Green Apatite Meaning And Healing Properties

Green Apatite Meaning And Healing Properties

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Apatite is a somewhat common gemstone with many associated metaphysical meanings, one of which is healing. It comes in many forms and colors and finding a gemstone of good quality is quite rare nowadays. In this article, we’ll talk about the green apatite and its properties, as well as a different meaning for our physical, mental, and spiritual health.

It belongs to the phosphate group of gems, calcium phosphate particularly. Its beautiful tourmaline version can only be found rarely, which is why it’s extremely popular in addition to jewelry and other accessories. Its rare good quality leads to it often being mixed with other options such as Fluorite and Aquamarine gems. However, it’s not only its appearance that makes it such a nice catch, it has a strong meaning which we’ll discuss below.

Aside from the green color, it can also be found in teal and yellow color. The most popular apatite is certainly teal because it resembles buyers of the ocean and the serenity that it’s associated with it. Nevertheless, green apatite has a great buying demand.

Its extraction points can be found in the United States and Canada. On the South American side, its extraction point can be found in Brazil. When it comes to Europe and Asia, Green Apatite can mostly be found in Russia.

What is The Meaning of Green Apatite?


Green Apatite is the stone of manifestation. That makes it ideal for people who have dreams and ambitions that they want to come true.

Needless to say, that also means that the Green Apatite comes with a lot of meanings, which if read correctly could change your mindset and set you on the right way. Below, we highlighted the most important meanings of green apatite.


As we mentioned earlier, green apatite is the gemstone that will stimulate you to use your power and energy to achieve great things. That means achieving your goals in the sense of health, studies, work, promotions, and more. That is also known as the dual-action, which means that the crystal will, instead of using its energy, stimulate you to use your own for the greater good.

More importantly, it will use the past to strengthen you for the future and change your outlook so that you’d focus on future and personal development about career, romance, health, and other reasons.


Thanks to its manifestation and dual-action nature, this gemstone will also boost motivation, consistency, productivity, and other important properties that are necessary for success. If you’re working on an important project or exam, having this gemstone by your side will motivate you to work harder to manifest what you’ve envisioned.


Intellect is also an important aspect when looking at the meaning of green apatite. It’s important because it blocks out the frustration, stress, and negativity that surrounds students who are preparing for important exams.

Focus, concentration, memory, and dedication needs to complete all obligations throughout the day. It will stimulate the patience to work in teams and get more success throughout that. If you’re frustrated because of the teamwork that doesn’t go so well together, apatite will draw the negativity and frustration off from both you and your partner or the rest of the team you’re working with.


In combination with other stones and crystals, green apatite could have a great positive impact on your creativity. For writers and artists, it could do wonders in boosting your motivation, inspiration, and trying out new innovative and creative ideas.

It also stimulates us to be less underactive at completing certain tasks. That also means that it helps prevent creative block, or writer’s block, which is a more familiar term in the world of writing and helps you focus on writing your maximum. It also helps generate new ideas for new projects, campaigns, and other ideas.

How to Understand Healing Properties of Green Apatite?

Green Apatite has various healing properties that can change your entire lifestyle and pave the way for self-improvement and healing. Additionally, green apatite also has interesting protective properties, which are extremely helpful towards people who are going through hardships in life and seek protection.


Throughout the year, people suffer from various viral and bacterial infections, especially during the winter months. Sometimes, recovery times vary and can take longer to recover than usual. That’s where the usage of green apatite will help you recover faster and less painfully.

The swift recovery healing property of green apatite can also be applied in physical injuries and surgeries. However, the healing from surgical procedures can take up to weeks and months, which is why green apatite is great for making the recovery path less painful and stressful.

Green apatite is also associated with renewal energies, which is why it’s an important healing asset if you suffer from a physical injury or wound that can take time to heal completely.

Heart Health

It shouldn’t surprise you that green apatite is connected to the health of the heart. After all, it is linked to the heart chakra.

It’s important to note that the green apatite is associated with soothing heart problems. Due to stressful situations, our heart can often suffer, leading to an unstable heart rate and blood pressure.

In addition to using medicines that can soothe cardiovascular disease, the use of green apatite is an important spiritual medicine in soothing high or low blood pressure, as well as calming the restful heart rate that is associated with taking too much stress in life.

For those who survived an uncomfortable episode of heart attack or heart surgery, the green apatite can help speed up the recovery and make the heart more calm and serene. Also, because it can reduce stress and panic, it will make it easier on the heart and avoid unnecessary heartbeat skipping and heart-sinking sensation.


Although you won’t commonly see children boasting a rich gemstone and crystal collection, it’s worth noting that jewelry with green apatite can have vast benefits for children’s growth and health. Parents usually combine necklaces or green apatite earrings to increase patience, humbleness, and tolerance in children.

Additionally, green apatite has health benefits for toddlers and younger children who are learning to walk, talk, and recognize objects in eye-to-hand coordination, enhancing it. It’s also worth noting that green apatite can calm down hyperactive children and help them center their focus towards learning and concentration.

It also helps reduce and soothe the severe symptoms of autism, spiritually guiding children and adults towards calming their emotions and using them the proper way.

Spiritual Healing

As is the case with most other crystals and stones, green apatite is used for spiritual healing and personality improvement. Spiritual healing is of utmost importance for our personality because it helps us let go of the negative environment and stop dwelling on an unwanted memory that has been slowing us down for a long time.

Green apatite can help people who are struggling with letting go of toxic relationships and friendship, helping them to spiritually awake their chakras and allow the healthy energy flow through your spiritual body. It helps deal with all types of heartbreak and assists you in regaining your strength, confidence, and serenity.

If certain life actions contributed to your isolation, it’s worth noting that green apatite is associated with social strength and needs to socialize more and make friendships. In the right environment, such as the workspace, it’ll allow you to better communicate issues with your coworkers and make great friendships and teams. It will allow you to let go of anxiety and timidity that is associated with meeting new people.

Relationship With Animals

Have you ever felt like you shared a special bond with animals? Do you have a lot of pets that you consider equal to your best friends? Perhaps, this special bond can be shared with the green apatite gemstone, because it is a phosphate type of a stone, a mineral that makes the bones, teeth, and different parts of animal bodies.

With that in mind, phosphate is an important material in strengthening relationships with animals and helping them gain trust with humans again, especially if they were pets that later got abandoned. Interestingly, apatite is also associated with animal conservation organizations. If you recognize yourself in the characteristics of a person who wants to help save animals and lead conservation organizations, the green apatite will help you manifest your dream and goals.

Where to Use Green Apatite?


Considering that we highlighted all the meanings and healing properties of green apatite, perhaps you already have a clear picture of where it should be used. Nevertheless, we want to give you our ideas where we believe green apatite would be best to make all your ideas come true and help you manifest your goals.

Workspace – If you’re struggling with communication with peers at work, seek to get a promotion, or solve a problem regarding some project.

Studying – Surround your desk and studying space with green apatite to keep yourself motivated and concentrated for the upcoming exams.

Note: For healing purposes, you can also place the crystal near water, to stimulate the water flow to have a calming and soothing effect on you. Another way to use it is during meditation, where you can either place it on your chest or your forehead, near the chakra known as the Third Eye.

There are many ways to use green apatite, and the best way for people is to explore different options until they find what suits them the best.

Where to Buy Green Apatite?

There are different places where you can find Green Apatite. However, it’s of utmost importance to be careful about where you buy from. Additionally, depending on how finely cut is the stone, its price will also vary. Different places have different prices.

Etsy and Amazon have stores selling Apatite online. However, the sellers may not be the most reliable to buy from. On the other hand, online stores like Gem Select, Gem Pro, and Crystal Earth can also have both cheaper and pricier offers.

If you’re shopping for the crystals, you need to check the declaration and certification it has from the gemstone society that approved of it. Otherwise, you may get scammed.

Green Apatite: More FAQs

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Q: Can green apatite heal ailments?

A: Green Apatite, nor any other healing crystal for that matter, should replace the professional and modern medical care. It’s not a substitution to visiting your doctor and getting the proper prescription for your ailments. They can be used to assist professional medication and applied spiritually through meditation.

Q: How to cleanse the green apatite?

A: There are different ways to clean the green apatite. The same techniques may also apply to other apatite gemstones. Techniques include leaving the stone in clear water, ensuring there’s no salt. Another way is to cleanse by rinsing. More spiritual approaches include emitting the bright light from your palms, as well as some Reiki techniques. Another option is also sunlight.

Q: What crystals can I combine the green apatite with?

A: Green apatite goes together nicely with Larimar, Azeztulite, Phenacite, and Danburite.

Q: What zodiac does represent the green apatite?

A: Green apatite has mystical properties, but different opinions associate it to different zodiac signs. Some sources suggest that it’s an air crystal under the mark of Gemini. On the other hand, there is an indication its zodiacs are Virgo, Capricorn, and Leo. Finally, some astrologists say that it’s not associated with any zodiac sign.

Q: Is green apatite a durable gem for jewelry?

A: Green apatite measures only 5 on the Mohs hardness scale. That makes it not as durable and sturdy as other crystals. It’s prone to tearing. Nevertheless, with good metal and protection, it can last as a piece of jewelry for many years. It also has poor to indistinct cleavage.


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