reduction audio chips, 320 MHz main frequency, and four times the processing speed of ordinary sound cards. There are two large knobs and six long track push buttons to adjust the volume of the microphone and accompaniment, treble/bass, voice changing, reverb, monitoring, recording, and accompaniment balance. There are also five live streaming scene modes, three voice changers, twelve electronic music tones, and twenty-four special funny sound effects.

The L9 streaming microphone with stand for YouTube equipment is a multi-purpose mic with a 32mm diaphragm, for recording your signal clearly. It has a low self-noise and handles ear-shattering sound pressure levels, with a wide frequency response (50 to 18000 hz) to captures the full audible spectrum. It has high sensitivity and low signal to noise ratio to record every subtle nuance of your source audio.

This sound card is compatible with a variety of devices, such as computers, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, speaker gaming devices, Ps4, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox, Switch, IOS, Android, Windows, and electronic musical instruments.

This kit includes the G3 live sound card, G3 soundcard mini controller, L9 black-red condenser microphone, 3.5mm earphone, mic foam cover, XLR to 3.5mm cable, mic shock mount, desktop microphone stand, USB data cable, three 3.5mm to 3.5mm TRRS audio cables, and a detailed e-version manual. With this kit, you can easily start a whole new blog journey and show your charm in live streaming.

6. Audio Production Bundle – Pro Vst Plugins & Daw For Windows/mac On Dvd

This Audio Editing Recording Mixing Software with Pro VST Plugins Bundle and Best DAW for Windows PC and Mac on DVD Disc is the perfect package for anyone looking to take their audio mixing and mastering to the next level. With this bundle, you'll have all the professional tools you need to record, edit, mix, and master your audio projects.

The Digital Audio Workstation included in this bundle is a powerful tool for creating amazing music, podcasts, and videos. You'll have full control of your projects to make them sound just the way you want. And with the included VST and AU Plug-ins, you'll have access to EQs, compressors, reverbs, autotune, and more for the best mixes possible.

You'll also get a crash course in how to mix and master. With one eBook and one video guide, you'll be able to master your craft and make your mixes sound crisp and professional. And best of all, this package works on all computers–Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and MacOS, and you won't need an internet connection to use it.

If you ever have any questions or need help with anything audio related, the Ezalink Support Team is always available to answer your questions. Get started with your next audio project and take it to the next level with this bundle.

7. Usb-C Audio Interface W/ Mic Preamps, 48v Phantom, 24-Bit, Pop Filter, Xlr Cable.

The USB-C Audio Interface is the perfect device for recording microphones and instruments. It is designed to give you a professional audio quality, with 48 kHz resolution and 24-bit/96 kHz recording. This audio interface is compatible with popular recording software such as Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Steinberg Cubase.

The USB-C Audio Interface is incredibly easy to set up and use. It offers two inputs and two outputs for connecting the microphones and instruments. It also features 48V phantom power for powering condenser mics and a headphone output for monitoring your recording. The device also includes a pop filter and a XLR cable for added convenience.

The USB-C Audio Interface is an ideal choice for recording at home or on the go. It is small, lightweight and easy to transport, making it ideal for traveling. The device is powered by USB, so you don't need to worry about carrying around external power supplies.

The USB-C Audio Interface is perfect for amateur and professional recording. It provides great sound quality, allowing you to capture your creative ideas quickly and easily. Please be aware that the device does not come with any DAW recording software, so you will need to download the recording software yourself.

The USB-C Audio Interface is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and easy to use audio interface. With its 48V phantom power, studio-grade converters for 24-bit/ 96 kHz recording and high-quality sound, it is perfect for recording microphones and instruments at home or on the go.

8. Audible For Fire Tv

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Best Audio Interface For Voice Over FAQs

Do I need a preamp for voice over?

Yes, you will need a preamp for voice over. Preamps boost the signal from your microphone so it can be sent to the recording device. This is necessary to get a good signal-to-noise ratio and ensure a clear, professional-sounding recording. Preamps also help reduce distortion from loud sounds and increase the dynamic range of your recording. Preamps come in many types and prices, so it's important to research which type will work best for your particular recording needs. Additionally, some preamps may have specific features that are suited for voice-over work, such as high-pass filters to reduce low-frequency noise or adjustable gain settings. Ultimately, selecting the right preamp for your voiceover recordings will depend on your budget and the quality of sound you are looking to achieve.

Do I need audio interface for voice over?

Yes, an audio interface is necessary for voice over. An audio interface is a device that allows you to connect microphones, instruments, and other audio devices to your computer. It gives you better audio quality than a regular computer sound card and allows you to record at higher sample rates and bit depths. The audio interface also gives you access to a variety of inputs and outputs, allowing you to connect your microphone and other audio devices to your computer. Additionally, an audio interface allows you to monitor your audio in real time, giving you the ability to make the necessary adjustments while recording. An audio interface is an essential tool for any voice over professional, as it allows you to record high-quality audio and gives you the flexibility to create the best possible sound.

What do you need for a voice over studio?

To create a professional voice over studio, you will need a few key pieces of equipment. Firstly, you will need a high-quality microphone and audio interface to record your voice. You will also need a quiet room to record in, as well as soundproofing materials to reduce any outside noise. Additionally, you will need a computer with recording software and a good pair of studio monitor speakers to listen to your recordings. You may also want to invest in a pop filter and an acoustic treatment kit to help improve the sound quality of your recordings. Finally, you will need a comfortable chair and a good pair of headphones to ensure you can record comfortably and accurately. With the right equipment and setup, you should have a great voice over studio that will help you produce professional sounding recordings.

What is an interface for voice acting?

An interface for voice acting is a platform that provides tools and resources to enable voice actors to create high-quality recordings. It typically includes features such as sound libraries, studio-quality mixing tools, recording and playback capabilities, and tools for editing and post-production. It also includes features such as sound effects, vocal tuning, sound equalization, and the ability to record and mix multiple voices for multi-voice projects. An interface for voice acting is an invaluable resource for voice actors who want to produce professional-level recordings quickly and easily.

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