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Best 3 Person Tent For Camping (2023 Updated)

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When it comes to camping, having the right tent is an essential part of the experience. If you’re looking for a 3 person tent for camping, there are a few key points to consider.

First, consider the size and shape of the tent. A 3 person tent should have enough space for you and two other campers to sleep comfortably. It should also be tall enough that you can stand up inside it. You'll also want to think about the shape of the tent, as some designs are better suited to different weather conditions.

Second, make sure that the tent is waterproof and windproof. You don’t want to be stuck in a tent that leaks when it rains or lets in a cold draft. Look for a tent that is made from waterproof fabrics, and that has taped seams and zips.

Third, consider the weight of the tent. If you’re planning to do a lot of hiking, you’ll want a tent that is lightweight and easy to carry. But if you’re driving to the campsite, weight isn’t as much of a concern.

Fourth, consider the price. 3 person tents come in a range of prices, so you can find one that fits your budget. Look for sales and discounts to save money.

Finally, make sure that the tent is easy to set up and take down. You don’t want to be struggling to put up the tent in the dark. Look for a tent that has simple instructions and easy-to-use poles and stakes.

Overall, when looking for a 3 person tent for camping, consider the size and shape, waterproofing, weight, price, and ease of setup. With a bit of research, you can find the perfect tent for your camping trip.

10 Best 3 Person Tent For Camping

1. Crua Tri 3-Person 4-Season Insulated Tent With Extendable Porch.

The Crua Tri Tent is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a luxury camping experience. It is an insulated tent, designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, and has been engineered for tough performance, with Aero-grade aluminium poles and a puncture and tear-resistant 80/20 Polycotton Fabric.

The Crua Tri Tent is spacious, with a 3 person footprint (6.5ft wide x 7.5ft long x 5ft tall) that can fit a queen size mattress with room to spare. In addition, it includes a 3ft x 6.5ft covered porch space, making it wheelchair accessible, and with a total floor space of 80 sq. ft. it is perfect for families.

The Crua Tri Tent is also a 4 season tent, tested in extreme weather conditions, and with a patented TT Crua Insulation, you are guaranteed to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. The insulation also provides significant noise dampening and almost a complete blackout tent experience.

The Tri also features a large window design for enhanced airflow, and an extendable porch for perfect climate control all year round. It also boasts a luminous guy line, non-turning aluminium stakes and a Patented DuraBreathe technology to prevent condensation.

The Crua Tri Tent is ideal for use as a hiking tent, hunting tent, fishing tent, festival tent, beach tent, glamping tent and much more. It is built to last, and comes with a full two-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. With the Crua Tri Tent, you can experience a luxury camping experience like never before.

2. Coleman Sundome Camping Tent, 3 Person, Navy Blue

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent is the perfect choice for outdoor adventurers looking for a comfortable and convenient shelter. This three-person dome tent is quick and easy to set up, with snag-free, continuous pole sleeves that make setup a breeze. The spacious interior is perfect for three people or one queen airbed, and the four foot by four inch height provides plenty of room to move.

The tent is designed with a weather-resistant rainfly awning to provide shade and protection from rain. The large windows help to keep the tent cool and comfortable, and the WeatherTec System features patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep the water out. Insta-Clip Pole Attachments are also included to ensure stability in windy conditions.

The Coleman Sundome Camping Tent is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast. It is lightweight, durable, and provides plenty of room and comfort. With its easy setup and weather-resistant features, it's the perfect shelter for camping trips and other outdoor activities. The tent also comes with a one-year limited warranty for added peace of mind.

3. 3-Person Camping Tent, Waterproof, Windproof, Easy Setup, Lightweight, All Seasons.

The CAMPROS Tent-3-Person-Camping-Tents is the perfect choice for any outdoor enthusiast. This waterproof and windproof tent is designed for all seasons, making it ideal for camping, hiking, and fishing trips. It comes with a top rainfly and easy set up, making it easy to assemble in just two minutes.

This tent is roomy enough to accommodate two to three people. It measures 84 x 84 x 47 inches and can easily fit a queen air mattress or three sleeping bags. The tent is made of durable 185T polyester material and has a 1000mm polyurethane hydrostatic rated coating to provide enhanced water resistance.

The tent is also lightweight, weighing just 6.5 pounds. It has a large mesh door, a mesh window, and a mesh tent top to allow for plenty of ventilation and keep pesky bugs out.

The CAMPROS Tent-3-Person-Camping-Tents comes with a convenient carry bag, making it easy to store and transport. The carry bag measures 26 x 5.7 x 5.7 inches and can easily fit in a backpack or car. Plus, the tent comes with stainless stakes and a guy line rope for added protection.

The CAMPROS Tent-3-Person-Camping-Tents is perfect for any outdoor adventure. It is easy to assemble, roomy, durable, lightweight, and comes with plenty of protection. It is also backed by CAMPROS' unconditional 1-year quality assurance for a risk-free purchase. If you have any questions about the tent, their customer service is available 24/7 to provide a satisfied solution.

4. Automatic Pop Up Tent For 2-4 People, Quick Setup In 3 Secs, Portable With Mesh Windows & Doors.

The RLAIRN Pop Up Tent is the ideal solution for family camping trips! With its easy and quick setup, you can enjoy your camping time immediately. The tent features a spacious interior measuring 9.2 x 6.6 feet in size, which can fit up to four people in sleeping bags, or two to three people with plenty of camping gear. The center height of the tent is 4 feet. To ensure good air circulation, the tent includes two doors with double-sided zippers, two roll-up shade mesh windows, and storage pockets and hooks to keep items organized.

The tent is made of multi-layer 190T silver plated ripstop polyester, making it highly durable and UV resistant. The tent comes with eight metal stakes and four ropes to make it more stable in windy conditions, as well as a convenient carrying bag for easy storage and portability. This instant camping tent is perfect for hiking, traveling, fishing, casual camping, outdoor recreational activities, boy/girl scouts, and beach gatherings.

The RLAIRN Pop Up Tent is designed to make camping easy and enjoyable for the whole family. With its ability to set up in just three seconds, you can start your camping adventure immediately. The tent's high-quality materials provide excellent protection from the elements, while the breathable mesh windows keep mosquitoes away while still preserving your privacy. The metal stakes and ropes ensure the tent is secure and stable, and the storage pockets and hooks help keep items organized. All of this makes the RLAIRN Pop Up Tent a great choice for your next camping trip!

5. Tmbk 3 Person Roof Top Tent With Rain Fly Tan Base & Green Rainfly

This TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent with Rain Fly is the perfect addition to any vehicle with a factory or aftermarket roof rack. The tent is made from a Marine Grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester Water Proof Body and a 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rain Fly, making it perfect for any weather conditions. It also features a 110g Fade-less Gaze Breathable Windows, a High Density Foam Mattress with Cover, an Insulated Base, and Stainless Steel Hardware. This tent also comes with a 550g Transportation Cover and Telescoping Ladder for easy setup.

The tent comes with an Insulated Base With Stainless Hinges and Anodized Aluminum Poles, a Khaki Tent Body, a Coffee Rain Fly, a Foam Mattress With Cotton Cover, Window Rods, an Adjustable Ladder 81”, Aluminum Crossbars To Mount To Rack, Stainless Steel Hardware, Tie Downs and Transportation Cover. Everything you need to install the tent is included, so installation requires no drilling or modification to your vehicle. Before installing, please make sure your vehicle’s factory or aftermarket roof rack is capable of handling the weight.

This TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent with Rain Fly is the perfect solution for any camping adventure. With its Marine Grade 600D Rip-Stop Polyester Water Proof Body and 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof Rain Fly, it will keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. Its High Density Foam Mattress and Insulated Base provide the comfort and warmth you need after a long day of adventure. The 550g Transportation Cover and Telescoping Ladder make setup easy, so you can get to exploring in no time.

6. 6m Cotton Canvas Waterproof Bell Tent For 8-12 People.

This Unistrengh Large Luxury 6M Cotton Canvas Camper Tent is the perfect choice for camping, hiking and family party. It has a spacious area that can easily accommodate 8-12 people, making it ideal for group activities. Made of high quality cotton canvas fabric, this tent is breathable and comfortable, and is waterproof treated to protect from any weather.

The large family tent is equipped with three A-frame Doors that allows for easy entry and exit. Each door is with loops and ropes to neatly tie back and hold them open when not in use, and they are also with mesh to prevent any insects or other small animals from entering the tent. The zippers are of SBS material, providing high strength and abrasion resistance.

The tent measures 19.6x 13.1x 9.8ft (L*W*H) /600*400*300cm, with the doors measuring 71''H x 59'' W(180*150cm). It has a sidewall of 23inch /60cm and weighs 127.9lbs /58kg. This tent is in stock in California warehouse, and can be delivered to your place within 1-6 business days.

This Unistrengh Large Luxury 6M Cotton Canvas Camper Tent is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and spacious space for their camping, hiking, and family party needs. With its waterproof feature and extra-durable zippers, you can be sure that your tent will be protected and secure at all times.

7. Temperature Regulating Inner Tent – 3/4 Person.

The Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx is an innovative modular inner tent that provides temperature regulation inside any tent, RV, campervan, or boat. The patented insulation technology works to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, providing a comfortable and relaxing camping experience.

The Culla Maxx is made from a premium quality insulated material and is designed to be both dark and noise-cancelling, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. It can be set up in just 60 seconds using the airframe beams, and the 43.5 sq. ft of floor space makes it suitable for 3 or 4 people.

The Culla Maxx is easy to set up, expanding and insulating your tent in minutes. It is also ultralight, weighing only 7.5 kg/15.5 lbs, making it perfect for camping trips. It also provides a great level of protection from the elements, making it ideal for a variety of environments.

At Crua Outdoors, we are committed to making the camping experience more comfortable, so we offer a full two-year warranty on all of our products. The Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx is the perfect way to experience temperature regulation inside your tent, RV, campervan, or boat, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience.

8. Tentsile Safari Stingray 3-Person Tree Tent – 440kg/880lbs Capacity

The Safari Stingray 3-Person Hammock Tree Tent from Tentsile is the perfect choice for hikers, campers, and backpacking adventurers looking for a comfortable, durable, and portable shelter. This tent is designed with a unique 3-point anchor system that creates the ideal tension for a perfect night's sleep. Inside, the tent floor provides just the right amount of cushion to cradle your body, and the 8,000HH rainfly can be removed for incredible views and breezes, or attached for full enclosure in case of wind and rain.

The Safari Stingray has a large central hatch for easy entry and exit, and for accessing all parts of the tent without having to get inside. It can be set up by one person, although it's always nice to have a friend on hand to lend a helping hand. With an impressive 440kg/880lbs capacity, this is the most robust and enduring tree tent available, making it the ideal choice for extreme climates.

Whether you're looking for a semi-permanent camp structure or just a one-night stay in nature, the Safari Stingray Tree Tent is the perfect companion. With its huge internal space and protected area underneath, it's perfect for creating amazing camping memories with friends and family. Plus, its durable design is sure to stand up to even the most destructive elements – like kids! So whether you're headed out for a weekend in the woods or a longer excursion, you'll be sure to stay comfortable and safe with the Safari Stingray Tree Tent.

9. Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent, 3 Person 4 Season Camping Tent, Waterproof, Olive

The Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent is a 3 Person 4 Season Camping Tent designed to keep you and your gear protected from the elements. It features a spacious inner tent measuring 87 inches long, 69 inches wide, and 43 inches tall – ideal for 3 people, or 2 people and their gear. This tent is lightweight and compact, with a trail weight of 6.46 pounds and a pack weight of 7.5 pounds, easily fitting into its 17 inch long by 8 inch wide pack size.

The flysheet is made of 210t polyester RipStop with a 5000 millimeter waterproof and windproof polyurethane coating, making it suitable for all 4 seasons. It is also equipped with DAC Featherlite NSL anodized aluminum poles with press fit connectors, as well as tape sealed seams for optimal protection from the elements. Additionally, the tent comes with a Basic Repair Kit, containing metal pole repair sleeve, tent guide rope tensioner, spare cord, elastic loop, patch materials, and a storage bag for your convenience.

The Scorpion 3 Tent also features 1 doors and 3 vents for ventilation, 50D Polyester No-See-Um-Mesh for insect protection, and 18 Alloy Stakes (plus 2 spare) for stability. This tent is the perfect choice for any camping trip, offering lightweight portability, reliable protection, and a Basic Repair Kit for unexpected mishaps. Whether you are camping in the summer or winter, the Snugpak Scorpion 3 Tent is the ideal choice for your outdoor adventure.

10. Ozark Trail 12 Person 3 Room L-Shaped Instant Cabin Tent

The OZARK TRAIL 12 Person 3 Room L-Shaped Instant Cabin Tent is a great choice for camping trips with family and friends. With its large capacity, it can sleep up to twelve people, making it ideal for large groups. It has three rooms, allowing everyone to have their own private space. The tent also includes a rainfly for protection from the elements.

This tent features a free-standing frame design that sets up in under two minutes, with no assembly required. The poles are pre-attached to the tent, making setup quick and easy. It also has seven fully closeable windows, allowing you to adjust the ventilation and lighting. The tent is made of durable 68D-coated polyester fabric which provides long-lasting rain protection.

The tent is designed with a factory welded 6" tub floor that is leak-proof, keeping you and your belongings dry. It also features electrical cord access and ground vents that can fit an air conditioner. For added convenience, the tent comes with a carry bag and tent stakes, making it easy to transport and secure.

Whether you are camping with a few friends or a large group, the OZARK TRAIL 12 Person 3 Room L-Shaped Instant Cabin Tent is a great choice. It has a spacious interior and is designed to be easy to setup and use. With its durable construction and rain protection, it is sure to last for many camping trips to come.

Best 3 Person Tent For Camping FAQs

Is a 3 person tent too big for backpacking?

A 3 person tent is generally considered to be too big for backpacking. This is because a 3 person tent is much heavier and takes up more space than a single person or 2-person tent. A backpacker needs to be able to carry their tent on their back and having a larger tent would make this difficult. Additionally, a larger tent would require more space to pitch, which can be hard to find when backpacking in a remote location. For these reasons, it is generally recommended that backpackers opt for a smaller tent size when backpacking.

Is a 3 person tent too big for one person?

No, a 3 person tent is not too big for one person. Depending on the size of the tent, it may actually be more comfortable for one person to have a lot of extra space. A 3 person tent can provide a lot of extra room for gear or personal items, or even for a pet. It also provides more ventilation and air flow than a smaller tent, which can be helpful in hot climates. The bigger size can also make it easier to move around and access items without having to crawl around in a cramped space. All in all, a 3 person tent can be a great choice for one person to gain the benefits of extra space and comfort.

What is a good weight for a 3 person backpacking tent?

A good weight for a 3 person backpacking tent would depend on the size and features of the tent. Generally, a lightweight tent for three people should weigh between 5-7 lbs. However, if you are looking for a tent with more features such as extra space, more durable fabric, or a sturdier frame, then the weight could be closer to 8-10 lbs. It is important to consider the weight of the tent when purchasing one for backpacking, as it can be a major factor in how enjoyable your experience is. Look for tents with lighter materials, but with enough features to make your camping experience comfortable and enjoyable.

What is the best tent for 3 people?

The best tent for three people is one that is spacious enough for all occupants to sleep comfortably, can withstand the weather, is easy to set up and take down, and has a reliable waterproofing system. A popular choice for three people is a three-season tent, which is designed to protect against spring and summer weather. Look for one with a sturdy pole system and plenty of space for everyone to spread out, as well as ample ventilation. Be sure to pay attention to the waterproofing rating, as this will help keep you and your belongings dry in wet weather. For added protection, consider investing in a footprint to place underneath the tent, as this will provide an extra layer of protection against water and mud. Finally, make sure to read up on reviews for the tent to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations.

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