Campaigning for this year’s elections are in full swing. You may or may not have a favorite candidate. However, if you want to get involved in campaigning but aren’t sure where to start, here is a list of ways that you can make a difference.

Volunteer Your Time 

Most local campaign groups are looking for volunteers. Whether they need individuals willing to call lists of voters om the phone, or need help delivering campaigning materials to communities, there is most likely a task for you.

  • For Obama-Biden Supporters you can find your local campaign office information here.
  • For Romney Supporters you can find volunteer information here.

There are also lots of opportunities to get involved with you party in general. From local election campaigning to presidential campaigning, contact your local party office for lots of volunteer and outreach opportunities.

  • For Republican party opportunities search here.
  • For Democrat party opportunities search here.

Donate Your Money

I have never been a fan of throwing my money at people, but if you don’t want to volunteer time for your cause you can always donate money. Both presidential campaigns will seek out donations, but you can also make a difference by donating to local groups that support your causes.


When you think of campaigning you probably think of yard signage. Allowing a campaign volunteer to post a campaign sign in your yard is one way to promote your candidate. If you aren’t into signs there are plenty of other marketing materials out there to support your favorite candidate – from t-shirts and buttons to mugs and hats – you can support your candidate anywhere. Most of these items can even be found free of charge at your local campaigning headquarters.

Ask Questions 

If you don’t know which candidate you should support, always ask questions that are important to you. Volunteers for the candidates will have knowledge of their candidate’s stance on a number of issues. If you receive a phone call from a campaign ask the questions that are on your mind, or feel free to contact the campaigning headquarters for answers to these questions. Most of the time candidate representatives are very passionate and willing to share all their views with you openly.

You can also do it the old fashion way and write a handwritten letter. Who knows, you may even receive a response from the candidate themselves. You can also email the campaign for information. Many campaigning sites also have a FAQ section that answers questions about the candidates viewpoints on a variety of issues.

Social Media

This is a powerful tool for any campaign. Share links to campaign activities or your views on subject matter that is important to you. Helping others get involved (whether they agree with you or not) is very important for the political process as a whole.

These are just a few of the many ways you can get involved with your local campaigning efforts. What ways, if any, do you plan on campaigning for your candidate of choice?