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7 Steps to Spruce Up Your Home Office for Summer

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May 28, 2020

Is working from a home office your new normal? As more and more companies embrace continued remote working, it’s time to make your home office work for you. Here are seven tips to spruce up your home office just in time for summer. 

Determine your home office theme.

A successful home office should be centered upon a theme: Take a moment to think of the design elements and motifs that make you feel successful and happy. Perhaps you’re inspired by all things mid-century mod or maybe a minimalist, natural vibe is in order. Switch things up for summer by adding some fun summer elements to your home office: a mini desktop beachsummery string lights, or popsicle-inspired erasers promise to deliver a touch of summer to your desktop.

Drench it in color. 

Add a fresh coat of paint that matches your career goals. Color affects both productivity and mood: Green is restful and blue calms, helping to improve efficiency and focus. Yellow mellows and is believed to trigger innovation.  

Bring in the fresh air and greenery. 

Indoor air quality matters. Your brain needs plenty of fresh air to function properly. Add some air-purifying plants to your space to clear the air and brighten your mood. Consider subscribing to The Sill: every month they’ll send you a selection of easy-care, indoor plants in beautiful pots, perfect for bringing a little happiness to your office windowsill.

Let there be light.  

Natural light is always best, so choose a space that offers sunlight streaming in a window. If natural light isn’t available in your home office, switch up your bulbs: the best bulbs for office lighting are fluorescent, 6500k bulb because they mimic regular daylight. 

Be mindful of desk position

Feng Shui recommends that you place your desk in a commanding, “power” position facing the door but not directly in line with the door, so you can greet home office visitors with ease and attention. Likewise, make sure there is not a window located behind your desk which makes for bad energy according to Feng Shui. If you have to face a wall while working, liven it up with art that depicts inspiring, natural scenery. 

Clear the clutter. 

Clutter drains your energy and makes it more difficult than ever to find focus. Set aside two hours on your work calendar to clear the clutter. Get rid of everything you don’t regularly use in your home office. Commit to keeping it that way by taking ten minutes at the end of each workday to clear any newly accumulated clutter for a fresh start tomorrow.

Activate your smell receptors with aromatherapy. 

Aromatherapy enhances both physical and emotional health. Add some summery essential oils to a diffuser and transport your mind to the beach or the swimming pool while you work away in your home office. Summer scents that promise to invigorate and inspire include lime, lemon, blood orange neroli, and grapefruit.

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