This is the story of how I accidentally started the SocialMoms community, which grew to a larger media company called Megan Media.

It was 2008, and I was a stay at home mom with two young children and I wanted to connect with other moms online. Remember, this was almost ten years ago, when social media was in its infancy. I didn’t know where to begin, but in the process, I discovered a new world I didn’t know existed. A world that included women who were super tech-savvy — they were early adopters of social media and passionate content creators. I was incredibly impressed by these women and how they used social media to share, connect and network with each other.

I wanted to learn more from them, so I decided to start a community for these women who were passionate about social media. A place where they could connect with each other further. We launched as orginally in 2008 (we rebranded in 2010 as SocialMoms). It grew organically by word of mouth. Within the first couple months we had thousands of women joining.

Early on I had a chance to meet some of these women in person. It was interesting to hear that these amazing, creative women were frustrated and disappointed in the way brands were working with them. Again it was 2008 — in those days it was all about product reviews: brands would send bloggers free product samples, in hopes for a positive review. The women weren’t allowed to be creative, authentic or original and interesting. And they weren’t getting paid.

I wanted to do something different. That’s when SocialMoms became the leader in changing the way brands and influencers work together in the digital space. It became less about product reviews and more about premium, high quality content that was authentic, engaging and transparent. It became my passion and mission (and it’s actually our mission statement to this day) to give our community high-integrity opportunities from brand sponsorships to help them grow their own personal brands online. This is the reason I started SocialMoms: I was passionate about helping these women.

If you are an advertiser, why is this important for you to know? Well, it means we can tap our vast network of influencers — more than 150,000 strong — to find those that can bring your brand to life with the customers you’re trying to reach. You’ll only work with influencers who are passionate about your brand, believe in your message, and value your products and services. They will be your advocates, who create engaging content of the highest quality because it means something to them. We take that content and amplify it to millions of the right people at the right time via our social channels, digital display and native network.

Because we started from something we were passionate about and believed, we have a different approach to building community and a business. The result is being a part of, or partnering with, a community of passionate influencers who partner with the biggest brands in the world — creating high quality content reaching millions of people right in their hearts.

That’s our story!


Megan Calhoun

Founder & CEO
PS – You can learn more about our parent company Megan Media here!