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Best 2 Player Racing Games Ps4 (2024 Updated)

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When it comes to two player racing games on the PS4, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are five key points to keep in mind when looking for the perfect two player racing game on the PS4:

1) Variety. Not all two player racing games are created equal. Look for one that offers a wide variety of tracks, vehicles, and game modes. This will ensure that you and your friend don’t get bored playing the same game over and over again.

2) Graphics. Racing games on the PS4 are known for their stunning visuals. Look for a game that has great graphics and runs smoothly. This will ensure that you and your friend have a great time racing around the track.

3) Difficulty. Different players have different skill levels. Make sure that the game you choose has adjustable difficulty settings so that you and your friend can both enjoy the game.

4) Online Play. Many two player racing games on the PS4 offer online play. This allows you and your friend to race against other players from around the world.

5) Price. Two player racing games on the PS4 can be expensive. Make sure to shop around and compare prices to get the best deal.

Two player racing games on the PS4 can be a great way to have some fun with your friends. With a wide variety of games to choose from, you and your friend can have some exciting races. Just make sure to keep the above key points in mind when looking for the perfect two player racing game on the PS4.

10 Best 2 Player Racing Games Ps4

1. Days Gone – Playstation 4

Days Gone is an action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic open world. Developed by Sony Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game is available exclusively for the Playstation 4.

Players take on the role of Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter struggling to survive in a harsh and hostile open world. Using the power of Unreal Engine 4 and the Playstation 4, Days Gone is able to offer a realistic and detailed representation of the post-apocalyptic environment. Day and night cycles affect enemy behavior and gameplay, providing a unique challenge to players.

Days Gone offers a wide range of options for combat, allowing players to use a combination of strategies and tactics to survive. Crafting items such as weapons, traps, and more is possible with the pieces and parts found in the field.

At its core, Days Gone is about the survivors of the post-apocalyptic world and the emotions that make them human. The story follows Deacon St. John as he searches for a reason to keep living and encounters themes such as desperation, loss, madness, betrayal, friendship, brotherhood, regret, love, and hope. With an engaging story and a brutal combat system, Days Gone is an intense and immersive experience.

2. Gran Turismo: Sport – Ps4

Gran Turismo: Sport is the latest instalment in the world-renowned Gran Turismo racing series; bringing the ultimate driving experience to PlayStation 4.

Jump behind the wheel of only the most iconic and desirable cars in the world and experience the thrill of speed without limitation. Whether you're a lone wolf, racing with friends or competing in the definitive online racing competition, Gran Turismo: Sport has it all.

Gran Turismo: Sport offers the most realistic racing experience available in a video game. Every single detail, from the curvature of the tracks to the power of the cars, has been painstakingly recreated from the real thing. The racing physics are second to none, allowing you to feel every bump, every turn and every boost.

In addition to the realistic racing physics, Gran Turismo: Sport features a huge range of cars, tracks and events to choose from. Whether you're a fan of classic vintage cars or the latest supercars, there's something for everyone. You can choose to race in tournaments, time trials or just for fun.

Gran Turismo: Sport also features a fully-featured online racing mode, which is recognised by the FIA and officially sanctioned by the world's greatest motorsport federations. Compete with players from all over the world in a variety of events and tournaments. Race to the top of the leaderboards, or just have some fun with your friends.

Gran Turismo: Sport is the definitive racing experience for all PlayStation 4 owners. Get ready to experience the most realistic racing simulation ever created, and become a part of the legendary Gran Turismo legacy.

3. Hasbro Family Fun Pack – Playstation 4 Standard Edition

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack is the perfect bundle for hours of family fun. Featuring four classic titles including Monopoly Plus, Risk, Trivial Pursuit Live and Scrabble, this bundle is sure to provide hours of entertainment and challenge.

Monopoly Plus offers players a 3D take on the classic game of Monopoly. Watch the board come to life as you roll the dice and make your way around the board. Enjoy a new twist on the classic game as you compete with others for the greatest wealth.

Risk brings the game of global domination to a whole new level. Compete with players from around the world and make strategic decisions to build your forces and defend your territories.

Trivial Pursuit Live features unique question formats and diverse rounds, making it the perfect game for everyone. Test your knowledge and challenge your opponents in this classic game.

Finally, Scrabble offers players a chance to test their word skills with new game modes. Challenge opponents in person or online and see who can come up with the most words in the least amount of time.

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack is the perfect bundle for family game night. With four classic games, you're sure to find something for everyone. Enjoy hours of entertainment and challenge as you play these classic games with friends and family.

4. Need For Speed: Rivals

Need for Speed: Rivals is an adrenaline-fuelled game that pits cops against racers in an intense rivalry. Racers are lone wolves, driving agile cars built for high speed racing and epic chases. Meanwhile, the cops work in teams to hunt down the racers and use the full power of the police force to take them down.

The stakes are high in Need for Speed: Rivals thanks to the new scoring system. Racers can risk their speed points to shoot for higher multipliers and greater rewards, or bank their speed points safely when they return to a hideout.

The game's revolutionary Alldrive feature also ensures that players are never alone. This feature seamlessly joins a world where players' friends are already racing and chasing. Single-player and multiplayer are no longer isolated game modes.

Need for Speed: Rivals is an intense battle between speed and law enforcement. With its high stakes, revolutionary Alldrive feature and immersive world, this game offers an adrenaline-filled experience for players.

5. Beach Buggy Racing

Beach Buggy Racing is the ultimate kart-racing action game. Get ready to take the wheel and race on the beach, through a haunted mansion, or even the moon. The possibilities are endless!

You can collect and customize new cars, characters, and powerups to make sure you have the best chance of winning. With achievements to unlock and the ability to sync your progress to the cloud with Game Circle, you can show off your accomplishments to all your friends.

Beach Buggy Racing features tilt screen, touch, or gamepad controllers to give you the best possible control of your vehicle. You can also play with up to four players in split-screen multiplayer, an amazing experience on Fire TV (requires IAP).

With its stunning visuals, realistic physics, and unique powerups, Beach Buggy Racing is an addictive and immersive racing experience. Plus, with its tight controls and easy-to-learn mechanics, it’s suitable for everyone from novices to experienced gamers.

Whether you’re looking for a race to the finish or just a leisurely ride, Beach Buggy Racing has something for everyone. So take the wheel and get ready for a wild and exciting ride!

6. The Crew 2 (Ps4)

The Crew 2 is the sequel to the revolutionary racing game that has taken the world by storm. In this new installment, you have the opportunity to explore iconic locations and push the boundaries of your racing experience.

As a player, you can join four different motorsports families from around the country. You can become a street or pro racer, an off-road expert, or a freestyler. You can experience the thrill and excitement of Motornation as you seamlessly shift from your favorite cars to boats or even planes with just a press of a button, thanks to the Fast Fav feature.

The Crew 2 promises to be an exhilarating and immersive experience. Gone are the menus and loading screens. Instead, you get to enjoy an open world without any interruptions. The game features stunning graphics, realistic physics, and an intuitive driving system that will make you feel like you are really behind the wheel.

You can customize your vehicles and even create your own races. The game also features a number of multiplayer modes so you can challenge your friends and become the champion you always wanted to be.

The Crew 2 is an amazing game that puts you right in the driver's seat. Enjoy the thrill of the American motorsports spirit in an open world that is full of surprises and excitement. The game offers an experience that is unlike any other and is sure to keep you coming back for more.

7. Ps4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller For Pro/slim Console

This Wireless Controller for the PS4 Console Pro/Slim is a great choice for those looking for a reliable and intuitive gaming experience. Equipped with the latest motion sensing technology and vibration, this controller is designed to provide the ultimate gaming experience. The integrated light bar and built-in speaker and 3.5mm audio jack make this controller even more enjoyable.

The dual analog sticks and trigger buttons are designed to offer complete control, allowing players to experience the most out of their games. The controller is also equipped with a 1000mAh lithium battery, which can last for about 14-16 hours after being fully charged. So you can enjoy hours of gaming without worrying about running out of battery. And the 2-3h fully charging time ensures that your controller is always ready to go.

The PS4 Wireless Controller is an ideal gift for any gaming enthusiast. Its intuitive design and comfortable feel make it the perfect choice for intense gaming sessions. Whether you’re playing by yourself or with teammates, this controller will make sure you have the edge. It’s also a great choice for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day, birthdays, and Christmas.

So if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, the Wireless Controller for the PS4 Console Pro/Slim is the perfect choice. With its advanced motion sensing technology, intuitive design, and comfortable feel, this controller is sure to become your gaming companion for years to come.

8. Monza Car Racing Board Game For Ages 5+ (Made In Germany)

HABA Monza is a beginner’s board game designed to encourage thinking skills in kids aged 5 and up. It is made in Germany and is a great way to keep children engaged and entertained.

The game is based on the Italian city of Monza, known for its Formula One Grand Prix racing circuit. The game board is set up with six racing cars on the starting grid, ready to race. Each player rolls the 6 color dice and must move their car according to the colors obtained. In order to move, the colors of the dice must match the colors of the squares directly ahead of the car. After each single move, the corresponding die must be put aside.

Players must think ahead and make clever combinations in order to move their car the fastest. Obstacle squares must be avoided as it is only possible to move the car forward.

The HABA Monza board game includes 6 racing cars, 6 color dice, 1 game board, instructions, and a challenging game variation. The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players and takes 10-15 minutes to finish.

This fun game is a great way to teach children to think tactically and recognize colors. It is a wonderful way to keep them engaged and entertained while also helping them to develop their cognitive skills.

9. Mx Vs Atv All Out – Playstation 4

MX vs ATV All Out for PlayStation 4 is the ultimate off-road racing experience for those who crave a thrill. Go head-to-head with two other players in split-screen mode or compete against up to 16 players online. Featuring various modes such as Supercross, Nationals, Opencross, and Waypoint, you can test your skills and prove to be the best.

Put your driving and stunt skills to the test in Freestyle mode, where you can take to the skies and perform heart-pumping stunts and tricks. Whether you’re performing backflips or barrel rolls, show off your insane skills and take the risk of wiping out.

Create your own private compound and turn it into a showroom for all of your customized vehicles. With a wide variety of performance parts, you can upgrade and customize your vehicle to give you an edge over the competition. Perform engine swaps, change the suspension, and more to tweak and personalize your vehicle exactly how you want it.

Compete in heart-pumping races and show off your skills with MX vs ATV All Out for PlayStation 4. With its various modes, intense stunt action, and customizable parts, this game is sure to give you an adrenaline rush. Whether you’re playing with friends or competing online, become the ultimate off-road racer and show your skills.

10. Off The Road

Off The Road is an off-road racing game for all the adventure seekers out there! You can explore the beautiful landscapes, unlock and drive over 43 different cars, boats, helicopters, airplanes and even a train. But that's not all – the game also features Online Multiplayer, so you can challenge your friends and compete in weekly Ranked race events!

In Off The Road, you will find tons of challenges to beat and collectibles to collect. As you race through the game, you will experience a dynamic day and night cycle, and also notice the physically simulated water. You can even get out of your vehicle and walk freely or get into other vehicles.

In Off The Road, you are taken on an amazing off-road journey – from the wildest terrains to the most beautiful landscapes. You will have the chance to drive over 43 different vehicles, race in challenging events, collect tons of collectibles, and compete in Online Multiplayer races with your friends. The game also features a dynamic day and night cycle, as well as physically simulated water. With so much to explore and do, Off The Road will provide you with an unforgettable experience!

Best 2 Player Racing Games Ps4 FAQs

2 player racing games ps4

The best 2 player racing games for PS4 include Need for Speed Heat, Dirt Rally 2.0, Gran Turismo Sport, F1 2019, DiRT 4, Wipeout Omega Collection, and MotorStorm: RC. Need for Speed Heat is a great game for two players with its intense action, lavish visuals, and an immersive story. Dirt Rally 2.0 offers realistic off-road racing with a wide variety of cars and tracks. Gran Turismo Sport offers a realistic racing experience with its realistic physics and visuals. F1 2019 is a great game for two players, offering the most complete F1 experience with all the cars and tracks from the 2019 season. DiRT 4 is a great game for two players, offering a variety of events with a wide selection of cars. Wipeout Omega Collection is a great racing game for two players, offering a fast-paced, futuristic racing experience with a variety of tracks and ships. Finally, MotorStorm: RC is a great game for two players, offering an intense racing experience with a variety of tracks and vehicles.

Does PS4 have split screen games?

Yes, there are a number of PS4 games that have split screen capabilities. These games include the popular titles such as Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, Rocket League, Call of Duty, and many more. When playing in split-screen, each player will have their own dedicated screen, allowing them to play together locally. Depending on the game, split-screen can be used for cooperative or competitive play. For example, in Rocket League, you can team up with a friend in split-screen to play against other players online. Alternatively, in Call of Duty, you can play against each other in a two-player deathmatch mode. Split-screen on the PS4 is a great way to play games with friends and family on the same console.

Is Need for Speed on PS4 2 player?

No, Need for Speed is not a two-player game on PS4. The game does feature online multiplayer, allowing up to 8 players in a race, but the only way to play split-screen is on Xbox One or PC. The game does feature a variety of local multiplayer modes on PS4, including Hot Pursuit, Drag, Cops and Racers, and Speedlists, but all of these are played with just one controller.

What PS4 racing games are 2 player split screen?

The following popular PlayStation 4 racing games are two player split screen: Need for Speed Payback, Gran Turismo Sport, F1 2018, WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship, MotoGP 19, V-Rally 4, DiRT 4, and Project Cars 2. Each game has different game modes, with some offering traditional two-player split screen racing, while others offer more complexity with up to eight players in the same race. All of these games provide realistic visuals and a variety of cars and tracks to choose from, as well as customization options. Many of them also offer online play, so you can team up with friends and race against other players from around the world. Whatever your preference, there's a game to suit your needs.

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