A Father’s Day Tribute: 5 Videos Where Men Take the Stage

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June 18, 2015

A video of a dad filling his entire first floor with plastic balls has made its way around the internet lately. Shut Up and Take My Money: 5 Heart-Wrenching Mom Commercials showed us that there are plenty of clips and commercials out there that honor moms. But with Father’s Day coming up soon, do the dads get some love, too?

This dad deserves a serious high five! He created a house-sized ball pit for his kids! Although, if he didn’t clean up the balls, I think I’d consider giving him that high five in the face.

Another Internet famous dad goes by “Bat Dad” and posts vines of himself in a Batman mask, talking with his kids or doing something funny. One of my favorite parts about it is his kids’ reactions to whatever he’s doing. Them seem relatively unfazed by his antics. I’ve seen similar looks on my kids’ faces!


Still one of my favorite Daddy/daughter videos, this one is a classic. Try as he might with bribery or convincing, he cannot get his daughter to admit she likes him more than Mom. He clearly has a sense of humor in the face of her persistent, “Mum!”

Dove seems to have cornered the market on touching videos for moms but I have discovered that they also have a tear-jerker for dads. This one shows clips of various men finding out that they’re going to be dads. Their joy and tears are infectious!

This last video pretty much takes its script, rolls it up into a knife, then stabs you with it. As you watch a father do anything for his daughter, you will be reminded of just how much the men in your life mean to you. You might want to fortify yourself with a few tissues!

Whether making you laugh or tugging at your heartstrings, these videos give Dad his well-deserved time in the spotlight.

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