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Best Ar Mag Pouch For Belt (2023 Updated)

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When looking for an AR mag pouch for your belt, there are a few key points to consider. First, you should make sure that the pouch is designed to fit the specific type of magazine for your AR rifle. Second, you want to make sure that the pouch is made of a durable material that can stand up to wear and tear. Third, consider the size of the pouch; it should be large enough to accommodate your magazines without being too bulky. Fourth, make sure that the pouch is adjustable so that it can fit on your belt and be comfortable to wear. Finally, consider the closure of the pouch; it should be secure enough to keep your magazines in place.

Finding the right AR mag pouch for your belt can be a difficult task. It is important to consider the features that will make the pouch the most effective and comfortable for you. By making sure that the pouch is designed for your specific type of magazine, is made of durable material, is the right size, is adjustable, and has a secure closure, you can ensure that your AR mag pouch will provide you with the best protection for your magazines. With the right AR mag pouch for your belt, you can keep your magazines safe and secure while you are on the go.

10 Best Ar Mag Pouch For Belt

1. Magazine Pouch 5.56 Belt Clip – M4/ar/ak Mag Holder (Black)

The IDOGEAR Magazine Pouch 5.56 Belt Clip Mag Pouch 7.62mm Softshell Rifle Mag Holder for Belt M4/AR/AK Rifle Magazines is the ideal choice for any shooter looking for a reliable, adjustable and durable magazine pouch. Made from high quality plastic and soft shell rubber with adjustable elastic cord, this pouch is quick drying and offers excellent retention and durability.

The belt clip version of the pouch has been specially designed for belt attachment and features a high quality belt clip attachment with an adjustable clip to accommodate belts up to 2.3 inches wide. The pouch can be adjusted by the elastic cord to fit different rifle magazines.

This multi-purpose pouch offers quick reloading of magazines and easy access. The soft rubber inside protects and secures magazines. It can be used independently or can be stacked with an IDOGEAR 9mm pistol mag pouch.

This pouch includes one belt clip version pouch and does not include the magazine sample. It also comes with a 45 days money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence. If you encounter any issues, you can easily make your request or contact the after-sales service team on Amazon to get help. Alternatively, you can contact us anytime for assistance and we will do our best to provide you with a most pleasant experience.

2. Krydex Magazine Pouch 5.56 With Belt Clip 7.62mm Softshell Mag Pouch (Bk+od)

This KRYDEX Magazine Pouch is a powerful and reliable storage solution designed to provide users with quick and easy access to their magazines. Built using high quality polymer, strength rubber material and durable elastic cord, this pouch is heat-resisting and will not be bent or distorted.

The pouch features an open top design that allows smooth, blind insertion of the magazine. It can accommodate both 5.56mm and 7.62mm magazines, making it a versatile and convenient storage solution. The pouch is modular and can be used independently or in combination with other pouches. It can also allow for softshell/hard shell pistol mag pouch with molle clip (Small) to be stacked.

The pouch is available in two models, with either a belt clip on the back or a molle clip. The belt clip option allows the pouch to be mounted on a 1.5"-1.75" tactical belt, such as the KRYDEX Quick Release Molle belt 1.75. The Molle clip option allows the pouch to be attached to a MOLLE or PALs attachment system, such as a tactical vest, backpack or belt.

This KRYDEX Magazine Pouch is perfect for law enforcement, airsoft, paintball, and shooting games. Its strong build and versatile design make it an ideal solution for reliable, quick access to magazines.

3. Molle Mag Pouch For M4/m14/m16/ak/ar Mags – Black

This EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Open-Top Single/Double/Triple Molle Mag Pouch is designed to securely hold M4 M14 M16 AK AR Elastic Rifle Magazines for Pistol Mag Pouch. Made with high quality military 500D Cordura Nylon material, this pouch is tear-resistant and wear-resistant. On the outside of the pouch is a special design that allows for badges to be stuck on.

The back side of the pouch has two thick nylon belts with snap buttons, allowing for straps to be adjusted as needed to prevent slipping. It is perfectly matched with tactical vests, bags and drop leg platforms. On the side of the pouch is a high-elastic elastic band that can securely insert different types of mags and tools. It is also easy to adjust the elastic band to keep articles in their most stable state.

This Open-Top design allows for easy access to your magazine, and is suitable for M14,M16,5.56,AR233,AK47,AK74,Kwa m4,SA80,9mm .40 S&W .45 ACP.30-round and 40-round AK/G36 magazines,30-round and 40-round AR magazines,Glock,M1911 and 92F magazines, most small caliber rifle magazines and various sizes of mags.

This pouch comes in four colors, and size 6.3*1.2*5.5(Ins). The double mag pouch weighs only 115g. With 100% quality warranty, this pouch is guaranteed to provide satisfaction. If any problem is encountered while using, never hesitate to contact the manufacturer and they will make it right.

4. Krydex 5.56 Magazine Pouch ,molle Mag Holder With Quick Release Magazine Pouch Insert (Mc)

The KRYDEX 5.56 Magazine Pouch is the perfect accessory for any shooter looking for superior retention and convenience. This highly durable and flexible pouch is constructed from a combination of quick release polymer kydex and nylon materials, providing a lightweight and sturdy design. The removable mag insert clip allows for a secure and easy draw, fitting M4/M16 mags or similar size gear.

This mag pouch is designed to be easily mounted onto a duty belt, shooters belt, or MOLLE systems gear. The belt loops can fit up to a 2 inch wide belt, and the molle straps provide easy addition to a tactical vest or MOLLE Belt. The bottom holes are designed to keep the interior dry, and the pouch is available in five color options (BK/RG/CB/MC/MCBK).

The KRYDEX 5.56 Magazine Pouch gives shooters the best of both worlds. With a lightweight and flexible design, and superior retention and convenience, this pouch is the perfect accessory for any shooter. The removable mag insert clip and multiple mounting options make this an ideal choice for any shooter looking for a reliable and durable mag pouch.

5. Blade-Tech 5.56mm Ar-15/m4/m16 Mag Pouch W/tek-Lok Belt Clip

The Blade-Tech AR-15 / M4 / M16 Magazine Pouch is a high-strength, heat-resistant polymer magazine pouch designed to fit nearly all standard AR-15 or M4 style magazines, including Metal GI style magazines and Magpul PMAGs. Its Precision molded Signature Double Mag Pouch has a superior fit to Kydex, allowing for a secure fit that you can trust.

This mag pouch features adjustable retention screws and rubber spacers, allowing shooters to tailor the retention to fit their preferences. It is also ambidextrous, meaning it can be used by both left and right handed shooters.

Blade-Tech is so confident in the quality of their product that they offer a Carry Confident Lifetime Guarantee. They guarantee the lifetime of each item against failure or damage in its intended usage. With its superior fit, adjustable retention, and lifetime warranty, the Blade-Tech AR-15 / M4 / M16 Magazine Pouch is an excellent option for anything from a day at the range to duty carry.

6. Tacticon K3 Battlepouch – 3 Rifle + 3 Pistol Mag Pouch.

The Tacticon K3 BattlePouch is the perfect solution for tactical ammunition storage needs. This triple rifle and triple pistol magazine holster is constructed with heavy duty industrial 500D PVC nylon and double-stitched Molle PALS system, making it a durable and combat-ready piece of gear.

The K3 BattlePouch offers universal compatibility, fitting most tactical vests, backpacks, and battle belts that accept Molle attachments. Not only is it versatile and adjustable, but you can also fully remove the retention band if you prefer.

The K3 BattlePouch is perfect for AR and AK sporting rifle magazines (excluding .308 models), and any pistol magazine. This BattlePouch is an excellent addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal.

As an added bonus, the Tacticon K3 BattlePouch is proudly manufactured by a combat veteran owned company. The company stands by and produces only the products they use themselves, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality. Additionally, they offer a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee with every purchase.

The Tacticon K3 BattlePouch is the perfect answer for your tactical ammunition needs. With its durable, combat-ready construction, universal compatibility, and adjustable retention band, it’s a great addition to any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal. Backed by a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality product.

7. Double 5.56mm Ar Molle Mag Pouch W/ Quick Release Kydex Insert

The VISMIX Rifle Mag Pouch is designed to fit M4/M16 magazines and other similar-sized magazines, but not AK 7.62 magazines or 10-round AR15 magazines. The pouch features a quick-release hybrid Kydex insert, allowing users to easily secure their magazines and quickly remove them without any noise.

The pouch is MOLLE compatible, meaning it can be easily attached to most tactical belts, vests, and pouches with a MOLLE strap on both the front and back, as well as a snap button on the back of the pouch. Additionally, the pouch features a bottom cover, providing extra protection to ensure the magazines never leak off from the bottom.

The VISMIX Rifle Mag Pouch is backed by a one-year after-sales service, offering replacements if any quality issues arise. Additionally, the pouch is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee if it arrives in a damaged condition.

Overall, the VISMIX Rifle Mag Pouch is the perfect companion for those looking for a quick and easy way to secure their magazines. Its wide compatibility, quick release and insert, MOLLE compatibility, and extra protection provide users with an outstanding level of convenience and reliability.

8. Krydex Mag Pouch 5.56mm 7.62mm Magazine Pouch + 9mm .45 Pistol Mag Pouch Combo (Black)

This KRYDEX Mag Pouch 5.56mm 7.62mm Magazine Pouch + 9mm .45 Pistol Mag Pouch Combo is the ultimate in tactical gear and is perfect for a range of activities. It is made from high quality polymer, strength rubber material and durable elastic for long lasting use and is also quick drying and heat-resisting, making it both reliable and comfortable.

The open top design allows for smooth and blind insertion of the mag into the pouch, while the ways of wearing are incredibly versatile. The pistol mag pouch comes with a MOLLE belt clip and the rifle magazine pouch can be hung on any equipment with Molle modular, a tactical vest, backpack, belt and more. The size of the pistol mag pouch is 2.55"x 0.83"x 3.93" and the rifle mag pouch is 3.55"x 1.18"x4.73".

This tactical mag pouch combo is perfect for a range of activities, from airsoft, hunting and military training to paintball and shooting games. It is lightweight, convenient and reliable, ensuring you have everything you need to take your game to the next level.

9. Us Made Ar-15/m4/m16 Owb Mag Pouch Holster, Adj. Retention.

The Wholeguns New US Brand: AR-15 – M4- M16 – KYDEX – OWB Magazine Pouch Ambidextrous Holster/Mag Carrier is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and dependable holster. Made from Kydex, a rigid, strong and chemical resistant material, this holster is designed for standard AR magazines, fitting all aluminum, steel and polymer style rifle magazines.

The Outside the Waistband belt attachment can be adjusted for 1'' to 2'' belts and is equipped with adjustable retention for a secure fit. The standard AR magazines this holster fits include .17 Fireball, .17 Remington, .19 Calhoun, .223 Remington, .20 Tactical, .204 Ruger, .25-223, .300-221 Fireball, .300 AAC Blackout, .375 Reaper, 5.56 NATO, 7mm Whisper, 7.62 x 40mm, 6 x 45mm, and .257 x 45mm.

The Wholeguns brand stands for quality and reliability. We take pride in our products and offer a lifetime warranty on all of them, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind. Our products are all 100% made in the USA, so you know you are getting the best quality available.

The Wholeguns New US Brand: AR-15 – M4- M16 – KYDEX – OWB Magazine Pouch Ambidextrous Holster/Mag Carrier is the perfect choice for those looking for a dependable holster. With adjustable retention and fitting all standard AR magazines, you can trust that your firearm is secure and protected. Made from Kydex and 100% made in the USA, you can be sure you are getting a quality product with a lifetime warranty.

10. Double Mag Pouch Molle Open-Top Double Magazine Pouch For M4/m16/ar/ak Rifle Magazines (Black)

This double mag pouch offers a reliable way to store and transport two rifle magazines. It is crafted from military 1000D nylon for durability and water-resistance, and comes with a 180-day warranty. The two holders measure 2.8" x 0.8" x 5.1" (L x W x D), and the top of the pouch is fitted with an elastic string for better security.

Additional features include a laser-cut hook and loop system for attaching extra tools and patches, and four molle straps on the back for attaching to tactical belts and vests. It is designed to be compatible with the majority of rifle magazines, such as HK, PMAG, ARC, FAL, AK 30/ 40, LR20, M14 and more, and is available in three colors – black, tan and army green.

If you have any questions about this product, please contact us. We are committed to resolving them until you are completely satisfied. This is the Tacticool promise. With this double mag pouch, you can be sure that your rifle magazines are secure and easily accessible.

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