10 Best Apple Juice For Hard Cider (2023 Updated)

When it comes to making hard cider, apple juice is a key ingredient. Finding the right apple juice can be a challenge, but with the right knowledge, you can make a delicious batch of hard cider. Here are five key points to consider when looking for apple juice for hard cider.

First, it’s important to look for apple juice that is 100% pure. You don’t want to risk using apple juice with added preservatives or flavors that could affect the flavor of your hard cider.

Second, you should look for an apple juice that is unfiltered and unpasteurized. Unfiltered and unpasteurized apple juice contains more natural yeast and bacteria which will help the fermentation process.

Third, look for an apple juice that is made from multiple varieties of apples. This will give your hard cider a more complex flavor.

Fourth, you should look for an apple juice that has a high acidity level. A higher acidity level will give your hard cider a more tart flavor.

Finally, you should look for an apple juice that has a low sugar content. Too much sugar will lead to a sweeter hard cider, which may not be to your taste.

By considering these five key points when looking for apple juice for hard cider, you’ll be able to make a delicious batch of hard cider that is sure to impress your friends and family. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your hard cider!

10 Best Apple Juice For Hard Cider

1. Oak Fruit Wine Press, 1.6 Gallon (6l), 8 Blocks, Manual Crusher Juice Maker

The YUDA Upgraded Manual Juice Maker is the perfect solution for producing delicious and healthful fruit juices, ciders, or wines. This juice maker comes with an unassembled solid wood basket, eight pieces of 100% natural oak, a reusable mesh bag, and all the required parts for easy assembly.

The 100% NATURE OAK WOOD is safe and non-toxic, and it helps to maintain the natural flavor of the juice or wine. There are no electric cords or noise, making it perfect for family juicing. The eight blocks included in the kit help to increase the juice yield of the fruit, and no additional cutting is required.

The operation of the Juice Maker is simple and straightforward. Simply place the crushed fruit inside the basket, assemble the pressing plates, and turn the nut to extract the juice. When using the juice maker, it is recommended to use softer, more juicy fruits, and to secure the legs of the press to the floor to prevent it from moving.

The YUDA Upgraded Manual Juice Maker is a great tool for anyone who wants to make their own juices, ciders, or wines in the comfort of their own home. With its natural oak construction and easy assembly and operation, it is the perfect choice for creating delicious, healthy drinks.

2. Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Unfiltered Apple Cider From Concentrate, 64 Ounce

Happy Belly Unfiltered Apple Cider from Concentrate is a delicious treat for any occasion. This 64-ounce plastic bottle of apple cider is made from all-natural ingredients and has a sweet, tart flavor. The concentrate is easy to mix with water or other liquids to create a refreshing beverage. The cider is unfiltered, meaning that it contains some of the beneficial enzymes and minerals that are lost during the filtration process.

Happy Belly Apple Cider is a great way to add a touch of sweetness to your day. It is perfect for adding to cocktails, making mulled cider, or just enjoying it straight. It is also great for baking, marinades, and salad dressings. You can also use it to make homemade sodas and juices.

Happy Belly Apple Cider is produced with the highest quality standards. The concentrate is made from premium apples and is free of preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavors. It is also non-GMO and gluten-free. The cider is bottled in the USA and is a product of Amazon Brand.

At Happy Belly, we stand behind our products. We are proud of the quality and taste of our apple cider and guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund you within a year of purchase.

If you are looking for a tasty and refreshing beverage, look no further than Happy Belly Unfiltered Apple Cider from Concentrate. This 64-ounce plastic bottle of cider is made from all-natural ingredients and is sure to please. Enjoy the sweet, tart flavor of this delicious cider and make every occasion special.

3. Fruit Wine Press – Manual Juice Maker W/ 8 Blocks, Solid Wood Basket

This 4.75 Gallon Fruit Wine Press is perfect for making natural juice or wine from apples, grapes, and other fruits. It is made with a 100% natural design, and is handmade for maximum health and environmental benefits. This press is equipped with a heavy-duty stand design with a pour spout for collecting juice easily, and is made with moisture and corrosion resistant red beech hardwood. It also contains a screw hole on each foot to increase stability and make operation safer.

Operation is simple and easy. All you need to do is load the crushed fruits into the barrel cage and then rotate down the press plate by the metal handle and the juice will pour out smoothly. This press has no motor, so it is completely silent, unlike some other electric juicers. The breakaway basket also allows you to quickly remove the spent pulp between pressings.

This 4.75 Gallon Fruit Wine Press is perfect for freshly squeezed fruit shops, family gatherings, or harvest season wine making. It has a maximum juice yield with minimal oxidation and the most nutrition, and produces less foam and drier pulp than other juice makers. It is a classic and fun tool for making natural juice or wine, and will provide you with the perfect results each and every time.

4. Mountain Cider Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate, 16 Fl. Oz (16 Servings), Gluten Free, No Preservatives, No Added Sugar.

Mountain Cider Company has been part of the family for over 30 years, strongly devoted to making delicious spiced apple cider concentrate. The cider is craftily prepared by boiling down freshly-pressed apples and blending it with a traditional mix of mulling spices. With one 16 fl. oz bottle (16 servings), you can enjoy our 100% Natural Spiced Apple Cider Concentrate with no added sugar, no preservatives, and gluten-free.

To make a warm cup of cider, all you need is 1 oz. of concentrate and 7 oz. of hot water. As a bonus, our cider concentrate is shelf-stable and can be stored for up to 24 months from the date code on the bottle with no refrigeration required. Enjoy the same seasonal favorite all year round with Mountain Cider!

But that’s not all! Our Apple Cider Concentrate is also great for baking, brines, glazes, soups and so much more. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to add a little flavor to your next baking or cooking project, our cider concentrate is the perfect choice. Get creative and explore the possibilities with Mountain Cider!

5. Craft A Brew Hard Cider Kit – Homebrew Starter Kit, 1 Gal.

Craft a Brew's Hard Cider Kit is the perfect way to bring the timeless tradition of cider making into your own home. Whether you're a first-timer or a hobbyist, this set gives you all the tools you need to create your own special blend of dry sparkling cider.

The kit includes everything you need to start crafting your own cider, from an equipment and supply list to a Craft a Brew Guide to Making Your Own Hard Cider. This comprehensive guide provides you with a comprehensive look into the history of American cider and some of our favorite recipes to make the perfect drink for any season. Plus, you can use your own apple juice to make the cider, so you can use your favorite kind!

Craft a Brew takes pride in providing the highest quality ingredients and design in the industry. Our kits are assembled by hand in Orlando, FL, with an environmentally sustainable mindset, so you can rest assured that your cider is crafted with care.

With the Craft a Brew Hard Cider Kit, you can make more than just a cider drinker; you can become a master cider maker. Go back to the roots of cider making and create a delicious, unique blend of hard cider right from your own kitchen. Let the Craft a Brew Hard Cider Kit help you make your own craft beer and enjoy the independence, experience, and fun that comes with it.

6. Crafted Series Hard Cider Making Kit (Apple) – 6 Gallons

The ABC Crafted Series Cider Making Kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to make their own hard cider from the comfort of their own home. This all-inclusive set comes with all the necessary ingredients to make 6 gallons of cider, including fruit concentrates, glucose syrup, yeast, and sweeteners. For an extra crisp and fresh apple-flavored cider, Dextrose Corn Sugar can be purchased separately.

Home brewing has never been easier or more accessible than with this cider making kit. After carefully assembling the ingredients and following the instructions, you will be rewarded with a light and crisp cider that has a delicious apple bite. Best served chilled over ice, you will love the flavor of freshly brewed cider.

The ABV of the cider produced with this kit will be approximately 5.2%, and you’ll get approximately 6 gallons of cider with each kit. The ABC Crafted Cider Making Kit is a great gift idea for those interested in home brewing, and the instructions included make the process simple and straightforward.

Brewers of all skill levels will appreciate the convenience and quality of the ABC Crafted Series Cider Making Kit. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating your own delicious hard cider and the opportunity to experience at home brewing.

7. Brewer's Best Cider House Select Apple Cider Kit

Brewer's Best Cider House Select Apple Cider Kit is the perfect choice for any cider lover looking to make a batch in the comfort of their own home. This kit makes 6 gallons of delicious apple cider, with an ABV of 5.2 and a golden color. It is easy to make and simple to follow instructions are included. All you need to make it is 2 lbs. of dextrose.

This cider kit is crafted from the finest ingredients, providing the highest quality and flavor. The apples are carefully sourced to ensure only the most flavorful and fresh fruit is used. The blend of spices and flavorings give the cider a unique taste that is sure to please. The kit also includes special instructions to ensure a perfect result.

Brewer's Best Cider House Select Apple Cider Kit is a great choice for those looking to create their own cider in the comfort of their own home. It is easy to make and the instructions are simple to follow. The kit contains all the necessary ingredients to make a delicious batch of cider. With a strong ABV and a golden color, this cider is sure to be a hit. It is the perfect choice for any cider enthusiast.

Best Apple Juice For Hard Cider FAQs

Can I use pasteurized apple juice to make hard cider?

Yes, you can use pasteurized apple juice to make hard cider. Pasteurization kills microbes and bacteria, so the juice is more stable and less likely to spoil. However, the process also reduces the natural sugars, which is needed for fermentation. The juice will need to be supplemented with additional sugar, such as brown sugar or honey, to provide the yeast with the energy needed to turn the juice into cider. Additionally, pasteurized juice will not contain any of the wild yeast or bacteria naturally present in unpasteurized juice, so you will need to add a yeast strain chosen specifically for cider-making. With these considerations in mind, pasteurized juice can be used to make hard cider.

Can you use Motts apple juice to make hard cider?

Yes, you can make hard cider out of Motts apple juice. The process is relatively simple and requires patience and attention to detail. First, you will need to ensure that your apple juice is 100% pure, as any added preservatives or sugars may interfere with the fermentation process. Next, you will need to introduce yeast to the juice, which will help to convert the sugars into alcohol. Finally, you will need to allow the cider to ferment for a few weeks, depending on the desired strength and flavor, before bottling and enjoying. It is important to keep the cider in an airtight container during the fermentation period to prevent any oxygen from entering and spoiling the brew. With the proper supplies and an eye for detail, you can make delicious hard cider from Motts apple juice.

What apple juice is good for hard cider?

There is no single apple juice that is best for hard cider as the flavor profiles vary greatly. Different types of apples will produce different flavors, so it is important to experiment with different types of apple juice to find the one that best suits your personal taste. Generally, juices made from sweeter apples such as McIntosh, Honeycrisp, or Golden Delicious are great for hard cider. Also, try to avoid using juices that have been heavily processed and contain preservatives, as these can affect the flavor of your cider. Lastly, make sure to use fresh, high-quality apple juice for the best results.

What apple juice makes cider?

Apple juice is the main ingredient used to make cider. Specific cider apples are used to give cider its unique flavor, but any type of apple can be used to make a cider. The juice is typically extracted by crushing the apples and pressing the juice out. The juice is then fermented with yeast to produce alcohol. Additional ingredients such as sugar, spices, and other flavorings may be added to the cider to give it a unique flavor. After the cider has been fermented, it is then aged and carbonated to give it the carbonation and flavor profile of a traditional cider.

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